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4th September 2007

fun fun!
Wow, it looks like you had a great time in Amsterdam! How was that Margarita? Somehow I'm guessing it's not like the ones in Texas... Miss you!
4th September 2007

Mom DJ
I want a mom DJ of my very own, Paige! Can you bring her back to the States with you?
28th August 2007

The pink wig is YOU
love reading your blog/letters. Keep it up, liebchen!
27th August 2007

Love the pink hair for sure. A good new look for you!
27th August 2007

You McRock!
Miss you tons, Paige! Great LOVE story - typical...you could find love anywhere. :)
27th August 2007

I McLove you!
23rd August 2007

Paige - you crack me up! I love keeping up with all your adventures? Lots of food...but any chocolate covered bananas? ;) Miss you!
22nd August 2007

Sign me up for some "Good Mood Tea." I wish it was that easy :)
16th August 2007

What a pro!
I love the pictures. You are awesome! I also love that all of Rachel's comments have to do with alcohol. And I love your hair. Basically, I love it all! Keep finding good photo opportunites and sharing them with us! Miss you tons!
16th August 2007

No pictures
would love to see the pictures, but they won't load for some reason. Miss you! Cameron
13th August 2007

So Much Fun
Paige- This blog is so much fun! I am having a blast reading about all of your adventures so far..keep um coming! I hope you are having a wonderful time and good luck with the grammar!
10th August 2007

Paige it sounds like you are having a great time in the good ole Germany. Sounds like lots of walking and drinking though. Sounds likea cool weekend? I think my parents went on a cruise down the Rhein River but they said it was cold, of course I think they went in March so... Do you have trips planned for all your weekends or do you just get to make them up as you go? I keep forgetting to get skype but I will get it at some point. Anyway have fun this weekend.
10th August 2007

cute new shoes -- hope they treat your feet better than your old ones did. wish i could be drinking wine and staying in a castle with you this weekend! alas, i'll be drinking wine in the comfort of my own home, most likely in my pajamas. :)
10th August 2007

So fun, Paige!!! very jealous of your street/building/people watching!
6th August 2007

How exciting Paige. I am envious of your travels. I love this site. What a great idea for sharing stories about your adventure. By the way I love your new bob haircut. It's adorable and fits you well :) Take care and I look forward to the next posting. Jackie
30th July 2007

I'm so happy for you!
Paige, I'm so happy for you that you got placed in Hamburg as you wanted. I know you'll have a blast - afterall it's my hometown :) you should get the book: Get local! hamburg - a newcomer's guide to the city. you can order the book here: http://www.getlocal.eu.com/ -> the website also has a local event calendar. it has been written by two girls from Australia and South Africa. Have fun in Cologne and Hamburg.
From Blog: Germany Info
26th July 2007

you must be so freakin' excited! you're leaving tomorrow!
From Blog: Germany Info
7th June 2007

yeah for the first blog report. i love this site. very fun to keep on on your adventures.
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