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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan September 17th 2012

This will probably be one of my last entries until the next trip. With just a few days left, I am back in Bangkok awaiting my flight home. Rather than move around too much, I went south to Kho Pha-Ngan and stayed put for the last few weeks. Quite literally really. The journey down was the usual for travelling in Asia. I was supposed to be picked up at six, which turned out to be half seven. A bus journey that lasted until five the following morning with a single stop. Followed by three hours of waiting for another bus for an hours journey to the ferry. A couple of hours on the ferry, and then finally a songthaew to the resort I was staying at in Haad Gruad on the west coast, arriving around two ... read more
The beach with the tide out - Slightly rocky!
The pool
The "road" in

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 26th 2012

So its been a while since my last blog, but to be fair I haven't really been doing that much. I spent a few more days on Phuket. Rather than going to Karon beach which was at the end of my street, I decided that a change of scenery would be good, and decided to take the ten minute walk to the next beach Kata. Whereas you were unable to swim in the sea on Karon beach, there were no such problems at Kata. You could walk out quite calmly into the sea, and not fear being picked up by the waves and face planted back on the beach. I guess that even though it is on the same side of the Island, it is more protected by coral reefs and an Island. There was also ... read more
Kata Beach
Kata Beach
Kata Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket August 5th 2012

I spent maybe a week and a half in Bangkok. Days lazing by the pool, or wandering the streets watching the world go by. Evenings were usually spent at one makeshift roadside bar or another. The pace of life slow, my will to do anything exciting low. I had several pleasant evenings talking to a couple from Bristol, and and a couple of teachers from London. As they were all heading down south, I decided to follow and head down to Karon Beach - Phuket to get out of Bangkok, and maybe get myself a tan. I wasn't too hopeful as usually this is the rainy season on the Anderman Coast. I had also heard reports of travellers heading back to Bangkok as it had been raining constantly down here. Not the usual hour a day, ... read more
Dial a party - Buddhist festival
My dining room view
Karon Beach - Phuket

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 21st 2012

Whilst I was last blogging you all it started to rain. When I finally got out of the cafe and wandered back to my hotel it was still pouring down, and I had fun heading slowly back to my hotel, hiding under cover after short sprints when the rain died off for a minute. By the time I had got back to the junction before my hotel, instead of a road I found a river. The water had probably risen a foot in less than an hour. It was novel to watch the waves caused by cars driving through it lapping up to the shop door that I was sheltering at. In the end the rain stopped, and there was nothing for it but to wade through the river to get back to my room. The ... read more
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 12th 2012

It's been a while, but then there hasn't been much to tell really. From Phnom Penh I travelled south to Kampot. A sleepy little town just off the coast. The town is small, with little of interest for me. The riverfront is rather nice, with something I haven't really seen in Cambodia rising behind the river.. Hills! Normally I wouldn't be so excited by the sight of a hill, but Cambodia is flat, flat, flat. Generally the scenery doesn't change much. Large skies, and rice paddies fill the window of whatever bus I am travelling in. So hills made for a pleasant change. The bus down to Kampot broke down. This time it was compressed air leaking from the accelerator. At least that's what it sounded like. And the fix was some gaffa tape and string. ... read more
Kampot - The prison!
Kampot - Them be hills
Phnom Penh - Girlie bar street

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 3rd 2012

This is not a capital city like all others I have visted. Where else would you see an Ox drawn cart! The city for foreigners is set up around the river, with girlie bars and restaurants in abundance. Look a street or two back, and it very quickly becomes very local in look and feel. The locals use the promenade by the river in the evening for such events as Tai Chi and Aerobics, excellent entertainment whilst having dinner and a few beers. The mekong and the Tonle Sap rivers converge here, and like the rest of the rivers in Cambodia this time of the year, the colour is a healthy shade of brown. I visited the Royal Palace, and it was okay. Nothing more. I have seen buildings of similar size and build all around ... read more
Phnom Penh - The rivers converge
Phnom Penh- Royal Palace
Phnom Penh- Royal Palace

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 1st 2012

It was just a couple of days in Battambang for me. The call of Phnom Penh was drawing me. I went out for the day in Battambang and visited the Killing Caves and on the advice of my favourite 'sexy man' I went to the Bamboo Railway. Just before I got on the tuk-tuk that I had arranged, the heavens opened. I was sitting outside thinking that the trip would have to be called off. The tuk-tuk driver appeared whilst I was eating my lunch and told me that it would be fine, the weather was going the other way. Lo and behold he was right. After I had finished my lunch, the rains had stop and we were ready to go. Normally I wouldn't just book a tuk-tuk, but the sights are all out of ... read more
The holiday snap
Natural high
Safe looking bridges

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang June 27th 2012

Well after a few more days of wandering around Siem Reap, I decided to wait until the day after the football (I stayed up why?) to take the boat to Battambang. Pick up was from my hostel at around 6.40, a quick drive around town picking up other brave and intrepid travellers and on to the ferry. I had left my water at the hostel, but was lucky enough to buy another one from a lady just before I got on the boat. The boat wasn't that large, our bags were stored on the roof, and we made our way down to below dacks. The front part of which had a very low roof raising in a sharp curve a little further back from where I took my seat. As I was one of the last ... read more
Gate to Wat - Battambang

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap June 22nd 2012

Oh my Buddha! Really that is all I should say. Today I went to see Angkor Wat, Along with Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. The place is absolutely amazing, and none of my photos will do it the slightest justice. If you are in Asia and have time, come and see this wonderful place. My second piece of advice is that unless you have a job that requires lots of walking, then I wouldn't recommend doing this by foot (Which of course I did!). I had already gauged how long it would take to do this by foot, when I walked to the ticket office yesterday in the hottest part of the afternoon. It was overcast when I left the hostel, but as soon as I was on the way, the sun decided to come out. ... read more
Looking across moat to Angkor
Entrance - Angkor Wat
Bullet holes in pillar - Angkor Wat

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 21st 2012

Well its been a while, but I haven't really been doing anything of note to write home about. I spent a few more nights in Pai, trying some local dishes and back to the Steak house for another large steak (Couldn't resist). Got to listen to a few local acts playing cover songs. They were good, even if the words weren't always quite what you expected. Must be artistic license. I even managed to meet a few hippies there, both western and Thai. Unfortunately I beat them on both the smell and the length of hair! I got to watch England draw with France, supporting them with a guy from Iran. I think he was more enthusiastic than I was! It was a pleasant evening, and I was happy with the end result. And I can ... read more
View from Balcony in Chiang Mai!
Fancy a swim anyone - Siem Reap
Local musician - Pai

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