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11th February 2014

Nearly right. It's a Christmas cactus
3rd January 2013

Well I did try to tell you about the water pressure for the shower on your 118 blog ( 27th Dec ) but I don't know if you read it !!
27th December 2012

( shower ) if the water pressure is low the electrics won't kick-in to heat the water !! so you have to shower when nobody else in the village is useing the water !! That's what I found in Prasat !!
27th December 2012

What is that ?? Spot the drip !! Ha !!
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14th November 2012

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8th November 2012

Looking good Steve & Jai.
2nd November 2012

Don't work to hard !!
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8th March 2012

Thanks for the update Terry. We may visit again when we are next tat way ...
7th March 2012

Just went to the museum yesterday (march 2012). Half of it is already open, and half of it is empty. They allowed me in already, although official opening is december. It's just pictures and glorious Laos army this and that. Pics of Laos a
rmy attacking with the Lao flag held high, that kind of stuff. Similar to Vietnamese museums. Also some bombies inside and tanks outside. If you want to know the history of that battle, I guess speaking to US veterans who were there gives you a better insight. You may not always agree with them, but they have the details. I'm sure they will not attend any kind of museum opening. Ban Xepon gao was still pretty interesting though, and the whole area as well. Locals just tend to forget, like always in SE asia, but the traces are still there.
28th February 2012

Why don't you take a petrol Can with you when you fill up next time so you can use the Can for those times you get a bit low on fuel at home !!
28th February 2012

We have clocked up 22,000 Km from new in Feb 2011 to Jan 2012 so what have you been doing ( walking ) Ha !
28th February 2012

I hope Jai didn't spoil your staining on the bench !!Poor Jai ! x
17th February 2012

How many Kip to the THB.. ? How many Kip to the ?........ ?
17th February 2012

Just found the exchange rate on page 133 !!259 = 1 THB
9th January 2012

For more than thirty years findings in linguistics, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, comparative literature, cultural studies, etc. have been applied to the study of translation, and striking results have been reported. It should be admit
ted, however, that the role of the emerging Translation Studies is limited as a consequence of these problems: (1)Various theories can be used to explain the same translation fact, thus indicating a deplorable lack of uniqueness or idiosyncrasy; (2)Great controversy exists over the interpretation and application of the theories; (3)No single theory is capable of interpreting the greater part of the translation phenomena; and repetitive researches abound. To promote further development of translation studies, it is necessary to clarify the three-tier relationship among macro-theory, micro-techniques and language capabilities. Then the possibility of integrating Western theories with Chinese translation techniques will increase, and a multi-level theoretical framework is likely to emerge. Key words: Translation Studies; micro-techniques of translation; language proficiency. Little translation company can do this.
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8th January 2012

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6th January 2012

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6th January 2012

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14th November 2011

Happy Birthday Jai Hope you had a good day !! Love Sangwan & Phil xx
6th November 2011

So pleased to hear that you are not under water. The floods look horrendous.
4th November 2011

Everytime I read your blogs and see the pictures of Thailand makes me wish more and more that I was out there !!!
23rd October 2011

A little bit of rain !! Ha !!
23rd October 2011

Felt a bit of a prick then !! That's going to hurt ! Watch out for snakes !! Saw a few snakes when I was with Sangwan.
23rd October 2011

We have all got dreams !!!I think are invite to that party has got lost in the post !! Ha !!
6th October 2011

What's that Meals on Wheels ??
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