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10th August 2008

I have NEVER seen water that blue... WOWWWWW.
7th August 2008

I hope to be in Texas for Xmas. I would love to see you. Will you be there? Love to you-Uncle Roby
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23rd July 2008

P, I am kinda sad reading this blog as I know you are not out there doing it RIGHT NOW, but are instead sipping pina coladas by your parents' new pool. Haha. I love the pic out the train at night. Incredible shot. Nice camera. You have GOT to do some cool photo collage to hang on the walls. R
23rd July 2008

missed you!
I had to laugh at that sign for the church. It reminds me of that sign in Weimar (SP?) that said "no icecream" in a store. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures!
7th July 2008

This Sounds Amazing
I am going to be part of the CBYX at the end of this month and thanks to your blog I decided to go. This makes me excited. Thanks!
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7th July 2008

13 days until Austin!!!
Can't wait to see you in Austin in less than two weeks!!!!!!!
26th June 2008

i reflect on your reflections
I am going to be in germany for 1 year starting next month, though this wont be my first trip, having stayed there before. But reading your blog, i do find a lot of similarities in experiences i had and am also looking forward to. Good article. Wish you good luck back home. - Abhijeet
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26th June 2008

Hi Page, thanks for your blog - it was nice to follow your entries over the year! ...and tschüss ;-) Thomas
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25th June 2008

Paige -- sounds like it has been a wonderful experience -- thanks for sharing it with all of us back home. Give me a call when you get back to Texas -- 214-676-0309 -- would love to see you -- I might be around in Austin and would love to catch up -- will you be making any trips to Dallas? I'll also be in Keystone Aug. 2-3 for the Bluegrass and Beer Festival if you happen to make it :) Have a blast on your last round of travels -- looks like you are going to some amazing places! Be safe!
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25th June 2008

Loved your reflections. Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait for a hug and to have you home. Love, Mom
From Blog: Reflections
25th June 2008

bon voyage!
wow - go Paige! Your year sounds so fulfilling and relaxing at the same time. The US is better to call you one of our own - so get on back here. Thanks for sharing your stories with everyone! I couldn't read every one (I'd be so jealous that I'd sink into a miserably state), but I do enjoy reading it when I can. Cheers!!
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22nd June 2008

Black Forrest
The Black Forrest (sp? Forest?) sounds scary. I hope that you aren't going to be watching entire soccer games back here in the States. (I can say that because I used to play soccer). I want to drive on the Autobahn!
18th June 2008

....I'll miss you'r blogs!
12th June 2008

P, Wish we'd gotten to stop in Berlin on our way back from Prague when I visited in January. Looks like it's an amazing city--especially culturally. I did enjoy the Cafe Paris reference. I think we should frame the "LUST" picture! Teehee! R
10th June 2008

miss you
Paige -- have really enjoyed keeping up with all your adventures on your blog! Hope we get to see each other at some point this summer before you start school. Enjoy your last few weeks in Germany!
9th June 2008

P- I don't know what I'm going to do for reading material once you come back to the States! I think you and Rachel will need to blog about your adventures in Nashvegas in order to keep me entertained. :) -B
20th May 2008

wish I'd been there :(
I know I've said it before- but I really wish I could've gone with you guys. It looks like you had a fantastic time! My mom said she has such a wonderful visit to Europe :) But I know we'll go again- Paige and Laura in Europe- Part II :) Good time to be had!
29th April 2008

Don't let your mom fall off her bicycle as you wind through the tulips.....just dropped her at the airport - she is ON HER WAY...Jeanetta
28th April 2008

so jealous
wish I could have come along too! have a blast in Paris with Mama Brown and Aunt Vivian. Can't wait to see you in a few months!!!!
28th April 2008

So Fun!
That sounds like an AMAZING trip and the night pictures are gorgeous...almost like Dallas at night - hmmmm, maybe not. Have a fantastic few months left and I cannot wait to catch up when you get stateside. Travel safe!
15th April 2008

hee hee
nice. very nice.
14th April 2008

Damn loud Americans!
Oh yeah, being loud... I gave up worrying about disturbing other people and cultures a long time ago! Be it as it may, I think that some stereotypes are true. Oops.
7th April 2008

Paige - I'm so proud of you - what a great experience! I remember after a month in the south of Spain I finally said "What the heck?!" and laid out -- sans top -- one day at the beach -- of course, in hindsight I should of used a lot more sunscreen - as that part of my body had never seen the light of day before! The next day my roomate mentioned my uh...tan lines...to the liking of a neopolitan ice cream bar - it kinda became my nickname towards the end of the trip, but hey, now I can say I did it!
5th April 2008

Naked Night at our apartment!
P, Does this mean that you will be ok with me walking around our apt. naked? Haha. Just checking. R
4th April 2008

Your blog entries are really always the most interesting to read. Big smile. After your visit in the Schwabenquellen you should consider a visit of the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden. With your new experiences you're now perfectly prepared for the Olympus of German bathing culture (actually it's a Roman-Irish bath). And it's only a short hop from Karlsruhe. Viele Grüße in die alte badische Hauptstadt.

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