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4th April 2008

what a great entry paige! it sounds like it was a real eye-opener for you! hope you are having fun. luv ur cous. x
2nd April 2008

again.... so jealous!
Wow! Looks like you had fun :) I am again jealous. I have the travel itch SOOO bad! It's been a while. I love the my little pony cut-out... nice. Do you remember that giant my little pony mansion you had? I loved it and always wanted to play with it and you were over it... haha
25th March 2008

I'm with Rachel on this one
Loving the accidental beer fest! You have the most amazing adventures. Can't wait to have you back in the States! Love you!
24th March 2008

Accidental Beer Fest
Best. Story. Ever. You accidentally walk into a beer fest. Why can't this ever happen to me?! =) Love you, Paige!
3rd March 2008

The Sun is but a distant memory
... I'm beginning to think I dreamed our sunny weekend ... the rain stopped briefly today, only for it to snow !
From Blog: Heidelberg
3rd March 2008

I love your blogs. I always feel I am learning some wonderful history from them. I will miss them when you come back to the states. Love you ASM
From Blog: Heidelberg
2nd March 2008

So maybe living in the 1600's in a castle wouldn't be so bad... =D
From Blog: Heidelberg
13th February 2008

too tired
You make me tired!!!!! I can't believe the pace of your life. It sounds like you are on one party trip after another. What a wonderful experience. Love you Aunt Susie Mama
24th January 2008

your NYE with rachel looks like it was so much fun! i miss you so much. good luck on your internship. can't wait to see you in just a few months when you come back home!
15th January 2008

So jealous of your sunny skiing trip! Went to Keystone for New Year's Eve weekend - it was -19 degrees!, white out snow (even the highway closed for a day and lots of flights to Denver were canceled) - they had to close the gondola and several lifts because of the wind - so didn't get to ski much - hoping to get back up there in March. Congrats on your internship! Looks like you had an amazing Christmas - can't wait to hear about New Year's Eve.
14th January 2008

I was wondering if you had forgotten to send out your "journal entries". I have missed then. It looks like ya'll had a great time with the family. Love you Aunt Susie Mama
20th December 2007

Paige - your photos are amazing!!! I've been all over Italy but haven't had a chance yet to make it to Pompeii - definitely a trip I want to do - it looks amazing. I'm off to Keystone for New Year's weekend - always think of you when I'm in CO. I miss you lots but reading your blog makes you seem less far away. I love reading all your adventures - thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Ciao Italia
20th December 2007

Merry Christmas
Paige, I love reading about your adventures! As I reflect on our trip to Germany, it makes me miss you! It was so much fun and I wish we could do it again! BUT, we have a wedding to plan! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Much love, Patti B.
From Blog: Ciao Italia
20th December 2007

I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!
HERE I COME!!! And I've been to Roma, Italia... in July. It was so freaking hot. We can channel that feeling in GERMANY! Yippee! Tell your familia that I said, "BONJOUR!"
From Blog: Ciao Italia
19th December 2007

I would love to visit pompei that is so cool! Looks like you're having a great time- and I just saw your mom. I guess they are headed your way! Hope you all have a fabulous time in the alps and have a very Merry Christmas! It just won't be the same with out you though :(
From Blog: Ciao Italia
18th December 2007

Ohhh another travelblogger from Hamburg!!! :-) Welcome! :-)
5th December 2007

Visit to Scotland
Paige it was our great pleasure to have you visit with us for the weekend. We do hope that you will come back to stay again anytime you wish. We will try to get over to see you next May when your Mum visits. Take care and love from your family here in Scotland xxx
30th November 2007

Woah, small blogging site, we were in the same beer tent on the same evening...
From Blog: Oktoberfest
30th November 2007

Gut gemacht
Hey Paige! Looks like you did a pretty good job of preparing Thanksgiving. It's amazing what you end up doing because you can't find American goods here. For example, making a pie from scratch or whatever. (That's what I have to do) Schade, that you're not coming to Thanksgiving at David's. But it looks like y'all had a lot of fun!
29th November 2007

Good Job
Being a chef I have to say with what you had to work with--good job. There is not much snow in Aspen. Only a few runs are open on 2 mountains. I'm looking forward to Xmas in Texas. Wish you could be there. Love Uncle Roby
29th November 2007

I'm so proud of you Paige. I never doubt how smart you are, but pretty ingenious to make pumpkin pie without pre-made pie crust. I would have no idea where to begin. You did an awesome job. Miss you!
28th November 2007

Gobble, gobble!
Very impressive, Ms. Brown!!! You did more cooking in one day than I've done in my entire life. Kudos! I got a shout out! WAHOO! And marshmellows aren't an international delicacy??? They don't know what they're missing!
14th November 2007

I want...
... to go to an ice bar. And buy German boots. And a German coat. And hear Xmas music.
10th November 2007

Thanks for the great time!
We had such a fun time with you in Hamburg! I do wish I could have met your mother but I know we will meet another time. You are in a fasinating part of the world and I would go back in a heartbeat! We have some really good pictures, too. Take care!
30th October 2007

Love your pictures. Want your camera. I like the toast guy. Hooray for American visitors! I wouldn't eat a garlic whatever if you paid me. I still love you hair. I've never heard of anyone named "Justus." HI, Mama Brown!

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