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22nd August 2009

Stunning, we live in such a beautiful world. Fantastic job.
21st August 2009

That's funny....
That's funny... when I'm feeling stressed at work I think 'let's look at Stephen Paul's photos for 5 mins'. They always make me feel better :o)
20th August 2009

This lot is what makes us grab the cams and head out!!! Awesome stuff.
20th August 2009

Thank you
Thank you for this tough work you did. Excellent. Love, from Argentina.
20th August 2009

Now I'm hungry.
Excuse me, Stephen, got to make myself something to eat. Seriously now, thanks for putting these all together.
20th August 2009

Great job, Stephen. Now i don't have to look through each and every blog. These photos will lead me to them! Thanks a zillion.
20th August 2009

once again... well done!
another well orchestrated eclectic mixture of color and texture from the world... thanks buddy.
20th August 2009

I travelled to Torres del Paine in 1991 with some mountaineering companions. Your photos bring back memories of a wonderful experience. I was consumed by the beauty and character (as you put it) so much that the climbing experience became secondary to the place. Thank you for jogging those memories with your superb photos! Keep on truckin' Ken P.S. We summitted on El Almirante Nieto but almost constant high winds foiled our efforts on the Torres and the Cuernos. Not to mention the difficulty! K
19th August 2009

Faces of the World
Excellent idea; expressions are worth a thousand words. When I go through these pics, it reminds me of the little things that make people smile. Great selection of pics!
16th August 2009

I had to!
I wanted to kind of balance out the countries a bit, but found pictures of Anglo's in day to day life few and far between. In fact looking at the collection Africa is obviously at the center of human culture for good reason. My point is Ali your portrait was a good shot of not only a white person in western garb- but its a great shot of probably what most of us represent! Westerners who have nothing but clothes, a grin, a camera and a desire to see the world. Plus you are the one who had the vision for the site and made the whole thing possible!!
16th August 2009

Worked a treat :)
Great idea - well selected shots ... damn'it - I'm in there :(
15th August 2009

FANTASTIC collection
Fantastic collection of images!
15th August 2009

OK!!!!! I'm saving my money
Steven!!! you have done a wonderful job making a mess of the lives of other people. These pictures inspire me to use any stimulus funds I may ever receive to continue my world travels... You are to be commended. My OLD TRUCK will do for anothe 5 or 10 years. Thank - you!!!!! Jake
15th August 2009

I'm a convert!!!! Best Pictures
I travel a bunch. You have changed my life. If I want landscapes, I'll go to the National Geographic. The pictures that you have gathered togather have convinced me that from now on I will only take pictures of my wife, unique places and PEOPLE!!!!!!! What a treat. THANK-YOU SO, SO MUCH!!!! JAKE
15th August 2009

thanks to all!
And by all I mean everyone who posted the pictures and made comments. Isnt the world amazing?!
15th August 2009

thanks for putting this together... some amazing photos i hadn't come across before.
15th August 2009

So many places, so little time. Beautiful compilation with these photos.
15th August 2009

Well Done
What a great idea! Travel is about meeting others discover new cultures and when I see all those pictures, I think of this special moment shared between the photographer and the person on the picture, the story behind, and it just make me want to jump in the first plane I can catch! Thanks so much Stephen for putting this together!
15th August 2009

Thank You.
A great compilation of eclectic world images, that flow together as one. I am honoured to be part of this blog and of this fine world. I also love your foodie/landscapes blogs what a superb idea, keep them coming.
15th August 2009

a spectacular-fantastic display.
even though i'm currently out there traveling through the world, this only inspires me to go further and subtly reminds me how much i have yet to experience. the vast cauldron of diverse cultural differences like inexhaustible ingredients is an addicting elixir, that no matter how many times we pull from it's kettle to taste, it's never the same. thanks mate!
15th August 2009

It's all about the people!
The world would not be worth seeing if it weren't for the differences between us. I like the use of our distant cousins in this people blog. Great collection.
15th August 2009

Hi Steve...thanks for putting those all together...they are AMAZING! I want to GOOOOOOOOOOOO!
15th August 2009

i'm so glad u came up with this blog! those pictures are truly awesome and deserve this special blog!!! thought u might want to do one with animals.............
14th August 2009

Lovely blog
And why are none of your photos included???

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