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9th June 2010

Yay Sissy! This is so good! I love your elephant adventures, such a rare experience. I too would return to this oasis with you. Vegemite says he loves you xxx
8th June 2010

Herbalesence!Or is that 'Elephant Girl'
Hi there elephant girl... just think, you could make story books out of your blogs and photos for any future children you might have. Wouldn't they be amazed to see their mummy on the back of an elephant! This place sounds amazing.... perhaps if you need someone to go back there one day, I might be the one. All my love, Mum
8th June 2010

What an adventure
Just sharing with my beautiful girl all the adventures in your day. We love catching up with your journey and experiencing it through your incredible blogs. For me, its all part of the Mom plan to teach my kids the incredible opportunities that exist in the world. We read, then talk, and of course I reminise about my own journeys. Rachel-Anne was awestruck reading your blog and seeing the elephant. You look amazing Chloe! I hope you are cherishing every magical second of this experience. From our end, in the midst of report cards, its all too delightlful to hear about. Keep smiling! Miss your energy at school. Love Kathie
7th June 2010

Chloe that waterfall looks so beautiful! What an oasis!!! Just gorgeous. Sounds like your having an amazing adventure over there! take care, kirst. xxx
2nd June 2010

Messed up world
Hi my darling.... you said it! I can't believe we are still doing this to each other... usually to innocent children and women too! Will we ever learn? Sadly, I think not. Have put your date August 16 on the calendar.... frankly, I can't wait to hug you!!!! I have missed you, my darling girl. Keep safe - stay away from all that metal! All my love, Mum
From Blog: Phonsavan
2nd June 2010

Hello Chloe thanks for the explaination I was worried that we had a virus situation but am pleased to hear it's not! I love knowing where you are going and what you are doing in the next few weeks. We once went on a holiday in the north of Thailand by the border and I remember we went on sn elephant hike through the mountains. The girls were small and it was fun but touristy How lovely to be going to koh Samui. A lovely holiday destination you will have fun. I'm getting ready to join hamish in Hamilton island for the long weekend we are cruising the whitsundays which your folks have done. We also have a long weekend in broome in the middle of June which is exciting for us but afterwhat you have done it's tame!! Chloe I look forward to seeing you in august come home safely to us. It's a long time to be away. Enjoy.
1st June 2010

Hello Chloe for some reason I hadn't heard from you for a while and then tonight about 25 blogs came through I suspect many of them are identical and will have to go through them to check. Pleased your teaching went well Chloe We take so much for granted and hearing your story about the adult teacher coming back to improve her English makes one realise howlucky we are I have a Polish cleaner at the moment who is also trying yo improve her Englishshe is only 25 and catches a bus to come to me. Again I see how people who don't have it so easy strive to improve themselves. We are seeing all the neighbours on the 12 th and will miss you but I'm sure we will talk about you a lot!! Muchlove Chloe. When are you coming home?? LoveCarx
26th May 2010

great post! that was so much fun. glad i finally found your blog. looking forward to reading more of it. have fun out there!
25th May 2010

Plucky you!
Hi my darling. You are very brave or plucky. Thanks God you were not injured in the tubing.... what a disastrous end to your travelling that would be! Am not sure about the riding home at night.... in fact am certain I don't like the idea. Maybe by the time you receive this, you will have decided to stay in town? How about all those substances.... are they legal in Laos, or do people simply flout the rules? Could foreigners be in trouble tho, if 'caught'? Best to avoid them completely I believe. Glad you do too. Ann's funeral was yesterday, Chloe. Standing room only at the mass, burial and wake. What a tribute to her. I am so glad I took the day off. It was a win- win situation, as I swapped a day with Chris.... now she can have a Friday off and the school did not have to pay relief. Lynn came to it, so I gave her your postcard and she was thrilled to receive it. I returned to school afterwards and about 5 of us worked on reports until after 7pm. We will do the same tonight. Productive! Last weekend at the farm, we had 5 - 8mls, depending on the location of the paddock. Dad was pleased. All my love, Mum.
24th May 2010

Teaching time
Hi Carol, yes the tubing is definately something that ould have gotten out of hand but I took it easy. At this stage I will be home in August to arrange my travel plans for Africa and to organise (as much as possible) my plans career wise for 2011. I haven't booked flights home yet but I think that is the easy part. The school does give me the text book in which the lessons are primarily taught from and they have one computer and printer in the office that is available for volunteer to use to create resources if they wish. Anyone is able to volunteer, you don't have to be a teacher. After ridiing home in the dark last night I wondered if I might be better off staying in town. I will consider moving back into town if I have to do that again as although I felt safe enough using my head torch as a headlight it would still be better not to have to ride in the dark along the main road. I will continue to take care and be safe. Thanks again for your lovely emails. Chloe xxx
24th May 2010

hey Chloe, Just caught myself up on the last 5 entries. You are really embrassing the solo travelling. Your literary skills are awesome you really left me hanging at the end of Blue lagoon with your questions on the future!? Keep em coming. xxoo Deb
23rd May 2010

Hi Chloe pleased you survived the tubing. Not sure that you should have done it considering the risks and possible injury pleased you are also staying away from all those mind altering substances. Take care trVelling backwards and forwards ok. You are very brave. The school sounds great and I'm going to look it up on my big computer tomorrow. I'm wondering how you prepare your lessons without any resources or do they hxve some for you? It's such a different world out there. Meanwhile back in Perth it has finally started raining and getting cold I'm still wearing shorts in the day as I'm busy and it's been beautiful in the day. At night I change and s jumper is needed. When are you headed home Chloe? I hope your nights at school are great and I'm sure you will contribute a great deal. Do they only let teachers teach or any one who is travelling and wants to?? Much love to you Chloe. Keep your blogs coming xxxx much love carol
22nd May 2010

Succumb to their ways!
Hey Chloe, Just so great to occasionally read your blogs and live the life of a tourist vicariously through you! All is well here in Mandurah, but missing your beautiful energy around DCPS! Lainee just celebrated her 7th b-day today with 10 friends. An awesome time for us all! I hope your tubing adventure was not too crazy! It sounds like you are having an amazing experience, Chloe! The school received your postcard and Steve said to wish you well. I hope you have luck in finding some work out there. Looking forward to hearing the next blog. Love and God Bless! Kathie xoxoxoxox
From Blog: Blue Lagoon
19th May 2010

Fun Laos
Hi Chloe it was great to speak with you last night, thanks so much for calling. It's great to read your blog, I can't believe how annoying they made it on purpose! Imagine an Australian tour company doing that! It surely isn't all about the customer being right over there is it!? But your first impressions of Laos sould promising, I hope you continue to enjoy your time there. Speak to you soon sissy, love you lots Mia xxx P.s. Vegemite was waiting for my toast crust this morning and he was holding his teddy Marmalade in his mouth. This stops him drueling I have learnt. I was wondering if he would catch my crust in time if I threw it to him cause of course he would have to put Marmalade down first. I should never have doubted him, he would never miss a crust! He misses you too and sends licks and wags.
From Blog: Sleeper Bus
17th May 2010

Your words wrapped me in a cocoon of love. I arrived safely in Laos and will try to skype you soon. Have already found a great guesthouse, learnt a few choice words and made some new friends. Loving it here already.I love you Mummy!
17th May 2010

weepy mother
Hi sissy! I hope you have a great time in Laos. Looking forward to hearing more blogs from there. Missing you lots and Veg says he loves you, Mia xxx P.s. did you hear that 16year old Jessica Watson just completed her solo sail around the world? Amazing achievement.
16th May 2010

Beautiful butterfly
Chloe you are my beautiful butterfly and in many ways this trip has been for you, the experience of that butterfly you witnessed! Always wise and beautiful, you are emerging from a previous life into one more rich and empowering due to the experiences you have had on this journey. I am so proud of you.... the fact that the things impressing you are not, for example, luxurious hotels, but the hand of a child holding yours in innocence, the human spirit, humanity in its most honest and pure form. I love you so much and am so proud of you. I wept when reading this entry, as it reflected the purity of you and the essence of a truly beautiful soul. All my love, Mum.
11th May 2010

OMG Chloe not a good day at all. Think positive that at least some of the photos may be able to be recovered and at least you can still use your big camera. I guess these are things that happen, even though it sucks right now. Everyone at school says hi and we have received your postcards, they are very happy to hear you are enjoying your travelling experiences. I'm sure there are still many more wonderful experiences ahead of you that will far outweigh your bad luck. Lotsa love Carrie xx
From Blog: Hanoi Tears
11th May 2010

Hello my darling. What a bummer BIG time!!! Zoe said she's hopeful that it might be possible to clean the viruses. I will ask our school IT guy what he thinks. Maybe Daniel's mate Tom who is a computer guru might know too. Let's be positive. Meanwhile I can understand your pain..... the only positive is that at least it is not the whole trip photos. I was interested to read your comment to Lisa that you are in favour of the little 'netbook' computers now. They are so cheap too and would really save you having to use computers in internet cafes etc. We started NAPLAN today and most of my kids wrote the most obvious, boring stories on the topic 'What A Mess!' Never mind! All my love, Mum.
From Blog: Hanoi Tears
10th May 2010

Lovely Lisa Legs
Thanks Lisa, I know crap crap crap. I'm over it now though but it took me most of the day. Luckily i had a spare memory card for the small one so I didn't have to buy that today. I'm gutted about the old virused memory card for the bigger camera cos it was a 16gb and really expensive. All I can do is hope that it can be cleaned out at home so at least it can be used again. There really is nothing that i need as this stage. Mum is collecting a small variety of essentials like a new tooth brush head and the dental floss that i like. Other than that I hope you can fit my bikinis in and that will probably be it. I wanted to tell you that lots and lots and lots of people have those mini lap tops here. There is free wifi almost everywhere and some poeple have told me that you can pick these small computers up for as little as $200. I think you should consider it as that way you have constant access to skype, internet banking and most significant right now is that when you download your photos from your camera you won't have to worry about viruses. I will definately get one before Africa. Just something to consdier. I was totally against them before i came away but I have changed my mind big time. Thanks for the sympathy. It eally does help to know that people care when something shit happens. See you in 43 sleeps!!!!
From Blog: Hanoi Tears
10th May 2010

Well done
Well done Chloe this must have Bern sn amazing experienc. You are so fortunate that you are able to rise above the small unimportant stuff and enjoy the bigger picture. The vista must have been amazing but as you say conquering the challenge of the climb and the big walk was the real thing. So well done indeed little mountaineer!!xxx
From Blog: Fansipan
10th May 2010

Oh Dear!
Oh chloe you poor wee thing! What a crappy week! Note to self Sapa is not nice to chloe, I cant believe you got viruses on both your cards, I didnt even know you could get viruses on your memory card?? Well I guess it can only get better from here right? Where are you off to next, China or Lao? I'm sure either one will be nicer to you than Vietnam :( Let me know if you want me to bring you anything special (its only 43 sleeps) like chocolate, vegemite (the spread) etc. What about a new card for your small camera? I hope your week improves, thinking of you xx Lisa
From Blog: Hanoi Tears
1st May 2010

Yes to skype
Hi Chloe, I will be home tonight and tomorrow night if you can skype. Not really as boring as it sounds, as I have been out almost all day and am glad to be at home. Just returned from my cafe francais in North Perth. Dawn is wonderful to meet with Felicity, Susana and I and help us as we stumble through our phrases. Great fun! What amazing coincidences you are having...meeting Ana and Lena. I bet they were so glad to hear your experience there.... you no doubt reasssured them about the experience. Looking forward to your call. Love, Mum.
From Blog: Ninh Binh
27th April 2010

Hi Honey You are so amazing! I read your blogs and am so proud and totally in awe of what you are doing. What a clever girl you are- to be doing all this on your own! Me- i am far too much of a chicken to be travelling alone. I totally understand that it must be wierd and yet maybe a bit exhilerating to be able to just fly by the seat of your pants and make each day up as you go. Are you loving it all? Or are you too consumed with each phase just yet to be able to fully absorb everything?? So much too ask!! All is well here. Levi is walking everywhere now- our sweet little monkey. Bella is doing really well in full time school although really tired. Demi and Evan are going well. Evan is here with us most of the time now. He has just started part time work at McDonalds so that is great for him, giving him some independance and pocket money. Demi is just lovely. Has started dancing again- which she lvoes, and is such a great help at home. We cooked the family a three course meal the toerh night- which was so much fun. She's getting so grown up now. Anway- all is good here. Think of you and your crazy exciting adventures often. Take care, love you lots Sam and Family xxxx
From Blog: ANZAC Day
26th April 2010

Funky hangout!
Hi Chloe, your look like a character from 'Lost' in your hut. Is that the table or a bed you are perched on? I love the photos... it is so nice to be able to see you in situ! Continue to enjoy the adventure and be safe. All my love, Mum

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