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11th July 2016

Your post is super helpful..Wasn't decided on the Sylvia, but your pictures helped me made up my mind! Thanks for sharing and hope you can revisit our country. :)
3rd January 2017

Your are more than welcome, glad we could help
23rd June 2014

Great tips
Im visiting the Yunnan province (from Vietnam) and found your blog pretty useful for travel tips. Thanks for your tips.
1st June 2014

lame (and possibly fake) tour guide
hey! we just went to Coron last month and we were so in love with it! definitely the best place in the Philippines that I've been to so far (haven't been to El Nido yet). it's just a shame to hear about your experience with that Edmondo who was claiming to be a tour guide. just an advice from someone from the Phils, be very cautious about getting tours from those people approaching you out of nowhere and bugging you about tours. personally, i never get tours from them. i check for recommendations from a trusted online forum to know which tour agency to get and we were definitely very happy with our experience.
9th September 2013
Sunset on Siquijor - magical

Very beautiful!
One of the best sunset photos to appear on Travelbog, and there are plenty of them here.
21st June 2013

Oh no!
I can't believe it's almost over. I hope "a trip of a lifetime" doesn't mean the only trip. I expect more from you. And thanks for all the advice about traveling in China.
20th June 2013

Ending your days
We've enjoyed following your adventure. Sorry you are at the end but looks like you picked a great place to wrap this up. Lovely photos.
29th May 2013

A cute artsy town. We took cooking classes while we were there. Hope you have time to go to Lovina Beach to see the dolphins.
29th May 2013

Splashing experience of travelling...
Great to learn your experience to Bali... It's really exciting for travelers to learn about such places and plan for trip. Book for travel deal
26th May 2013

Very nice pic
Really liked it
24th May 2013
Ijen acid crater lake

Wow, amazing photo
The adventure continues.
24th May 2013

Lucky You
When we went it was closed as about to blow. Magic Ijen...lucky you...looks fantastic
20th May 2013

Planning to go there
Would also love to go to Coron. Thanks for sharing .
20th May 2013
Sunset on Siquijor - magical

Stunning !
Love it ! :)
19th May 2013

Your pics tell me we should go back to Bromo. We went in wet season around New Year and while we had the best time with the Tengger people I was conscious the views would be better in dry season. Point confirmed.
18th May 2013

Ah, the dreaded tour....sounds grand. Sometimes we travelers make all tours out to be villains when sometimes they just make the travel a bit easier. Your photos are top notch. What a grand adventure. Carry on.
17th May 2013

Last country
..."the last remaining weeks of our trip"! And what a trip it's been. Hope you enjoy your last country :)
16th May 2013

ahhhh the tickets
I can see also pulled the hotel trick - well done!! Although we still feel a little bit guilty that we have done it haha It is expensive for backpackers though!!! cheers, B
14th May 2013

Phillipines and Singapore look great! Enjoy your last few weeks. Ps - eyebrows look great!
14th May 2013

It's great to hear that you enjoyed the time in my home country so much! Next time if there's a chance I can bring u guys around if u all are in SG again:)
13th May 2013

really beautiful
while we enjoy good weather here in UK, I would much prefer to be traveling in the Philippines of course haha so lucky, you two!!! I just added Coron to our list. cheers, Beata
13th May 2013

Shipwreck surprises
What an adventure! Glad it all turned out to be fun and exciting. I might have fed Edmondo to the fishes.
13th May 2013

Stunning !
Paradise at its best ! :)
3rd May 2013

Amazing photos! wow wow, I'm from Singapore, have never been to Philippines but your photos are making me think twice! thanks for sharing :)

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