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17th February 2018

Looks like lots of fun!
Plenty of hiking - and Macchu Picchu still standing! Hope you had plenty of Pisco Sours.
29th November 2017

Well it looks like you are all having a fantastic time..enjoying the sun ..it is bloody cold here so do not rush back..papers awash withRoyal Engagement! See you, hopefully, when you are all back safe and sound! Have a Rum Sour on me!
29th November 2017

My impression
I've visited many Caribbean islands but not Bonaire. It appears very arid and barren; not like most Caribbean isles.
26th November 2017

just missed
We are on our last day in Grenada so sorry to miss you if you were dropping in on St George's. Have a look at Spice Island Beach Resort for a future trip-you will not be disappointed Bob and Lis
26th November 2017

Oistins fish fry
Tiz, if you get chance go to Oistins Fish Fry on Friday night. It’s fantastic!!! Cheap and cheerful but an amazing atmosphere. Head for George’s!!! We loved the reggae bus trip, we had to sit in the aisle on a crate 🤣 if you like rum, we recommend the Mount Gay Rum Tour in Bridgetown. Enjoy 🤗 Love Mark and Ali xx
29th June 2017

Happy Birthday!
Hope you are both having a great time. My Mum and Dad went on a couple of Norwegian cruises, they loved the place. My Dad was there before with the Royal Navy in WW2.
27th June 2017

Munch time
Hope you have a good time. I hope Step gets to see the rugby.
From Blog: Oslo, Norway
20th May 2017

Am envying you the Monty Don experience - am a great fan ! Have you read 'The Jewel Garden' ? I have a copy you're welcome to read.x
From Blog: Back to Bordeaux
19th May 2017

How many bottles of wine can one get out from one of those barrels? 50? 100? not a clue ... how long does the wine stay in those barrels? so would this be the chateau de myrat wine ? called... ??? xxx
19th May 2017

LOL I thought there would be a picture of you both in the pond trying to catch the fish :-) yes it is a shame that this site is closing down .. i wonder why ... i loved reading your travel blogs from this platform which is very user friendl
y ...
17th May 2017

Have envied you the sunshine and scenery ! I really enjoy reading your travel blog and am sad it is coming to an end. Julie x
16th May 2017

Reading I see the fish are sturgeon I always associate them and caviar with Russia and the Danube although I know they have been caught in the river Severn.
16th May 2017

Vita Sackville West...erstwhile lover of Virginia Woolf.....glad you having great timexxxxx
16th May 2017

What kind of fish were they?
14th May 2017

If you want to send me a barrel I would not say no.
14th May 2017

I hope you are enjoying some lovely wine.
14th May 2017

We're enjoying your blog, as always, Tiz. (Not a scrap of envy , of course!!) X
11th May 2017

If you like your food and drink it is the place to be. I tried tripe cooked a special way there. It was 'oribble. Everything else fantastic enjoy yourselves.
28th January 2017

We loved Cartagena when we visited last year.
26th January 2017

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and well developed by Central American standards. There is plenty of petty crime there, however. When we rented a beach house on the Caribbean side several years ago, the house was robbed while we were out
one evening. I actually walked into the house as the caper was in progress, and quickly locked myself into my room. Fortunately they ran away. I was told that I was very lucky.
26th January 2017

Hey I'm just round the corned surfing in Nosara
25th January 2017

Best cappuccino I ever had was in Antigua! Wonderful old place.
21st January 2017

Tiz.... Your first blog did not generate...please resend ! Hope you having wonderful time ..seems so luv txxxx
19th January 2017

both looking well and obviously enjoying life. keep up the good work. all our love xxx
From Blog: A Corona in Cabo
18th January 2017

Have a great time. I see that you are going south so you should be a bit warmer than here.

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