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1st September 2014
Weed Hut

Life is funny!
In searching for a good photo to teach my Japanese students what a hut is, (They think, Pizza Hut is Pizza Hat…) this pic came up. For obvious reasons it piqued my interest (her attention-grabbing ploy worked). Then I started looking at the rest of your photos from this trip. Not having been to Jamaica before, I now and trying to convince my wife to head there, rather than another trip back to the east cost of the US to visit family!! Looks like an amazing place to relax for a while! Lovely photos!! Cheers!
10th March 2013

great get away from the every day artificial city life made of concrete walkways,freeway and,9 to 5 rush hours.
12th May 2012

This was a delightful read. I'll have to stick with ordering my chocolate from The Chocolate Book until I can travel to these places!
12th April 2012
The Rotunda

You guys are just fantastic. Simply brilliant picture.
8th January 2012

why dont you fuck off yaromir the faggot. serbs a re great
17th December 2011
Uh oh! Jennifer's hungry again!

20th October 2011

Great pics
Hi there, ow did you spent in Belgrade,Serbia. I'm planing to visit that city, where you have stayed?
13th May 2012

As the other blogs indicated, we stayed at a friend's place.
19th April 2011
Couple Cats

Not the cat. Lol. You are a truly gorgeous woman.
6th January 2011

I am not sure where the reference to theft is. My comment on the cultural flaws in the Zambezi basin is no condemnation of people, but of a "massed" phenomenon that is written off because individuals choose to be powerless to affect it. It is sad to say that the poor infrastructure is part of the interest. I wish more on Zambia than to settle as a third world country waiting for "hand outs" from the developed world and for tourists to come and look at them as some sort of caged animals in self-imposed substandard conditions as you suggest. That only propagates the vices of colonialism while veiling it with false altruism. Stand up Africa, especially African men, not enough of you are showing a good example to your progeny across the diaspora or at home. I love this continent and you can feel the hakuna matata, unfortunately that also yields an abdication of responsibility on a higher level.
26th December 2010

zambia vs Zimbabwe
please be mindful when you present these blogs for people to understand. The infrastructure is meant to be as close to African as possible. The cost of viewing these falls is nothing to say niagara. And when you say things where stolen, yes they may have been stolen but that's not how all Zambians are. Zambians are really peaceful and inviting. We are not as developed in terms of infrastructure but that's what makes us a great destination. If you want a real African experience come to Zambia "the real Africa ". Learn the culture and understand the people, thats what its all about not just the falls. This way you will learn the real african experience. No I don't work for the government.
24th December 2010

yes but we were staying in zimbabwe, so that is why zimbabwe is mentioned. we had to cross the border in order to go to the bus terminal. i also had to get a dual entry visa from those crooked, scheming corrupt zambians in order to do so.
4th December 2010

Hi...I agree with you about the Mainliner but Livingstone is not in Zimbabwe but in Zambia
11th September 2010

Contact at beach
Rox-ann, there is no one to get in contact with there. This is typical island style, they just want to smoke weed and drink beer there. the guy you are paying probably doesnt even officially have the right to charge, just think of it as a "contribution" to the pot mon!
1st September 2010
Reggae Beach, Ocho Rios

Information/ nice photos
Want to get in contact with someone from the beach to know the cost to visit the beach. For a group of people. Thanks
28th August 2010
Biltmore Estate

We just came back from the Biltmore. It was a great place. We would go back there again.
It was a great place. We would go back there again. The tours and shops were great! We loved the drive up to the house and leaving the house. The drive to the house and from the house reminded me of Cades Cove. Only it was more upscaled.
24th August 2010
Black Beard's Tomb

youre right! Blackbeard's resting place is at his home, Eastern North Carolina not the Bahamas!
20th August 2010

bahamas fan
I would like to thank you for such a cruise service and gorgeous pictures you have made in publishing this article. I am trusting the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your fanciful writing abilities has inspired me to improve my own service as well.really bahamas is awesome place.
23rd July 2010
Reggae Beach, Ocho Rios

what is the price to enter your beach
12th July 2010

Don't Jump
I love this photo !!!!
11th July 2010

Hyde Park
You're absolutely right, I wish we had gone there!
8th July 2010

Hyde Park
Nice to see you travelled a bit around Johannesburg. Just for the record, Hyde Park has more expensive shops than Sandton City. It's smaller but that's where you find all the top original designer clothes and accessories. Even the shops for kids clothes are designer brands so it's very expensive and because it's very classy, you do not fins cheap stores Mr Price, Truworths or STuttafords which are all in Sandton City...
5th June 2010

Tours on your Cruise
Got your message on travelblog. my advice is that you do your own tours, dont be afraid to get out there, Nassau is pretty safe. Just take the ferry over to Paradise Island and ask people where to go visit. I also recommend going to the Nassau Hilton for some quiet beach time as we did, its worth the fee. Paradise Island is pretty crazy. You dont need a tour on Stirrup, just walk a WAYS, the island is not that big but people are lazy. I basically walked around the whole island.
4th June 2010

bahamas 3 day cruise
Hi, I was reading your blog and it is very helpful. I'm going to the Bahamas next week for a 3 day cruise from Miami..Ports of call will be nassau and stirrup. My question is, when you went there, do you suggest/advise to take the paid tours or you can just pretty much tour the place on your own? Thank you.

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