Kristin and Lamar Brown

Sweetie and Assholes Big Adventure

Kristin and Lamar Brown

Lamar and I were married 10 years this year and I am lucky enough to work for a company who gives their employees a sabbatical after 7 years of service so we decided to celebrate by taking an All American Road Trip. We're starting in Seattle and will end in Chicago seeing friends, family and the United States along the way. The name of our blog came from another trip and some friends with a really good sense of humor - you never know who's Sweetie and who's the asshole - we might take bets on the trip so follow along and see if you can guess.

Those who know us know there will be restaurant and music reviews and with a couple of days in Calistoga, probably some wine reviews. And those who know Kristin (today known as Sweetie), know she will drag Lamar (today known as Asshole) to all kinds of ridiculous, kitschy roadside attractions!

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 31st 2012

After our amazing meal last night, we're taking it easy today - or at least that was the plan. Took our time getting ready - Room 76 is quite comfortable - and head out to meet Cousin Kim in Greektown for lunch. We land at The Parthenon on Halsted and proceed to order too much food starting with Saganaki (Flaming Cheese) for Sweetie and Cousin and Kefides (Meatballs) for AHole. If you could have seen the giddiness in the girls' eyes as the cheese arrived... Wisconsin girls like their cheese (cheese on fire...what could be better?). The cheese is really good and the meatballs have wonderful flavor served with sauteed onions. We all decide on gyros for lunch and they are good, not great. The gyros come with a good Greek Salad and Egg Lemon Soup ... read more
Lakeshore Drive - A little Choppy
More Lakeshore
One of our favorite places

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 30th 2012

Up and at 'em for the last leg of our trip! Our hosts, the Kellys have coffee and hot tea ready and waiting for us followed by an amazing breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy. Miss Wendy is giving Asshole a run for his money with her pulled pork, bruschetta and now this gravy - all so good! We have some logistics to take care of which include shipping home a box of souvenirs. We head to a UPS store in Indian Head Park and guess what, we're back on Route 66! Too cool - we make plans to try and get to the start in Chicago while we're in town. It's cold and windy and cloudy and we can't figure out what to do. All AHole wants is Chinese food... Fortunately, Sweetie strikes again with ... read more
Upstairs at L & E
Room 76
Bathroom 76

North America » United States » Illinois » Willowbrook October 29th 2012

Well, all good things must come to an end (or end up with a quick stint in Betty Ford...) We do some last minute laundry and pack up what has now become WAY TOO MUCH SHIT!!! One quick trip into town for a quick pic (see the first one!) and to grab lunch! Unfortunately, Sweetie still sucks at directions and cannot find the place she told AHole about so in an effort to keep things moving, we hit Wisconsin 50 down to Kenosha and make our first stop at The Brat Stop! The Brat Stop is famous so what the heck, we'll stop (it also has a Cheese Shop - no way we can't stop now!). The place is huge and apparently is hosting National Entertainment this weekend so don't just plan to drop in - ... read more
The Infamous Brat Stop
National Entertainment this Weekend!
The Queen!

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Fontana October 28th 2012

Today, the gang is breaking up - Patrick has to head home, The Lady of the Lake has a full day of travel and baseball and trick or treating (more on that later) and the Kellys are headed back to ChiTown. AHole decides a day of football and the sofa works for him so Sweetie and Kim head out to do a boat tour of Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva Boat Tours at the Riviera Pier offers a number of options for Lake Tours. We opt for the two (2) hour full lake tour on the Walworth - the Walworth is also a U.S. Mail Boat. We tried to sit up top on the open air deck but it was a little chilly so decided to do the cruise on the main, heated deck. This is a ... read more
Old Lake Geneva Passenger Steamboat
The First of Multiple Wrigley Houses
More Wrigley

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Fontana October 27th 2012

Was it dark when we went to sleep??? It is a quiet morning - except for the Kellys who freakishly wake up and go walking all of the time...bacon for breakfast is always a beautiful ting. Patrick and Asshole had gone to Sorg's meats and sausages on Friday and picked up some of their best bacon and it's really good. We split up - the girls go shopping and get lunch and the gentlemen going to uh, drink. Steve Kelly played safety for the Indiana Hoosiers in the early 70s so we gotta watch them play their game against Illinois. Their new coach has not won a conference game in a season and a half, but hey, every dawg gets a bone sometime. And so they do-winning 35-21 and spoiling the Illinois homecoming. Nice job HOOSIERS! ... read more
The Kelly
Cafe' Calamari

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Fontana October 26th 2012

So, after a night of laundry and relaxation we're off for mani/pedis :) Pause for laughter... We finally get done and head back to the condo to meet up with cousin Kim and her hubby Pat! We decide it's time to grab a bite and head to a local bar/restaurant - Chuck's. It's right on the water by the Abbey Marina. We ordered up a couple of cheeseburgers and a bowl of clam chowder and some drinks called Sweet Tarts - good choices all around. AHole wasn't that hungry but Sweetie didn't get one bite of the chowder because someone scarfed it down. We took a little driving tour of the Lake - truly gorgeous and we haven't even seen the big lake houses! A quick trip back to the condo to pick up more of ... read more
Riviera Pier/Park

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Fontana October 25th 2012

It's road time again, leaving St. Louis and headed to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. Wished we had planned a few more days in St. Louis and the Moonrise. This area is really cool! Great breakfast at the hotel this morning and didn't break the bank buying it either. I had shrimp and grits with poached eggs, yeah baby! Sweetie has an omelet with ham, tomatoes, spinach and gruyere cheese and it's quite tasty, too. We leave and drive to the Arch... yes, the Archway to the West. It's right in the heart of downtown and driving there we pass by Busch Stadium. Too bad the Cardinals aren't in the Fall Classic. Gotta get back to this town sometime, really enjoyed it. I-55 north headed towards Chicago with a quick stop in Springfield, Missouri, the ... read more
The Arch Again
Springfield, Illinois
Atlanta, Illinois

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis October 24th 2012

After a restful night's sleep at the W ALoft outside of Tulsa proper, we're ready to go - a big drive day today to St. Louis - over 400 miles. By the way, this hotel is great - the bed is like being in a nest and the rainhead shower rocks. The weird "ice in bags" not so much, but hey, can't have everything for 15k in AMEX points. It's almost 11:00am when we roll and having eaten no breakfast, we decide a drive-thru lunch would be good. We had seen a few Chik-Fil-A locations in Amarillo and Oklahoma City, however, no such luck in Tulsa. We decide to try Freddy's Steakburgers. Freddy's turns out to be good but, make no mistake, it is not Steak-n-Shake. There, I said it, ha! ha! We hit I-44 for ... read more
Life in Waynesville, Missouri
Fall Foilage
Really Big Signage

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa October 23rd 2012

So good morning! It's Cadillac Ranch time! We're ready to leave the Ambassador - good for sleeping, no need to linger! We jump in the car and head down I-40 to somewhere between exits 60 and 62. We get off at 62 and are totally confused - we pulled into the RV Park and Asshole ran in to get directions - yes, to get directions! And it's a good thing - Sweetie would have taken us back onto I-40 into oncoming traffic. Take your time here - it is confusing and goes from two (2) way to one (1) way and is just weird! Cadillac Ranch... what can we say - look at the pics and make your decision. We got a good laugh but honestly, there is a commitment to art there. The installation we ... read more
The Ranch from the Road
Closer Up to the Ranch
Random Thoughts...

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo October 22nd 2012

After a rockin' fun night it's time to pack up and hit the road again. We have agreed to go a little off track and head toward Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico - the original Route 66 before a decision to straighten the route from Albuquerque directly to Santa Rosa. We do a quick cruise through Old Town and both agree that we want to come back to this city for more exploration. It is gorgeous, colorful and really interesting to us both. The Old Town section is a plaza with shops and restaurants and beautiful architecture - it was two (2) blocks from Hotel Blue - we'll be back! Central Avenue in Albuquerque is Route 66 so there are lots of cool signs and places to check out. We made one stop, The ... read more
The RioGrande River
The WarPath in Old Town
300 Year Old Church in Old Town

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