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12th September 2010

where's your pictures? not sure I wanna see them, surf has been flat in SD all summer...
From Blog: Day 109: Stuck
18th August 2010

I'm a born and bred Singaporean, and I've found many of your claims about Singapore to be untrue, so I thought I should clarify some of that :) Death penalty is only for very extremely serious offences like murder, or peddling of excessive amount of drugs etc. We can actually chew gum, just that sales of chewing gum is banned -to prevent gums being spat anywhere- so we do buy gum from overseas, not in big bulk though. Our National Day Parade (NDP) tickets are not for sale, it is through online balloting where we can obtain the tickets, otherwise it is also usually given out to those who are in the civil line. Singapore is not run business style, even though it may seem like it because we are after all a tiny nation with limited resources, and thus we have to look for further opportunities to grow and having everyone entitled to an education, regardless of financial status, is key. Contrary to popular belief, the government do not carry out whatever they deem fit, but they would consult and also value the opinion or both the majority and the minority. One example would be when we contemplated opening a casino; the pros and cons were weighed out, and eventually the casino came to fruition, along with all the measures that followed to protect potential gambling addicts. I hope this helped you understand Singapore better :) I also absolutely agree with how the public transportation system is ultra convenient. Hahah, it's something we Singaporeans take for granted. A lot. Cheers.
25th June 2010

nice blog! I will be following your next adventure. Been in Bohol, Boracay and Coron, really enjoyed the place with my friends. Guess you missed the island hopping which is really cool. Virgin island and snorkeling in balicasag is all worth the trip. I agree its hard to be a solo traveller but much harder if you do it here. We usually travel by group. Camiguin is very nice place. Been there too. Its a small island with lots to see. Be sure not to miss the hot and cold springs, sunken cemetery, the huge clams santuary and the postcard perfect White island. I recommend to hire a motorbike again to tour the island. White island is about half an hour boat ride. You might also want to see Davao. Will be glad to tour you here. just email me. Enjoy your travels!
11th June 2010

words and pictures! money
glad someone is recording this stuff, at this rate all I'm gonna have when I get home is 1800 collar popping pics and my $5 waterproof watch...well maybe only the pics as my watch is surprisingly starting to get some rust, darn where's that receipt
8th June 2010

where to next?
where? how? wow!
20th May 2010

oh the glory that awaits you on the other side of the ocean. . .

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