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1st October 2018

Ollantaytambo Looks Nice!
I'm always grateful for blog posts like this that help me plan my travel! This blog got a hit while I was searching realinka bus while planning a trip similar to yours, only during high season. It takes time to write these posts, so thanks!
2nd October 2018

Always glad to help
Hi Connie, Many thanks for the comment. Pleased that our posts are helping people with their own travels. That was one of the main reasons for writing the blogs in the first place, as well as for us to revisit our travels. Enjoy Peru, Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley. It is one of the most amazing places in the world to visit. Thanks again, Suzanne and David
29th November 2017
Vivero bus times to Quilotoa

Excellent information for those who want to make the route Latacunga-Quilotoa directly. Tks!
17th November 2017

Great Experience
Certanly Guayaquil is a great city and great people. Me and my husband spent few days traveling around the Ecuadorian Coastline in the "Ruta de Spondylus" with a program that Gulliver Expeditions arrange for us. We highly reccomend this company. Ursula
29th October 2017

no booze on election day
hello. i've enjoyed reading some of your travels, especially your time in chile. i'm sure you figured this out at the time, but since there's no mention of it in the blog i'll just throw it out there. you mentioned not being able to buy alcohol on sunday july 2nd (you mention the confederation cup final that day). that also happened to be an election day in chile (local municipal elections in the country). as in many countries, alcohol cannot be sold on election days in chile (which is always a sunday). there is no sunday alcohol prohibition in chile. anyway, just wanted to pass that along. glad you have enjoyed chile up to this point (as far as i've gotten---i have no idea where in the world you two actually are now). saludos!
31st October 2017

Home again!
Hi James, Many thanks for the information. Unfortunately, we are now back at home in England, our year of travelling now over. But what a year! We enjoyed Chile very much, especially San Pedro and Valparaiso. Santiago also holds some lovely memories for us as well. All the best to you!
25th September 2017

Welcome Home
Hi! really enjoyed reading your blogs, hetes to the next trip, i wonder where we can rendezvous next time?!!Xxx
From Blog: USA - New York
17th September 2017

Not such an extensive trip again!!!
But maybe some annual vacations.
From Blog: USA - New York
16th September 2017
Johns of Bleeker Street

Nothing better
...than NYC pizza
From Blog: USA - New York
16th September 2017
Johns of Bleeker Street

NYC pizza... pretty good but we've found Croatian pizza to be our favourite from the many we've tried around the world.
From Blog: USA - New York
15th September 2017

I've enjoyed folllowing your travels...
I hope I haven't seen the last blogs from you.
From Blog: USA - New York
16th September 2017

Hi Bob, really pleased you've enjoyed the blog. Not sure if we'll be doing it again, but you never know!
From Blog: USA - New York
11th September 2017

Two historic cities
Good blog. Thanks for sharing.
8th September 2017
Linville Falls campground

Camping Virginia
Nice spot. Enjoy the nature.
9th September 2017
Linville Falls campground

...really is the best way to travel and relax! Linville Falls had the facilities but North Creek was secluded, quiet and best of! ;-)
29th August 2017
The Mariposas Butterfly Farm

Mother Nature at its best
From Blog: Ecuador - Mindo
29th August 2017
Las Empanadas de Morocho de la Ulloa

I love food photos.
From Blog: Ecuador - Quito
27th August 2017

D.C. is one of our favorites
An amazing city full of history, memorials and fantastic museums. D.C. is easy to get around and user friendly. Hopefully you'll go back some day. And tons of great places to eat. Consider going for the 4th of July fireworks. They are incredible.
From Blog: USA - Washington
26th August 2017
On the way back to Puerto Lopez

Wow, great shot
16th August 2017

Question about Ebikes
Hi Suzanne, How much does it cost to rent the ebike? Is it difficult to handle the Ebike?
From Blog: Myanmar - Bagan
17th August 2017

Hi Chee, Cannot remember the cost but it was quite cheap and it was through the hotel. Easy enough to handle, beware the sand though, it makes the bikes skid. Just take your time and you'll br fine.
From Blog: Myanmar - Bagan
29th July 2017
The 482nd Birthday parade for Guayaquil

Looks like a great party
29th July 2017
The 482nd Birthday parade for Guayaquil

Yes, it was great fun, a really nice atmosphere and a happy accident for us being here during the Birthday celebrations.
26th July 2017

Shady bus rides
It is best after hours to let them pick you up. We are always afraid we'll be tired and do something stupid or leave something behind. Great of them to stay open so you could have some pizza. Sounds like you encountered some shady people on the bus. Glad you ignored their insistence. I'm sure they had a plan. The down time gave you time for planning. Keep on blogging.
26th July 2017

Bus journeys
Hi again, thanks for the comment. So far in Ecuador, that is the only dodgy bus moment we've had. Every other one has gone smoothly without issue. Loving Ecuador. So far, it is brilliant. David.

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