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21st September 2010

I went to a sauna with CS guests from different countries as well.
First they where shocked or scared, but afterwards where relaxed and happy about this new experience.
8th July 2010

So Fun!
Loved this entry! Thanks for the detailed update - I wonder if there is any canyoning in the states?? I am looking forward to more stories to come from your trip. Have fun!!
26th June 2010

I LOVED your photos and post from Ecuador! They reminded me of my own time there, and how amazing it all was! I'm happy to see others from the states traveling there as well, as I didn't meet many Americans in South America. My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share (like maybe of that amazing photo of Cotopaxi from the plane, or a review of Travelers Inn, or anything else!?). If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
12th June 2010

I loved your photos and post of Lima, Mendoza, etc. I love those cities so much, and your photos reminded me of my time there. I forgot the full name of the bodega in Mendoza, but it was something "Historia," and it was one of our favorites. My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
25th May 2010

Love reading about all your new Adventures!
Paige, I love being able to read about what all your doing/where all your going now! It's been so long since our Germany days! Keep up the travels! And have Fun!!
11th March 2010

Glad you're home safe
Hi Paige, I was happy to get your update. I was just talking with my husband about you and your trip. Sorry it had to end on such a sad note. Up until the earthquake, it sounded like a great trip. Once again, you're visiting the places on my travel list. I guess I'll have to follow you along there someday. What's your next adventure? Keep in touch. Marlene
11th March 2010

What about all your stuff...
... left in Chile?? Will you get it back?!
4th March 2010

Vicarious travel
Paige, Kay Guleke just sent me a link to your travelblog. I am enjoying catching up on your travels. Thanks for still sharing your experiences with others!
2nd March 2010

Thinking of you!
Be careful! We will keep you in thoughts and in prayers.
2nd March 2010

I stumbled across your blogs and have spent the last 2 hours reading all of them. Amazing pics! What a wonderful journey! I would love to see Germany and some of South America as well. Well...take care!
1st March 2010

Hi there, Glad to hear that you are safe, sounds scary. I am currently travelling in Bariloche and all is fine here. Would recommend coming, a lovely place (and a great hostel called Patanuk). We were aiming to head to Pucon, maybe via San Martin de los Andes, but not sure whether it is still wise to head in to Chile. What would your thoughts be? It sounds like Pucon is functioning as normal from what you say? Good luck with your travels, jessica (from England)
1st March 2010

Get your butt back to the States ASAP
Thanks for the update. Let us know when you get into Argentina and what your plans are from there. I know how much you love an adventure, but it's time to get you back to the US. Love you!
28th February 2010

Oh thank God.
Thank goodness you're ok, and were not in the thick of it. Get back home soon!!!
26th February 2010

I can't believe how blue the glaciers are! I don't get it!
25th February 2010

Love the updates!
OK, I have to ask -- when do you actually start working like the rest of us schmucks?? It looks more like globetrotting to me! My hubby and I are heading to Germany for a week in May, so I'll have to check out your pics to see what we have to look forward to! I've always wanted to visit S. America -- guess I'll do it vicariously through you for now. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying life and making the most of it! f Take care of yourself! Christi
17th February 2010

please bring me back a penguin.
Incredible photos. Your sense of adventure never ceases to amaze me. So very jealous that you got to be up close and personal with the penguins!!! miss you! bretta
17th February 2010

PHOTOS!!! OMG! The prettiest I've ever seen! So majestic!
29th January 2010

Sounds fun! Hope you have fun in Pucon; I was there back in July. You should try to hike on the volcano if you can hitch a ride up to it. Liked your summary of Valpo and Vina- couldnt agree more!
29th January 2010

The duck lake pic is beautiful
Heard about the mudslide at machu picchu so I thought of checking your blog to see if you were tavelling there at the same time. Glad to know the duck lake kept you away. Have a safe adventure.
22nd January 2010

You're in a tank top!
You're wearing a tank top! Wow! Jealous of the hot weather you're receiving. Enjoy those final days before the next adventure!
5th January 2010

chaguito lindo
i'm glad you've taken to santiago as well as you have. i also think it's a great city and it irked me to no end that many 'gringo' backpacker types think the city is crap, since it's not flashy and showy like buenos aires or rio, nor does it have colorful markets and downtrodden masses like the more northern countries. it's lowkey and quirky, like chileans themselves, who are reather lowkey and understated. piojo means lice (pulga means flea), but piojera means "a lice-infested place", ie, a dump. it's said that when one of chile's early 20th century presidents was brought there by a friend of his, he is said to have exclaimed "why did you bring me to this 'piojera'?", ha ha (a word of advise if you go back: watch your belongings, as many a purse or backpack has been snatched there from drunk or overly-relaxed foreigners. you will, no doubt, find your way around the city. the area around barrio brasil, avenida cummings, and barrio concha y toro (metro stop republica on line 1) has lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes. the lastarria area just east of cerro santa lucia (also known as bellas artes) is a nice quiet area with coffee shops and book stores. the area around plaza NuNoa (tildes on both N's) is another nice area for drinks. if you haven't already done so, i strongly recommend the pitchers of wine with fruit. red wine and strawberries is nice (called borgoNia) as is the white wine with chirimoya or white wine with peaches). for a nice chilean ice cream flavor try chirimoya alegre (chirimoya ice cream with orange sherbert mixed). though it's kinda cheesy, there is a nice revolving restaurant in the heart of providencia called 'giratorio' which is worth a visit. as you may or may not have noticed, chileans speak a unique dialect of spanish, with many new words and expressiones not used anywhere else. a very helpful and fun book is called "how to survive the chilean jungle: a gringo's guide to chilean spanish, vol. 2". it has a green cover and if it's still in print should be available at a book store on huerfanos (the e-w pedestrian street, between paseo ahumada and cerro santa lucia) or in lastarria. believe me, as a chilean living abroad, even i've found it useful. that's it. enjoy your time. chao pescao.
2nd January 2010

Happy 2010!
Drink plenty of that $4 wine for me!
4th September 2008

Hi Paige, We're heading to Croatia next week so I enjoyed looking at your pictures and hearing your stories. Do you have any "can't miss" places that we should hit in Croatia? We'll be spending a week driving north of Split and then we head to Dubrovnik for a week of kayaking around the islands. Hope you are well. Marlene
4th September 2008

P, I can't believe that you can remember all of this stuff! With all that you have on your mind! Haha. R
25th August 2008

P! I, of course, love the vertical shot of the wall with the blue ocean, but think I may frame this kitty shot for my room! R

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