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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Pangandaran August 9th 2017

This morning, I had arranged to meet our tour guide for an early run along the sea front. As we plodded along in the rapidly rising heat, we passed by fishermen hauling their catch in from the sea. Working in 2 teams, one to the right and one to the left, they heave ropes in synchronised pulls, as two kilometres worth of nets, set the night before, are hauled from the sea. The sun had just risen and was hovering in the sky and the waves lapped the beach as we passed. We passed the fish market, not yet open for business and small stalls just beginning to make their preparations for the day, enticing, delicious-smelling smoke rising from tiny ovens and grills. Locals waved and smiled as we passed, perhaps more used to runners here ... read more

Asia August 8th 2017

It was an early start this morning to catch the train to Pangandaran. Once again, we travelled through the city until we arrived at the train station, a lovely art deco building that would not have looked out of place in any European city, where we checked in efficiently and boarded the train, which left dead on time - something that certainly isn't the norm in the UK. Jakarta really has surpassed all of my expectations and it's a city I would be happy to visit again in the future. The train journey was wonderful! We had food service to our seats, which reclined and had more legroom than I've had before on an Emirates business class flight! There was air conditioning, a western toilet, in essence it was heaven compared to many of the trains ... read more

Asia » Indonesia August 7th 2017

The hotel we are in is about 30m away from two mosques in either direction. What ensues at 4.30am is the call to prayer. It's quite loud. And it lasted for an hour this morning. In the middle of the day, or at sundown, it can be an enchanting and bewitching sound, one which resonates with the culture and here of the environment. But at 4.30am, I'm not at my best. Anyway, that's that. I'm travelling in a predominantly Islamic country and hopefully I will soon be used to it. I imagine that church bells at 4.30am would be equally annoying! So, after managing to get back to sleep for an hour, my day properly started with an early morning run around the challenging pavements of Jakarta. At 6.30am, the streets are quite busy with people ... read more

Asia August 6th 2017

We grabbed an Uber to get us to the airport, whizzing through the Sunday traffic, a far cry from the gridlock we had experienced on the way in! The airport was a breeze and we were soon aboard our Air Asia flight to Jakarta, which passed without incident. Soon, we descended into Jakarta where we took a taxi to the hotel. So far, so good. We did not have high hopes for Jakarta. In fact, we saw it as a place to be dreaded - a place we expected to be choked with fumes, full of speeding cars, dirty, unkempt and well, like Delhi! We had been rather irritated to find out that we would have to spend 2 nights there due to our tour giving us a full day tour of the city on day ... read more

Asia » Thailand August 5th 2017

It was a very early start this morning. We had to be at River City by 6.30am. However, this was no problem after 26 hours of travelling, crossing however many timezones and losing a night as we raced the sunrise as we flew over Europe. A short taxi ride later and we arrived at Co Van Kessel, the Dutch cycling company. As I have mentioned, we have already been to Bangkok 4 times as a couple and I've been a further 5 times. We've seen all of the "must-see" tourist attractions, and now we were looking for something new and different. Cue a backstreets cycling tour, promising to show participants the "real, unseen Bangkok" perfect! And indeed it was. We were each given a Dutch bike, complete with ridiculously high handlebars, and off we went, following ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 4th 2017

Our wedding anniversary started fairly averagely - we opened our cards, ate breakfast together and them, oh yeah, packed our MASSIVE backpacks ready to leave for our epic adventure to Indonesia - 25 days door to door travelling through Java and Bali. We were very excited as we boarded the train to Heathrow. The night before, I had jokingly suggested that we should take a bottle of champagne on the train to celebrate our anniversary in style. We needn't have worried. 2 men sitting opposite us had bought 2 bottles to drink on their way to a booze "business" meeting. On chatting to us and sharing their first bottle, they discovered it was our anniversary. Congratulations ensued before the second bottle was passed our way with their best wishes. The kindness of strangers never fails to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Girton August 2nd 2017

So. The out of office is on, the packing is complete and we are ready to go in the morning!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 21st 2016

Geo: 60.775, -148.683Today was a sea-day so nothing too exciting happened.....We won two quizzes, having met two Canadians who joined us and made us a forece to reckon with, and I won the spa raffle of $150 credit!We met the people on our table and enjoyed another great show. It was meant to be a relaxing day but we were charging from one place to another on the ship and taking part in all of the activities!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 20th 2016

Geo: 60.775, -148.683Today, we were due to board our cruise ship, an hour out of Anchorage in Whittier. However, being us, we decided to make a day of it and so caught a transfer to the port via a few scenic viewpoints. After our amazing breakfast provided by our host - fried pork steaks, roasted potatoes, curried apples and then masterful cinnamon pumpkin muffins, we made our way to or transport meeting place. When we boarded the coach, everyone was sat on the right hand side. We asked if that was for any reason and were assured that it was just coincidence, so we sat on the left. Big mistake. Big. Huge! Every turn in the road reveled gorgeous scenery. On the right. None of it was on the left!!!Our first stop, after the humdrum scenery ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage August 19th 2016

Geo: 61.2176, -149.858After a final wander around Denali village to buy that all-important magnet, we headed back to the train station where we were met with some of our first real proper rain of the trip. However, it had that tropical quality to it, and we could tell it would soon dry up. It did, and once we boarded the train, we were in much sunnier territory with blue sky peeking through the clouds and allowing us good views of the scenery as it whizzed by.The scenery was the same as on the outbound journey (see The 'Terrific Train Travel' entry) - vast plains, huge mountains and rushing rivers. Steep sided gorges dropped off below the tracks and we searched Bain,y for more wildlife as the train thundered on. However, the seating was not. Our carriage ... read more

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