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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Homun November 26th 2018

Ian is feeling unwell today. He is tired and he has man flu. On the one hand he would rather stay in bed but on the other, he does not want me to go out alone. I wonder how he thinks I managed before I met him? If we go to the cenotes, he will be miserable all day. If I stay here, I will be equally miserable. It really makes more sense to do our own thing today! I have spoken to Dad and he thinks he will be discharged today. He is feeling better and almost sounds like he has had a nice little holiday. Apparently they deliver excellent service at the Queen Elizabeth in Brum! I set off for the bus. It’s still relatively cool so I foolishly decide to walk. I arrive ... read more
Cenote Canunchen
Cenote Canunchen
Cenote Canunchen

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal November 25th 2018

We are up and ready to leave by 7am. We had intended to walk to the bus station but we are feeling weary this morning so we call an Uber instead. That will reduce our 40 minute walk to a 15 minute drive tops. Our Uber arrives and takes us almost to the bus station. For some reason the police are blocking off the roads today so we just tell our guy to drop us off and we walk the two remaining blocks to the station. We have plenty of time and, apparently, the road isn’t blocked for pedestrians! We stop at a little local cafe that is full of people for breakfast. We share a table with a Mexican lady who speaks English. We suss out straight away that she is a guide touting for ... read more
Xlapak- chac mask
Sayil - El Palacio
Sayil - temple with roofcomb

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Progreso November 24th 2018

This morning we were up very early as we are going to the Mexican Gulf at Progreso. We leave the hotel at 7am and walk to the bus station. A 20 minute walk at this time of the day is absolutely fine. We locate the bus station, purchase return tickets and walk straight on to a bus. We even get seats near the front! We were expecting a chicken bus but actually it’s quite a nice air con one. We settle back in our seats and enjoy the 55 minute journey to the coast. We have arrived in Progreso and already the heat is quite intense. We pass the first item of interest - a tall lighthouse. It’s been built quite a long way from the sea shore...making us wonder whether it is of much use ... read more
Progreso pier
Pelicans on the beach
A swim near Progreso pier

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 23rd 2018

Today is earmarked for exploring Mérida (it looks as if it will take all of 5 minutes) and sussing out where everything is for exploring the region over the next few days. We get up quite late (around 9am) and go out for breakfast. We both have fried eggs on a bed of fried potatoes, mushrooms and peppers with grated cheese. It’s really yummy. Then we set off to explore. When the Spanish conquered the Mayan town on this site, they found a settlement of lime-mortared stone structures that reminded them of the Roman town of Mérida in Spain, so this place was named after it. We walk down Calle 60 which is supposed to be the street where everything is happening. Actually there is not much happening but it does take us to the main ... read more
Cathedral, Mérida
Palacio de Gobierno
Mérida Theatre Jose Peon Contreras

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 22nd 2018

Today we travel to Mérida. There are no passing taxis outside our hotel so our host summons one. We say our goodbyes and arrive at the ADO bus terminal in good time. Today they check in the luggage but don’t bother to weigh it. We pick up some sandwiches, a bottle of water and, joy, a cup of vanilla coffee! The cash machine has been fixed so we make a withdrawal, then settle ourselves by the big fan that we discovered yesterday. Our bus has arrived and we make a prompt departure at 8am. Always a good start. We are due to arrive at 4.30pm. I booked the second row of seats as the front ones offer less legroom and I’m pleased to see we have a Dutch couple in front of us - they are ... read more
On the way to Mérida
Mexican Gulf from the road

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 21st 2018

We don’t have anything on our agenda today. We are waiting on news as my dad is back in hospital with a suspected heart attack so we really don’t want to go far. I go to the bakery for a couple of rolls for lunch and a croissant for breakfast. I also dump another bag of laundry off. The Mexican equivalent of a ‘lollipop man’ is standing at the road junction. Seeing that I am waiting to cross, he leaps out in front of an oncoming car with his ‘HALT’ placard and beckons me across. :-) I arrive at the fruit shop. It is packed and there are no avacodos left. Pity. I purchase a yoghurt from the shop next door instead. It rained hard for most of the night leaving a much cooler start to ... read more
Splosh in the pool
Papaya cocktails

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 20th 2018

Today is the ‘Day of the Revolution’. I guess we should have known that this would be an important day since every town and city we have visited so far has had a very important street named ‘20 November’! We set off towards the town square. We can hear a brass band playing just beyond. There is a long procession of school kids marching in the road, a brass band and finally some people in traditional Mexican dress on horseback, in fact, the first we have seen wearing sombreros! After the parade has finished, we make our way to the colectivo station. We get into a mini bus bound for the ruins but get off at the EcoPark. It’s a bit of a mini zoo but it takes in animals and, where possible, reintroduces them to ... read more
Revolution Day Celebrations

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 19th 2018

We have opted for a van tour today. In this humidity, we just don’t want the hassle of arranging things ourselves. We could easily have split these sites over two days and done it ourselves but then we would have been left hanging around for colectivos and having a 2km hike if we wanted to see the Misol-ha waterfall. We have chosen to start early at 8am to avoid some of the heat. We are the only ones foolish enough to have chosen this option, so a smart private car appears to ferry us to the ruins. We will meet up with the rest of the group on the van later. The only problem with this arrangement is where to leave my rucksack - it is stuffed with swimming gear and I wasn’t planning on lugging ... read more
Palace freizes
View from Temple of the Cross

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 18th 2018

This morning we are a bit late getting going. We were very tired after yesterday’s journey and then there was a lot of noise in the hotel making for a disturbed nights sleep. We drop our laundry off and buy provisions for a picnic lunch at the waterfalls. The area we are visiting today is called Roberto Barrios - a jungle area with waterfalls and swimming holes. We are told that the waterfall area is recently developed and that there will be no vendors there for food or drink, so we need to go prepared. We set off in search of picnic food, and then a colectivo to take us there. After a bit of searching we find the right place. There are several colectivo places in town but different roads serve their own particular destinations. ... read more
Roberto Barrios Waterfalls
Roberto Barrios Waterfalls
Roberto Barrios Waterfalls

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 17th 2018

We know it’s the weekend - the Mexicans were up till gone 1am shouting down the corridors, laughing loudly and banging doors. Our hotel owner, Suzanne, is shrugging her shoulders in annoyance - it’s always the same, she tells me. We have a strict ‘no alcohol on the premises’ policy but they ignore it...all they want is the local Oxxo for booze and a big TV screen for their soap operas! I don’t know why they don’t just stay at home, she exclaims! Anyway, suffice to say, she prefers European guests. :-) We say our goodbyes to Suzanna and Petra, the cleaning lady and general live in help who seems to have adopted us. She looks at least 100 but Suzanna has told me that she is 53 and has worked for their family for over ... read more
On the way to Palenque
Potholed road

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