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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff August 8th 2016

Geo: 51.1752, -115.573This morning, we had to be up incredibly early so that we could beat the crowds at one of the most famous and popular spots in the Rocky Mountains - Lake Louise. During high season, there are so many visitors to the beauty spot that they close the road to it at around 11am. We were fortunate to have a guide who knew this and who would enable us to view the lake in as deserted and natural a state as possible. As we drove in the semi-gloom, the mist was hanging so low that we couldn't see the mountains around us. Every now and again, it lifted, but not enough for us to make our first stop at Lake Moraine; we would be unable to see any of the beautiful scenery that surrounded ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 6th 2016

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083It was another early start to ensure that we got the most out of the incredible natural wonders of the area surrounding Jasper. We took a scenic drive through even more mountains crossing a pale blue river, the glacial dust affording it a milky sheen and then arrived at our first stop - Medicine Lake. It was beautiful with the mountains and pinky clouds reflected in it. We spent some time clambering down to the water's edge and photographing it in the changing light. When we were sure we had photographed every angle, we continued on our journey, keeping our eyes peeled for the elusive bears and wolves that can so often be seen on this route. However, it was not to be and we soon arrived at Maligne Lake, which was a huge ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 5th 2016

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083Snorers! So apparently not all of the snorers made it into the cabins...... One rogue buffalo made it into the tent area and thus a fitful night ensued. However, on the upside, we had another beautiful drive ahead of us in our way to Jasper National Park. As we drove the black road, which cut through the landscape like a giant liquorice rope, we passed by brilliant turquoise lakes, set deep within curtains of pine trees, the few deciduous trees scattered amongst them having begun to change colour to beautiful shades of burnt orange, golden brown and deep yellow. We sailed past the Rocky Mountaineer, carrying its luxury passengers through the stunning scenery, their view as impressive as ours. On and on we drove through mountain passes - the jagged tops of multicoloured rock ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 4th 2016

Geo: 51.6509, -120.035At 5.30 am, we were awoken by the sunshine filtering through the pine trees into our tent. Unzipping the door, we were greeted by glimpses of the lake, its surface reflecting the early light. As the only ones awake, Stacey and I had this paradise all to ourselves and we enjoyed ambling along the lakeshore in the pinky hues of the sunset, watching the chipmunks hopping lightly from log to rock to branch, searching for food. The water was impossibly calm, reflecting the vast scenery in its glassy surface - the early clouds illuminated by the rising sun. The mirror-effect only broken by a family of geese who sailed silently across its surface. It was pure tranquility, and we felt incredible privileged to be the only ones awake to experience such a magical morning. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 3rd 2016

Geo: 51.6509, -120.035Dawn broke on our third wedding anniversary and the rain had eased away, leaving blue skies and puffy clouds. After a hearty breakfast and a surprisingly ok sleep in our insect-infested cabin, we met our guide for the overnight canoe trip - Kevin, a self-confessed Redneck - and left the camp behind, heading out through the shade of pine forests, their dropped needles spread over the floor like a carpet, for the Clearwater River and eventually the lake of the same name. Our first stop was Dawson Falls, a short walk away from the road, through shady pathways. We heard the falls before we saw them, a great thundering roar which echoed in the silence. As we approached, we saw the beauty of the cascade of water as it tumbled down a wide horseshoe ... read more

Europe » Spain March 25th 2016

Geo: 37.3833, -5.9965We hopped onto the plane after a mad dash through Stansted Airport - we had completely underestimated the crowds that a 6am flight on Good Friday, and our flight was showing 'last call' as we cleared security. However, a thirty minute queue later, we realised we hadn't needed to have bolted quite so quickly through! Our journey took us over smooth fields of clouds, the sun reflecting blindingly off their flat surfaces, which cleared as we entered Spanish airspace, affording us incredible views over the snow-capped Pyranees.After a short train ride, we arrived at the beautiful Atocha station, with its lush gardens. We headed out of the station, just as the sun started to break through the clouds, towards a roadside taverna to grab some lunch before boarding our train. Here, we enjoyed a ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 29th 2015

Geo: -0.223151, -78.5127Reading in the gardenWalk to townMarketBusy streetsLa CompaniaLunchChildren begging at the fablesHotelTaxi to airportWarWorlds worst flight... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 28th 2015

Geo: -0.223151, -78.5127Lie inBus tourLunchEllieBarTaxiEarly night... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 27th 2015

Geo: -0.223151, -78.5127A blissful, long lie-in awaited us this morning, having agreed to meet our friends at the presidential palace at eleven o clock for one final day exploring the city for them. Tickets for tours of the palace are free and tourists merely have to show their passports to gain admission to the complex. We settled on an entry time and decided to head along to La Ronda, one of the most famous streets in Quito. We wandered through the bustling streets towards the pretty avenue, where artisans plied their trade and ornate wrought balconies hung over the cobbled street. Flowers graced the terraces while couples strolled along its shaded floor. After stopping at a chocolatier, where the more adventurous among us sampled some interesting blends of chocolate and chamomile, while the savvy stuck with ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 26th 2015

Geo: -0.223151, -78.5127The seven am start did not exactly go to plan, and by 8am, we were still sitting outside our hotel waiting for our friends to arrive in the taxi. We were called back inside by our concierge, who informed us that they would be another twenty minutes. It transpired, on their arrival, that that car that the hotel had originally booked for us was a rust bucket, complete with grumpy driver, but missing seat belts, and so they had refused to get in. A substitute driver was found - the pleasant chap who has taken us to Papallacta the previous day. Yesterday, he had been quiet but clearly today, he felt that we were old friends, and took on the role of unofficial guide. He pulled in to an incredible view point high on ... read more

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