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Weed Hut  

Weed Hut

Okay, this is not about Jennifer, so ignore her attention-grabbing ploy and look on the left, that is the weed hut they were working on after raking around the shards of glass. Both guys were in there smoking weed for a half hour singing songs.
Western Caribbean Day 5: Ocho Rios cried when Marley Died

January 27th 2009
Manny! Jamaica Me Crazy So says our cab driver Duppy today as I proffer up a deluge of reasons why he cant scam me on the “negotiable” price to Reggae Beach. “It’s far, it’s in another parish!” he says; of course the parishes are not that large I respond, and we settle on 18 bucks one way which turns into 20 bucks when he doesn’t have change for the 10 minute cab ride. In actuality ... read more
Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios

Jamaican Flag Jamaica gained full independence within the British Commonwealth in 1962. Deteriorating economic conditions during the 1970s led to recurrent violence and a drop off in tourism. Elections in 1980 saw the democratic socialists voted out of office. Pol... ... read more
24th December 2011

1st September 2014

Life is funny!
In searching for a good photo to teach my Japanese students what a hut is, (They think, Pizza Hut is Pizza Hat…) this pic came up. For obvious reasons it piqued my interest (her attention-grabbing ploy worked). Then I started looking at the rest of your photos from this trip. Not having been to Jamaica before, I now and trying to convince my wife to head there, rather than another trip back to the east cost of the US to visit family!! Looks like an amazing place to relax for a while! Lovely photos!! Cheers!

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