Christoffer Sunde


Christoffer Sunde

South America January 7th 2010

Its been awhile since the last blog and I apollogize. Here is what we have been up to since the last update; We have gone from La Paz to Uyuni to see the Salar de Uyuni. Basically its a dessert, only instead of sand everywhere and EVERYTHING is salt, even the very hotel was made of salt, the chairs, tables, beds etc... salt. Just like snow the white salt reflects the sun, so I went shopping for cheap sunglasses but no success, instead I got a cap - minor success. 3 days 2 nights spent in Salar de Uyuni, and we were back in dusty Uyuni getting ready to catch a bus towards the Argentinian border in Villazon. About 23 hours later we were in Salta, a cosy and by the feeling more western city. Nothing ... read more
The Death Road * Crash
Photo 47
Death road path

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco December 12th 2009

As promised, a lot of pictures. I wont write much, just comment on the pictures... enjoy. Catching a bus in 30 mins, so the blogs is a bit incomplete, but the computers arent really reliable so I'm going with what I have.. More pictures will come as soon as I get to a civilized town. The next 4 days we are going on a trip on the Salt flats in southern Bolivia, and I wont be able to update the blog untill we arrive in Argentina around the 16th-17th dec. Stay cool... read more
Inca Bucks :)
Two can play that game...

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 11th 2009

Hello everyone, Its been awhile since Ive written, but I have been very busy. We have seen the sacred valley around Cusco, the Inca ruins Machu Picchu and travelled to La Paz, Bolivia where we are currently staying. On the way we both managed to lose our VISA cards (none of us carrying MasterCard -.-), so we have spent the last time trying to find out how to get money, which apparently isnt as easy as I first assumed. Tomorrow we are mountainbiking down what is know here as the most dangerous road in the world, "death road". As soon as I have time to spend @ the internet-cafe I will write a new entry. However it will mainly be pictures, and a lot, and with comments - The last blogs have been a bit ruined ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores November 28th 2009

So far Peru is a great country, people are very nice and helpful. Many will try to make a few extra soles (the Peruvian currency; 3 soles ~ 1 dollar) by charging overprice, but once you learn to navigate through that you're pretty much set to enjoy 3 course meals for 5 dollars or less. We arrived to Lima late the 25th, so we have basically only had 2 whole days here, which seems enough considering we have a lot to see and only 2 months to do it. The first day we spent strawling around in Miraflores, a suburb to Lima and also where our hotel (basically a hostel with 14" tv and private bathroom) is located. There are little kiosk.. ish stores on almost every corner, where it seems like the storekeeper just fits ... read more
Photo 3
Mmm Peruvian corn

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach November 25th 2009

Alright, it's time for the first update from abroad, I'm traveling with Rasmus Thisted, a very good friend of mine, whom you will for sure hear and see more of later on. A short summary from our trip from Denmark to Miami: It's 03:30 and I just woke up from my 1,5 hours of sleep, fortunately my mom loves me so much that she voluenteered to drive us to the trainstation in Aarhus. A quick status check before getting on the train; 2 x backpacks, 1 big for all my stuff, 1 small for trekking and such. Rasmus with the same, except to my enjoyable surprise he was wearing 2 different shoes, which he seemed to find very much less entertaining than I did. So all is good (Rasmus = :S), we try the best we ... read more
In front of our hotel
At Nikki Beach
Photo 5

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima November 18th 2009

bla bla test... read more

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