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North America October 27th 2018

We had a bit of a scare last night as we had a message to say that my dad had been rushed to hospital in an ambulance. A call to the hospital at 3am UK time (evening here) confirmed that he was OK, but we would like a confirmation following a consultants opinion. We are hanging around here to see if we need to get a flight back as we are not too far from Mexico City. If we move on it won’t be so easy. It’s 6am here, noon in the UK and a call to my brother confirms dad is OK now and has been discharged. We have a long Skype call with video and it looks like he is fine. My brother and sister assure me they are keeping an eye on mum ... read more
Walk around San Luis Potosí
Walk around San Luis Potosí
Walk around San Luis Potosí

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 26th 2018

A relaxed start to today. Ian isn’t feeling top notch and there isn’t much to do here so we spend the morning ‘hanging around’. Our accommodation is in a 200 year old colonial building and it’s quite nice sitting in the inner courtyard. Plus the sun is shining today! Our hostess, Elvira, is taking care of our huge load of laundry and we are free to use all the facilities so we will aim to cook something simple for ourselves tonight. We have just had the letting agent’s report on our house condition - all looking excellent with just a few minor maintenance issues which we are leaving in Bendy’s capable hands. :-) It’s midday and Ian is still not feeling up to going out, so I go for a wander in search of a supermarket. ... read more
Mask museum
Ian and sinister looking monument
Cathedral detail

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 25th 2018

It’s another misty morning. We are up and packed by 10am ready to go to the bus station. Edgar has turned up and has kindly offered to drive us to there. He is such a sweetie. At the bus station we check in with no problem - today our seats are allocated. I go off in search of brunch as we don’t know what we will get on the bus. I choose a small pizza and chips from Dominoes, wrongly assuming that it will be fast food. It turns out that the guy behind the counter is not only responsible for taking the orders, but also making and cooking the food. I see my pizza made from scratch and half an hour later it is ready! We wolf our food down as there is a long ... read more
Storm clouds gather
Rain in the distance
Bright sky and black clouds

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey October 24th 2018

After a disturbed night - Ian is not feeling well and has been coughing all night - we finally get to sleep and don’t wake until around 9am. We are surrounded with grey mist and it is raining! We wrap up in waterproofs and return to the park as we have decided on an indoor activity for this morning - a visit to Horno 3, a steel museum. On the way we take a short detour to see an area of the park that we missed yesterday. A heavily pregnant bride is having her photos taken in the rain - I am dreadfully worried that she will slip down the muddy bank and spark a miscarriage - it really does not look safe. We reach said area and find that we haven’t missed much! It’s probably ... read more
Climate Change
Neptune Fountain - Macroplaza
End of the day at Fundidora

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey October 23rd 2018

I am pleased to report a good nights sleep - I know that I have been snoring loudly as I have woken myself up several times! Unlike an airline, the overhead lights here are controlled by the driver, so he decides when we should sleep and when we should wake! The first six hours are passed in complete darkness, the lights being switched off practically as soon as we stepped onboard! Our first stop is at Gomez Palacio on the outskirts of Torreón, with a second stop in the town centre bus station five minutes later. Both stops are signalled by loud announcements over the tannoy and part lights in the cabin. It’s 6.30am and we have gained an hour, having passed out of the mountain time zone back into central. Now we have a 20 ... read more
Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Chihuahua October 22nd 2018

What to do in Chihuahua on a Monday - the day when nearly everything is closed? We still have the National Palace and the Cathedral to see, other than that it’s a wander around their shopping centre! We are booked on a late overnight bus tonight (it doesn’t leave until 11pm) and we have to vacate our room by midday so I think there is going to be quite a bit of hanging around! We decide to remain in our room till check out, loiter this afternoon and have our evening meal before checking in for our 12 hour bus journey. We have decided to turn up at the bus station quite early to check in as, worryingly, our allocated seat numbers are showing as ‘available to book’ online! There isn’t much we can do about ... read more
Chihuahua Cathedral
Chihuahua Palace
Ian joins the revolutionaries

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Chihuahua October 21st 2018

We slept well and after a quick sprint to Oxxo for our morning coffee and chocolate doughnuts, we are off to visit the Museum of the Revolution. Originally the house of General Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa, the building was donated to the State by his widow in 1982 and contains many personal and military artefacts of the Revolutionary era 1913-1916. Villa was just one of several leaders fighting the Federal Government in the period with varying degrees of success. One problem was that the leaders all had differing views of what they wanted, leading to division of effort and even in-fighting between factions. At one stage the US Government even offered a $5000 reward for Villa’s capture. Eventually Villa was paid to ‘retire’, although he was later assassinated in 1923. This was a very large and interesting ... read more
Quinta Gameros
Fun in the town square
Fun in the town square

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Chihuahua October 20th 2018

So this morning we really are moving on! I have had a bad night with aching arms and wrists - I think it’s a knock on from the mountain biking a couple of days ago! We sleep late! Bags are packed and stacked in the hotel breakfast room awaiting our collection later. Our hotel owner, William, is still marvelling that we made it down to the springs and is now telling us a story about his friend that went down into the canyon bottom to pick oranges. His mission was successful and he had a huge bag of fruit to take home. Now he starts his ascent back to the top which is steep and tough going. As he climbs back up, he meets people coming down and starts to hand out some of the fruit ... read more
Chepe Express arrives in Creel
Creel Museum
Creel Museum

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 19th 2018

Our bags are packed and ready to go. Check out is at noon and the bus is booked for 2.30pm. We go down for breakfast - a large one today as the bus journey will be a minimum of four hours. Back in our room, I check our itinerary file for the bus tickets. Glancing at the spreadsheet - something is not quite right. It is the 20th today...isn’t it, I ask Ian. No, the 19th he replies! Well we are not moving on then! Doh! I go downstairs to speak to the owner - yes, we have booked and paid until tomorrow. OK, so we are not leaving today after all...surely he must have known that when he asked me if we were leaving today? So, on the plus side, Ian has not lugged our ... read more
Chepe Express arriving in Creel

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 18th 2018

We have woken to another morning of mist but we are getting used to it now. Our choices today are to do nothing again or to make the foolhardy trip out to the Recowata Hot Springs. Yesterday we had ruled it out on the grounds of the reviews that labelled it as fabulous yet dangerous! Should we let this deter us? Yesterday we said yes but this morning I am saying, are we going soft in our old age? We go for breakfast at our usual cafe and then set off in search of a taxi. There is none in sight. Whilst we are waiting, a down-and-out approaches us. His English is perfect. He has just come back to Creel from The States after 18 years and he cannot find his family. We interpret this to ... read more
Descending into the canyon
Memorial crosses
Memorial cross

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