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15th December 2009

A well-written blog and super photos!
2nd December 2009

I have been living in Vina del Mar since September, and i am planning a trip to the south and I would love to camp a lot along the way, especially in Torres del Paine. Im traveling solo as well, and would love some advice. Im not planning to do any major trekking, only two nights in the park. Do you think its safe to go at it alone? And if so, which hike would you recommend? Thanks for the story, the pictures are beautiful. Peace and Love, Rosie
2nd December 2009

4 Page!
I went in for a quick peak but couldn't stop... they all bring back such fantastic memories! I never noticed the reticulation on the face of the female hogfish-- she'll be a male soon with that yellow cheek stripe. Where's the sea lion balls?
29th October 2009

nice photos
thanks for the nice photos. one can feel the beauty and the charm of the land from those. keep it up. wishes.
16th October 2009

love the bubbles the best. very clever
16th October 2009

Your art rules! Stunning!
14th October 2009

nunca dice nunca
Amigo Hippy, Thanks for reminding me what an epic 4th of July trip we had. Giant Black Sea Bass at almost every dive site. I'll think of a way to barter you a u/w set-up. You're talent mustn't miss our world underwater.
14th October 2009

Never say never
Awww... Steve... Cheer up, those are some pretty neat pictures you have put up here. Love the one of the Kelp Forest. Too bad about the camera, however you did enjoy some great dives.
14th October 2009

Lava cave E. of Mt. Shasta
Looking for a photo of a lava cave E. of Mt. Shasta. The roof has collapsed, letting in moisture and light. There is a tree growing in the bottom of the cave.
11th October 2009

Greatful of your photos
Thank you for showing such fantastic pictures of our beloved Island "Puerto Rico", I am helping a friend with a web page and would like your permission to link you to that page. Her page is about promoting the typical Puerto Rican foods she cooks in the Baltimore area. Please let me know, I will proceed with the design but hold from publication until I hear from you. Thanks again for displaying our culture so elegantly
5th October 2009

A really nice idea
Crikey, I'm spending too much time on this site! Thanks for this one. And thanks for reading my little ditty on the polar bear.
13th September 2009

Inspiring- Thanks
Great collection and well thought of, thanks Steve. So nice to wonder off into another world through these wonderful photos and blogs. You've inspired me to add my stories and photos which I have always meant to do but somehow keep putting it off.
12th September 2009

Ambrosia for the soul
Beautiful compilation of some of the most amazing pictures of food and drink. Thank You Stephen and may I have seconds please :)
9th September 2009

Food memories
I loved looking at the foods. Most look so good you can smell them! Not so sure about what looks like a pile of black beetles, though. The colourful FRUITS are amazing, can't wait to try some of them. Last year, my husband and I went on a grand tour of Europe and part of what made it special was trying all the different foods in each country. One of the highlights was eating Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest area. We are about to go to Egypt and Jordan, so there will be more delights to sample. I'll have to put some pictures up for you to see.
9th September 2009

I'll have the pig brain and guinea pig :)
9th September 2009

Thank you for this amazing work you have done. It´s really excellent. I will be waiting for the next ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Graciela.
9th September 2009

Ummmm Im Hungry!
Another fantastic adding this to my facebook page its so good! X
9th September 2009

funny how different areas are characterized by the food - America is all fried - Chinese food looks nearly raw - and Europe just seems to revolve around alcohol!!!
8th September 2009

nice photos
excerllent im moving theree in 3010
27th August 2009

nice job!
All our travel bloggers offer up some great world photos. Its nice to see some of the better ones compiled! So thank you for posting it. I love it!
26th August 2009

Awsome Collection - We invite you
Stephen, I escaped today from the tensions of the day looking through your portfolio of travel moments. As an editor and owner of an online website for couples planning their honeymoons, we struggle with a lack of staff talented and available to capture such moments and share with our couples. We are small and poor, so we are at this time unable to pay fees which would be justifiably due you for your outstanding work. Should you want at any time to share any of your photos for posting on our website,, please let me know. We would be honored to highlight you and your bio with an address for viewing. Appreciably Yours, Ron

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