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27th May 2010
Place du Capitole

Nice picture in front of the "Capitole" ! :D
30th January 2010

Where do we say it is in Zimbabwe?
27th January 2010

It seems you had fun in Southern Africa but still after touring, you dont know that Livingstone is in Zambia, not Zimbabwe?? Should we read something into this??
15th January 2010

all very true, the trouble with the EU and USA is they are trying to keep you out, not sure which one is more pernicious - gratuitous extortion for fat cat despots or feigning humanitarian aims while denying the best opportunity to deliver assistance!
5th January 2010

SA Wine
Oh yeah, and we need to get together to drink some South African wine!
5th January 2010

i don't think i could have said it better Tama! Thanks!
5th January 2010

so glad you are heading home!
Manny my friend you need to be a travel writer! I totally love reading your summaries, you have a gift. Jen - good for you for buying clothes! Can't wait for the fashion show. Travel safely and it will be good to have you back home. With your return and Urban Meyer's change of heart regarding retirement - all will be right with the world. Hugs, T
31st December 2009

Visit to Swakopmund
Thea and WIlliam, we had a great time! Thank you for contacting me on the blog, it has been difficult getting a hold of an internet connection until today. I will send you an email. I can take the Cheetah out, if you would like me to. But on the other hand I think it is important for people to understand what is happening, and that there is a good reason for things happening the way they do. let me know.
30th December 2009

Hi from William and Thea
Hallo Manny and Jennifer. Hope you are doing well and are enjoying Cape Town. If you are back at home, please do send me some photo's of the shopping centre you are about to open. Also send the name of the person you know from Cape Town, maybe I aught to just try and hear if he is interested..? (I do not think it is good that you mentioned the Cheetah?) Can you take it out or not? Warm regards. Your friends in Namibia
18th November 2009

Photo Use
Yes, you may use this particular photo, please provide proper credit as is customary.
11th November 2009

Use Tobacco Field Photo
May I use the tobacco field photo in a digital story I am creating for my Master's class - Ed Tech?
2nd November 2009

wind beneath my wings
sorry, did not hear that portion, we were walking around the island.
23rd October 2009

nice photo witr headwaiter
I AM ALSO HEAD WAITER .it is very kind to shar good moment with peopllethose we serve.IT IS GOOD PLEASURE FOR U WHEN WE SATIESFIED OUR GUESTS.
13th August 2009

wow thanx for being at the National Hero's day did you enjoy your time in Grand Cayman? I sang the National song and sang the special for the day while my best Friend accompanied by my side. Did you get to hear the person singing wind beneth my wings?
4th August 2009

"spooky shacks"
The "spooky" shacks are fruit cellars (smetimes called "root" cellars). Used for storing fruit and also canned goods...sometimes. Using the principles of continuous earth temperature made them great for perishable storage. Also, many structures like these can be "spring houses", that is a covered building where spring water would emanate from a hillside and could be collected for use. They are always one of the two and telling them apart is as simple as looking at where they are. If you see small pools of water or dark green high grass nearby, then it is likely a spring house. Had you continued your journey out the Town Creek valley, you would have seen some very beautiful country.
21st July 2009

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8th July 2009

I think that is the temple of hephaestus. We loved Athens as well. (So many people discount it.) You are a wonderful writer. Good luck to you and Ms. Barbie.
15th May 2009

no agency, 1 understand you are serb1an and so very proud of your country, but please calm down, let´s not start another war here my fr1end. we had a wonderful t1me 1n belgrade, but l1ke any place there are good places and bad places 1n a c1ty, we l1ke to show every angle. go hug a kosovan or someth1ng
12th May 2009

Have you seen anything but the parts that you shown on this pictures?Belgrade is a beautyful town and i dont know which agency you were there with but all of us had the greatest time of our life!!!!
12th January 2009

Kelowna, BC, Canada
If you ever come to Kelowna, you must try the hand crafted chocolates at Annegret's in the Towne Centre Mall on Bernard Avenue. The ganaches in particular are amazing.
29th November 2008

The church you did not enter is the Russian Orthodox church. That architectural style is not specific for the Romanian orthodox churches.
8th January 2008

Random cat
The random cat is in or near to New Change. I see it on my way to work as the 521 bus goes through the one way system. It is near to St. Paul's. By the way St. Paul's has its special features. The design of the dome was worked out by Wren as he went along!! The view over the City from the top is wonderful too. The choir is one of the best in the world - worth hearing on your next visit!
12th November 2007

Ataturk statue
I was shocked to see that you had also noticed and photographed the same statue that I saw- right before my trip to Istanbul from Bucharest, no less. I wondered what it was doing there too. What a coincidence.
9th November 2007

The Wine :)
Wine U had is probably "Longing for south" or "T'ga za jug" from Tikves wine region. One of my favourite wine sorts... If U were still in region, and are wine fans, I could recomend U some special local sorts that is impossible to find anywhere else... I njoyed Ur view of my country... Cheers! Slobodan
28th October 2007

Serb Nationalism
Having just returned from Serbia I can say the Serbs don't try to hide what happened in the Balkan wars. Most of them feel the same way we do - it was utter madness and they don't understand how it happened. Many Serbs in Belgrade hated Milosovic and the way his policies wrecked their country. As for having no place in a modern Europe - I'm fairly ashamed that "modern Europe" bombed one of it's own cities. The Serbs are desperate to put everything behind them and move on and to that end we must help them acheive it. Don't forget the Croats and Bosnians committed a few atrocities themselves.

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