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South America » Argentina January 27th 2016

Geo: -42.77, -65.04Our last full day at sea. From here on in, we are docking each day. It's sunny, but very windy. Got up late, had breakfast, read our books, Tim gym and hot tub, Julie knitting and 6 circuits of the deck, lunch, collected passports from reception (now have Chile and Argentina stamps) early show with in-house singers and dancers (theme 70's, 80's Boogie wonderland) boycotted Chic night in favour of dinner with the rabble in the Oceanic cafe, early night in anticipation of a new country tomorrow having first passed by guest relations for information on Punta de Este, Uruguay (for the first time we've no trip booked for the morning so will be doing our own thing)... read more

South America » Argentina January 26th 2016

Geo: -42.77, -65.04Back in Argentina. Awoke to The skyline of Puerto Madryn on our port side, sunshine and a calm sea - another perfect day. We docked away from the downtown area as the Infinity needs deep water so for those not booked on excursions they had a short bus ride to get to the main shops and beach area. At breakfast we were lucky enough to see 4 sea lions sleeping on a jetty right next to the boat. We had booked to visit Gaimen in the Chubut Valley (sticker number 23) famous for being a Welsh speaking community maintaining a Welsh tradition even today. Thrown into the trip was a visit to the paleontological museum and a stop off to view a colony of sea lions at Punta Loma Natural Reserve. Our guide, Sonya, ... read more
Sea Lions
Dinosaur Museum
Trebles Train Station

South America » Argentina January 25th 2016

Geo: -54.79, -68.31Thankfully waves have subsided and it's another wonderful day - had breakfast in T shirts in bright sunshine. It's another day at sea - we've travelled 400 miles from Cape Horn and have another 300 to go to our next destination. I walked 10 circuits of the deck which is about a mile, while Tim read. Tim and I took up our position on loungers by the outdoor pool as it's a sun trap. I attended another of the many opportunities available; this time to purchase charm bracelets - one lady had about 8 in her basket ($39 each) Needless to say I didn't buy anything. Lunch was from the burger bar on the poolside. An English couple from East London who stayed at the same hotel as us in Santiago sat on the ... read more

South America » Argentina January 24th 2016

Geo: -54.79, -68.31No stops today, however 6am we were up on the main deck as we'd reached the southern tip of Chile, Cape Horn. The sea is renowned for being choppy as it's where the Pacific meets the Atlantic - the last cruise had to miss it out as it was too treacherous. Again, we had it lucky! It was windy but the sea was calm. I always thought Cape Horn was attached to the mainland but no, it's an island! The captain did a complete circuit of Cape Horn, including taking us as close as possible to it's lighthouse and the Cape Horn monument (in the shape of an albatross) The lighthouse doesn't need manning, but Chile have a naval officer living there to maintain it's importance strategically. Photos taken, breakfast beckoned. I went to ... read more
Another choppy!

South America » Argentina January 23rd 2016

Geo: -54.7833, -68.2833At the time of writing we're eating ice cream piled high with M&M's overlooking the old airfield in Ushuaia, Argentina. There is a complete rainbow behind us brighter than either of us has ever seen. Ushuaia is important as it's the last town before the Antarctic and is where all scientists and explorers stop for supplies. It is commonly known as the town at the end of the world. From the ship it looks like a real frontier town with a mixture of new and old buildings, most of them with corrugated or steel roofs.We've had a busy day. It started at 04:45 with an alarm call as the ship sailed past the glaciers in the Magellan Strait. We blearily saw the ice as it flows into the sea. Not as spectacular as we'd ... read more
Sea Wolf Island

South America » Chile January 22nd 2016

Geo: -53.1479, -70.9303Alarm went off at 5.45. Today we are anchored in Punta Arenas (130,000 inhabitants)- we can see the town on our port side when we draw back the curtains. Quick shower and breakfast before collecting our sticker (number 3) from the excursions team for our adventure to see the Magdelena island penguins. We have a delay as the sea is not behaving well and the tenders are being thrown around a bit. Within 20 minutes this changed and we joined the 3's and 4's to shore. A coach takes us 5 minutes to the ferry port - the guide tells us that although it's summertime we are extremely lucky to have clear blue skies and sunshine as the weather is unpredictable and the area is renowned for having four seasons in one day. An ... read more
Magdalena Island
Magdalena Island
More Penguins

South America » Chile January 21st 2016

Geo: -41.4722, -72.9404We had travelled another couple of hundred miles south overnight so in theory it should be cold, but another amazing sunrise and blue skies. By the time we got up and took up our breakfast position at the back of the boat in the sunshine, we had entered the Inland Passage, another waterway with islands and land on either side of us. We attended a talk by onboard naturalist, Milos Radakovich who gave us advice on how to use binoculars, the geology of how so many islands were formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, and what we could expect nature-wise over the next couple of days as we navigate the Magellan Staits and Beagle Channel. By early afternoon the beautiful weather had disappeared and a drizzle fell and the sea became choppier. We ... read more

South America » Chile January 20th 2016

Geo: -41.4722, -72.9404An amazing start to the day - got up at sunrise (6.30 am) as today the ship entered the various canals where the mainland is separated from lots of small islands by a deep channel. It was surreal to see land on both sides of the ship. Initially it was cold but the red sky and beautiful sunrise was spectacular. In danger of taking too many identical photos, I returned to the cabin with a mug of Darjeeling for Tim to persuade him to come up to the main deck. An unusual mist formed a tube shape which hung over the land. We passed two smaller boats during the five hours it took to navigate the canals before entering the Pacific. The only sign of life was a couple of floating houses adjacent to ... read more
Our view at breakfast
On the top deck

South America » Chile January 19th 2016

Geo: -41.4725, -72.9395Woke up to a view of Ponte Montt town from our balcony. We've anchored in a bay surrounded by low lying hills with lots of houses and shops and a snow topped mountain in the distance. There's a beach scattered with small fishing boats and a church on a hill with a huge crucifix. The water is like a mill pond. Can't hang about taking in the view as our tender to shore departs in an hour and we have to pick up our obligatory sticker from the excursions team which shows we've signed up for the Rainforest hike and Petrohue Waterfall visit. Quick breakfast and a green tea ( we've abandoned the breakfast tea which has no colour despite left to brew for 10 mins or more!) and then off to catch our ... read more

South America » Chile January 18th 2016

Geo: -33.0206, -71.5548This is a day at sea. We were woken at 07:00 by the onboard plumber fixing the drainage just outside the door. So much for the classy trip! The loud noises of scraping and removing a blockage went on for ages. Apparently there had been an accident somewhere. We didn't ask any more about the accident! We had an early breakfast at the back of the boat. The day started off with a sea mist and cooler than we thought it would be, but then warmed up as the morning went on and the mist cleared. We lazed around, had some lunch and then Julie thought she'd try out the line dancing class whilst I went to the gym. We met up in the steam room aka 'Persian Garden' afterwards. Access to the Persian ... read more

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