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Asia » Malaysia July 12th 2010

We made it out of the PI successfully and found ourselves in KK, Kota Kinabalu, the main city in Malaysian Borneo. The minute we stepped off the plane the culture shock set in and things just got weirder from there. 1) The information desk at the airport had information. The lady behind the counter not only knew where our hostel was, but she could tell us how to walk there. The typical PI response from people whose jobs consist of having information was a shrug, or more typically, misinformation. 2) There was no garbage lying everywhere. I dont know whats wrong with Malaysia but people try and keep the streets clean... and there are garbage cans in obvious garbage hotspots. 3) There are sidewalks... SIDEWALKS!!! No gaping holes to dodge, no motorcycles weaving in and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 5th 2010

Ill try to get photos up sometime soon but my camera broke. FUCK@! Some salt got into the card slot (some waterproofing) so i hope the card didn't get corrupted. The boat to Camiguin Island was a slow 4 hours between islands. Camiguin from the sea looked like a dimpled, unmistakably volcanic cone but up close it was actually a collection of cones. Im not sure if the island is still active but there was a major eruption in 1951 that killed 600 people and earthquakes are still common. I arrived and jumped into the hustle, being told by a tricycle driver that P600 per night was the cheapest i would be able to find... but he could find me a nice cottage at a resort for P1500... I had him drive my into Mambajao, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay June 24th 2010

Fun Filipino Facts: 1) There is a standard conversation formula for talking to foreigners. It is as regular as the 1st year college freshman introduction (What's your name?; Where are you from?; What's your major?). If you ever find yourself in the body of a Filipino man here is how it goes: "Where are you from?" "Are you single?" "Have you had any good prostitutes lately?" If the questioner is a woman, replace the 3rd query with "Are you looking for a wife/girlfriend?" 2) No One knows shit about shit. "I dont know" isn't in the Filipino dialect. Small problems can balloon when the correct answer to "Is this the way to the airport?" is "I don't know". Or "Where is 'x' hotel?" answered with "That hotel shut down a few years ago" (wrong). You can ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan June 16th 2010

It was blaring from a shopfront the day before Pearl left. We were woken and kept awake as the track looped endlessly who's lyrics loop endlessly. We heard it as we walked down the street to breakfast, and it was the first thing we heard when we returned from our tour. "All by myse-e-elf!" My ship out wasn't until midnight so I waited around all day, passing time as best i could. Sitting. Eating slowly. Drinking cokes. A $7 massage. Staring at the sea. Before I knew it the sun had set and Mexico v. S. Africa was already in kickoff. I watched the first half and headed out to the boat. I didn't know which ship to board nor what kind of ferry it would be. Turns out the cheapest tickets out of town put ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan June 10th 2010

Herb had gone but Eric and Carla were seduced by the beauty of El Nido into staying another 2 nights. I was unable to convince them to drop the 18000pesos needed for dive certification so Tuesday, alone, I went diving for the first time in 7? years. I headed to Sea Dogs Diving where a British expat runs the show. It was about $80 for 3 dives so who can argue with that. I fumbled with my equipment as our dive leader went over long forgotten hand signals we would be using. I dropped off the boat and we began to descend along a coral encrusted wall. 1ft wide giant clams clung to the wall and schools of brightly colored fish swam past. One of my most vivid memories from my intro dives in San Diego ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan June 7th 2010

After days of waiting out the shit storm we finally made it, the promised land, Palawan. Supposedly the jewel of the Philippines, Palawan is trying to paint itself an emerald. Puerta Princessa is stunningly clean and offers tourists a chance at a P2000 fine for littering. It celebrates the punishment of celebrities and politicians alike. (P2000 1st offence, P5000 2nd, prison 3rd) We landed after a short 1:20 flight and were greeted by Eric(Holmes) and his dad Herb and sister Carla who had been staying in Puerta for the last week. One of Herbs accounting clients owns a retreat and offered them a good deal on paradise. The setup was unreal. Built into the surrounding mangroves, the stilted guest house sits suspended above the rising and falling tide. A bamboo walkway snaked out past the ... read more

Asia » Philippines June 2nd 2010

I like to travel without a plan. You never know when you will want to extend your stay or change countries. Plans have a nasty habit of going wrong whether illness or traffic or civil unrest. I cannot imagine being forced out of paradise by a plane ticket bought too far in advance. I thought I was wise in the school no-plan travel until I joined Pearl. She puts my no plan style to shame. Pearl is the master of no-plan. She is the grizzled veteran of free floating travel standing next to an OCD planning obsessed monster that is me. Not only did she come travelling devoid of ID (some might say a necessity for air travel) but she also came without money. Since leaving Davao we have been hopping from place to place with ... read more

Asia » Philippines May 30th 2010

When i told Pearl I was coming to the Philippines she was excited. I had at least one message a day for 40 days leading up to the trip. When her mom asked me to bring package for Pearl i said no problem, I would be happy to bring something to her. I could carry it with me until I made my way down south to Davao... but to say Pearl was excited spoke nothing of the zeal her mother took with my travel. My plans quickly changed when a giant box arrived on my doorstep. 55lbs of spaghetti sauce, dried apples and toilet paper. SOOOO i guess im going to see pearl first thing then? good thing i dont like making plans. It took me around 60 hours of travel time but I've finally ... read more

North America » United States » California May 20th 2010

The Storm Before The Storm Dear Diary: I don't really know what i'm doing here. Ive never tried to blog things before and i may have to type code somewhere in the mix so this could be real messy. Bear with me. Some of you people may have read an email or two from previous trips. These came out every few weeks and tended to be so long winded I usually lost interest in writing half way through. There were happy bits, funny bits, hitchhiking, wild rental car rides, hellishly horrendous bus rides, puking in buckets, mountainous shredding, coconut mishaps, drugs &/or alcohol, bad fish, thefts, crazed hitchhikers pulling knives on the whole party, avalanches, friendly locals, ssshpelunking, tourist scams, huge ass'ed brazillians, bathtub liquor, sweater vests, language stumbles, being puked on by companions after drinking ... read more

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