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18th January 2013
Bayon- What NOT to wear to Angkor.  These are STILL sacred and holy places lady!  Would you visit the Vatican dressed like that?!

Exactly what I was thinking....
It's about respect
22nd August 2012
Lake Edison, Sierra National Forest

So Awesome
I'm headed to Ward Lake tomorrow to camp with the family. Been going to these parts since I was 3 years old (45 now). It was so nice to see your beautiful pictures. Can't wait to get up there.
6th August 2012

Hey this was really nice. I have been trying to decide where I want to spend a good part of each year for the rest of my life and I have been studying Chile. It looks really beautiful there and happy people sound good to me. Any recommendations? Thanks
13th June 2012

Awesome photos
Hey, I just randomly stumbled onto this page, and I really like your nature photos. I haven't looked through many but what I've seen so far is great!
18th April 2012

Canoeing the mighty Colorado!
Excellent photos that document your entire trip! Paddleboating Guide for Black Canyon, Lower Colorado River.
29th September 2011

Chile is a dream country
I born in Chile in a wealthy family, and after I graduate I work for a couple years.I want to buy a good nice home or make a trip around the world. My good friend from the time I was a little girl, she send me an invitation to visit to her and her family here on United Estates. She introduced who was the guardian angel help her family to start here in U.S.A. after 4 mo. I want to continue my trip. I plan to go to Brazil, South America. Mexico, Central America and Canada, North America. The last thing in my list was to come to U.S.A. I want to go to Europe, France, Germany, Spain and England. I went around the world with my husband and children, but I believe the natural beauty of Chile, the friendship of the Chilean people, it's something don't compare to any other country. And Chile always have been the #1 country in South America, but the jealousy, the envy of others countries, starting from United Estates, Argentina, Peru, Mejico and others countries. Make many people around the world; think we are a poor country, type of 3rd. world country. United Estates, in the goverment of Nixon, and Kissenger as Exterior Ministry, out of envy bombarded Chile, on Sept.11, 1971. U.S.A. and others don't want to see Chile be recognize as the best country in the world, but do you know what? After the accident with the miners, many newspaper and in the internet, recognize Chile as #1, the country with best economy in the world, the people with the best education, the social security and benefits for the Chilean people it's the best, compare with others country like England,and Holland. "Don't judge the book for the cover," we are a long ribbon of beauty, and beautiful people from inside out." Hurray for Chile!
5th August 2011

Hey!!! tienes muy buenas fotos, nada mas que decir, solo que son espectaculares, realmente se puede apreciar la belleza del sur del mundo. Saludos.
12th May 2011
Bayon- What NOT to wear to Angkor.  These are STILL sacred and holy places lady!  Would you visit the Vatican dressed like that?!

id go to the vatican but naked
17th April 2011
Old mining Equipment?

old mining equipmemt
That is the boiler of a steam engine. Any railroad evidence?
17th April 2011
The Drive Home...

Thanks for the memories
I have been going to Huntington Lake since 1962. Have been swimming in Florence Lake, (think a got a bit of hypothermia), drove on the crazy road from Huntington to Florence, sat in a hot pool at Mono (in other words, done it all). Love your pictures. Thank you. Nina
8th April 2011
Vietnam: Nui Ba Den(Black Virgin) Mountain

588th Combat Eng.
I was at the base of the mountain with the 588th combat eng. Every night the 40's would fire on the mountain. I would think surely part of that mountain would be gone when day light came. Day light would come and it appeared nothing happened. Was med vac out June 1967, never got to go back.
27th February 2011

Comment made abou this blog, during the Blog of the Year 2010 nominations.
''Steve's blog are always very rich in details, this last one about Chile is definitely worth a click''
27th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the South America/writing category.
27th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the South America/photography category.
9th February 2011
Strange Rocks at the 11,500 ft saddle

hello' i discover theeeeeeeee weirdest rocks on Earth would You like to view some specimans ?
8th February 2011
6 ft tall, 1 ft wide - vs -250 ft tall, 15 ft wide

Excellent picture!
15th January 2011
The Bats of Phnom Penh

wow too
that is batty beautiful
7th January 2011

i agree
a quick trip to the states last summer and lots of national parks visited but for me i enjoyed Zion the most!!! Still didn't explore it enough as time was limited but loved the hike up the narrows and the sheer cliffs throughout were amazing
21st December 2010
Las Condes, Viticura; Cerro Plomo

the right name is VITACURA....not viticura.....
4th December 2010
Camuy Caves

We are traveling to camuy And was wondering how the crime rate might be if there's any. We are traveling with little ones and didn't know if the caves were a safe venture for them. Do you have any info on camuy? And would you choose it for a place to purchase a home? Thanks Donna
26th November 2010

Yosemite in winter
We were told by our guide that if we wanted to have a look at the true beauty of the Yosemite in winter then we have to manage to get up early in the morning. we just made it and had the enchanting glimpse of the frozen falls and hear the sounds made by the ice while it begins to break down loose.
25th November 2010
Vietnam: Nui Ba Den(Black Virgin) Mountain

spent 4 tours atop nui 1972
I spent 4 tours atop Sundog alpha as we placed and coordinated airstrikes in III corp and Cambodia and aided battle of An Loc with B-52 and Spec C130 gunship support.
13th November 2010
El Yunque

Sabes q ella es mi puerto rico

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