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Asia » Indonesia » Timor October 5th 2010

After a long but pretty comfortable 20 hour ferry ride I was in Kupang, Timor, just north West Austrailia. Another 5 hours on a ferry and bemo and I was on the east side of Rote, just off the coast of Timor. Nembrala, Rote is the home of T-Land another one of Indonesia's epic surf breaks. T-Land is billed as the easier G-Land (*surfer knowledge*). It is a long long left point with a few other breaks nearby. I have finally found paradise. Ive been told that Nembrala is like Hawaii in the 60's. A single paved road runs through town lined with stacked coral fences. The town sits beneath the swaying shadows of coconut trees. The 4 hotels in town are scattered throughout thatched huts and concrete block houses. Goats, pigs and dogs roam the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores September 21st 2010

I left Labuan Bajo and headed east out to Bajawa. After the ferry ride from hell I opted to pay the extra $7 and get a seat on a shuttle bus instead of the public option. I must be getting old. Although the road is pretty well paved, it still takes a while to get around Flores. The topography of the island is like a bunched up blanket with steep ridges and valleys going every which way with the odd volcano popping its head up here and there. The island (as much as I have seen) is gorgeous lush rainforest. Some of the valleys are so steep that historical contact between groups was incredibly limited. There are 6 separate languages within Flores and as many as 30 dialects. There are tribal stories from both Flores and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores September 18th 2010

The surf finally dropped below acceptable levels and I was free from Lakey's grasp. A long and expensive taxi ride brought me to the port town of Sape. I had to stay overnight in a shitty and expensive hotel with nothing to do but read. The ferry from Sape, Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo, Flores was something of a nightmare. They only had one person working the ticket booth servicing hundreds of passengers; an hour and half long line of gridlock. The police were brought in to restore order because of all the people cutting in line... Then it took 3 hours to load the ferry. One car and truck at a time, all the passengers just crowded the deck and smoked smokey cigarettes waiting to leave. I was lucky to get there early and found a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumbawa September 11th 2010

After our Hindu expedition through Bali, Muslim Lombok and Sumbawa have been fasting away. We hid snacks on the bus as not to offend and we tried to eat only one or two (or 3) meals during daylight hours as to sympathize. Already pretty rare, alcohol consumption was down to almost nothing (outside the surf compounds). People would come practice their English on us and tell us about the secret snacks they had that day while hiding a cigarette from view of the main road. Some are more devout than others I suppose. After a quick and terribly shallow but small session at Supersuck, we went south further to another surf break called Yo-Yo's. Our ever-wrong guide book said we would probably be able to arrange motorbike hire from our hotel but just about everyone ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok September 2nd 2010

We finally made it out of Bali, thank god. Our destination was Gili Trawangan. We were to take an easy shuttle to ferry to shuttle to ferry and be on the island within 5 hours. There must have been some miscommunication; after an overnight stay in Sengiggi, we made it a mere 23 hours late. Thus is travel. Gili Trawangan is a party island through and through. It functions under its own tribal law and there are no Indonesian police officers on any of the 3 Gili's, only some island security. The major bars in town take turns every other night throwing a massive party and everyone comes out. In a country where drugs can carry the death penalty, marijuana is plentiful and every bar on the island offers "Take you to the moon motherfucking ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali August 19th 2010

Made it back from Singapore unharmed and cleaner than I've been in a while. First things first, I headed to Immigration for a 60 day visa. They have a saying in Indo, "NO". They say it a lot. Most of the time its because they don't know something, for example, airport immigration officials that don't know their own immigration laws. I asked enough people to figure out where the office was and what I could do for a longer stay, and after a few circles around the airport on motorbike I found the office. It only costs $25 for a visa extension but it takes 10 days. So our hopes of leaving for Lombok and some different waves were quashed. I arrived a few days before Eric returned from Thailand to some of the bigger surf ... read more

Asia » Singapore August 10th 2010

Singapore is nuts. Astonishment washed over me as soon as I stepped off the plane. The airport is HUGE, modern and clean. The subway connects the airport to the rest of the city which makes it crazy easy to get into town. The city itself is pretty impressive. It began as a port city where Chinese, Malay, and Indian traders met and swapped good. It went into a period of decline until the British arrived and claimed the territory over the Dutch. It is now a world class city who has made it riches as a port (the Straits of Malaca are one of the busiest in the world) and through financial services (like Luxembourg or Switzerland). As far as cities go, its pretty sweet. Insane architecture is on every corner. Almost every building is ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali August 4th 2010

2 days in a row away from the surf this time. The surf on the rest of the island (mostly) was still small and after our glut in Balian we were ready to see the other parts. A little more on Bali: Indonesia is a massive country. It is the largest Muslim country in the world and the 4th largest by population. Bali is a tiny Hindu island in this archipelago (with other religious minorities) and they are fiercely proud of their heritage and culture. For hundreds (thousands) of years Chinese, Indian, and Malay traders came to these islands for their ever valuable spices (cloves and nutmeg). The original spice islands that kicked off the European rush to Colonialism are part of Indo. Hinduism and Buddhism came early but Islamic invaders sought to change that. It ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali July 29th 2010

So, apparently, they have other things in Bali besides surfing. Who knew? We spent a 5 days in Kuta after the Bingin surf binge. Kuta is renowned for other types of binging. Clubs are open 24 hours. The stumbling mumbling pack of Australians that greet you for breakfast everyday are more than happy to state the fact if you didn't already know. We went out a couple nights from the scummiest skeez club themed like a pirate ship to a semi-underground house-gone-bar that rages only Friday nights (Lorca's friend). I guess there are swarms of people that come here just for the partying. From Kuta, the slummiest spewfest, past Legian, where things start to settle out, all the way up to Seminyak, where people dress to be seen and the 16-21 year old crowd is ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali July 20th 2010

After a full full day of flights, delays and airport sitting we made it to Bali. We flew past immigration which didn't ask us for our non-existent 'proof of onward travel' and hopped in a cab to a hotel where Trevor, SF friend, had booked us a room in a hotel. This was pretty crucial as it was high season and many hotels were full up for weeks. We took an hour nap and got up to watch the World Cup final. I swear to god if that thing went to penalty shots I would've killed myself. Thankfully it ended at a leisurely 5am and we got some sleep for a few hours before surf fever drove us onwards. Our task was clear: surfing. Before this could be done we had to check the surf, ... read more

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