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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Canterbury July 29th 2010

I've made a Blurb book from my travels over 2009 and 2010. It's called 'The Beautiful South' as I noticed I ended up going to the southern parts of three continents - Balkans, southern Africa, the southern cone of the Americas. As you can't put the Blurb preview code on travelblog, check out my new travel website I've made using Weebly: On the website there's: - previews of all my travel Blurb books - videos of the Vodkatrain Trans-Mongolian Express, Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and an adrenaline activity compilation - bungee jump at Vic Falls, skydive at Swakopmund and ice climbing in Patagonia - some travel writing... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 15th 2010

Si quieren ver fiesta, vengan a La 12 Porque esta es la hinchada mas loca que hay Con bombo y trompeta, todas sus banderas todos Los Borrachos se quieren matar. Vamos los Xeneizes, vamos a ganar Esta es tu hinchada que te va a alentar Vamos los Xeneizes, no podes perder Porque a Los Barrachos los vamos a correr If you want to see real celebration, come to see La 12 (Boca supporters) Because it is the only and craziest supporter group of all With flags and bass-drums and trumpets All of the Borrachos (River Plate supporters) want to kill themselves Come on the Xeneizes (Boca players/supporters) we are going to win These are your fans that cheer you up Come on the Xeneizes you can't lose Because we are going to chase Los Borrachos This ... read more
Colourful La Boca
The Perons in La Boca
Outside La Bombonera

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park February 9th 2010

You might expect the "special" bus service from San Pedro, Chile to Salta, Argentina, at almost three times the price of the standard service, would be a fairly luxurious journey. You'd be wrong. We travelled in a battered old minivan, myself and seven other Europeans similarly trapped by the lack of cross border bus services. The Chilean border post was just outside San Pedro, after which we climbed slowly and steadily up to 4,200m through the Paso de Jama. We eventually arrived at the Argentine border post, but here our journey came to a halt. We spent about 2.5 hours waiting for permission to cross - the driver claimed it was because the border guards were accepting bribes from others which he refused to give, we suspected he hadn't got his papers in order. Either way ... read more
Iglesia San Francisco, Salta
Iglesia Catedral, Salta
Che's birthplace, Rosario

Crossing the Andes Having loved Patagonian Chile so much, I decided to return to the country to explore the central and northern regions. In retrospect this logic was flawed as the south is so different to the rest of the country. Where the south had wonderful landscapes and great beers, the north has uninspiring towns and cities and Crystal/Escudo drinking hordes. Nevertheless the trip started well with the lake and road trip across the Andes. This is how Che and Alberto crossed into Chile in The Motorcycle Diaries although the beautiful isolation of that scene was tempered by the hordes of tourists on my trip. We drove from Bariloche to Puerto Pañuelo, bordering the Nahuel Huapi Lake where we boarded the Victoria Andina catamaran to sail along the lake to Puerto Blest. The sun shone through ... read more
Saltos de Petrohue and Osorno Volcano
Osorno Volcano and Lake Llanquihue
Statue of Allende in Santiago

From El Chalten it was a long two day drive to Bariloche on the legendary Route 40 which runs north to south through most of western Argentina. Despite being the main road which connects Patagonia with the north of the country, it's only partially paved with long stretches of dusty dirt road. This makes for a slow and bumpy ride on the truck but it's great to travel for hours through the wilderness of the Patagonian steppe, almost never seeing another vehicle - just the occasional guanaco or rhea and the enormous Patagonian sky overhead. Some argue that the ongoing paving of the road is destroying its mystique and romance but after long stretches of dirt road you can appreciate the value of progress. The only disappointment of the trip was that we didn't find any ... read more
Rio Pinturas Canyon
Hands up
Truck stop on Rita 40

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 15th 2010

The next few days were spent in and around Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site and the pearl of Argentine Patagonia, a spectacular region of mountain peaks, lakes and glaciers. We drove from Puerto Natales to El Calafate, staying at the Hostel del Glacier Libertador. El Calafate was originally founded to set up an Argentine presence in a region disputed with Chile but recently has developed as a tourist hub, primarily to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier. The next day we went on a day trip to visit the glacier, one of the few in the world that's still expanding. The glaciers here are formed when clouds from the Pacific rise when encountering the Andes, dropping huge quantities of snow which over time compresses to form glaciers that carve valleys down to the ... read more
Perito Moreno 2
El Chaten
Trekking near Fitzroy

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 11th 2010

We spent the weekend at Torres del Paine National Park and what a weekend it was. All the superlatives you can muster don't do justice to Torres del Paine - a stunning setting with snow-capped granite peaks, lakes, rivers, glaciers and mountain valleys. On Friday we drove from Punta Arenas to the National Park via Puerto Natales and arrived there for a truck lunch near Lago Grey Hotel. Then it was off on a boat tour on Lago Grey to see the Grey Glacier at its northern end. It took an age to get there but was well worth it when we did - the sheer size of the glacier along with the sculpted, blue-tinged edge was spectacular. While the boat was wandering along the glacier's edge, we were served with pisco sour (a local drink) ... read more
Approaching Grey Glacier
The TorresMirador with the peaks in the background
Francis valley glacier

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia January 8th 2010

My 4 flight/7 airport trip from Cork to Ushuaia always had the potential for problems but I didn't think it would be the very first leg that caused them. The Aer Lingus flight to Heathrow was delayed by four hours so I missed the onward flights to Madrid and Buenos Aires and had to rebook everything for the next day. I ended up flying Air France via Paris (not an impressive airline) and had to fly business class on Aerorlineas Argentinas south to Ushuaia. I eventually arrived at about nine on New Year's Eve and met up with Terry at the La Posta hostel. I always like the idea of getting away from all the New Years nonsense at home and going somewhere different and the city at the end of the world seemed like an ... read more
On the glacier
Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel
Ushuaia and mountains from the boat

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 11th 2009

Day 29 - Orange River Today we left Namibia behind, crossing into South Africa at the Noordoewer/Woolsdrift border crossing. We’re camping tonight at Fiddler’s Creek campsite, just 10k from the border post and on the Orange River which separates South Africa from Namibia. We arrived for lunchtime but with nothing else planned for the rest of the day (the canoeing option wasn’t popular) it’s a fairly dull day, especially as the heat hasn’t dissipated and the bar here doesn’t open till five. Can’t help but feel that the trip is ending on a whimper. Day 30 - Cedarburg Today was a longish drive down the coast towards Cape Town. We stopped briefly for money and supplies in Springbok, had our last roadside lunch (hurray) before arriving in the Cedarburg wine growing area and our campsite for ... read more
Truck arrives in Cape Town under Table Mountain
Cape Town from Table Mountain
Atop the table

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund December 2nd 2009

Days 24, 25 and 26 - Swakopmund Today we left the isolation of Spitzkoppe and travelled to the coastal town of Swakopmund where we’re spending the weekend. This is an old colonial town which retains much of its original German character. Whilst it’s a very pretty town with some great shops and restaurants, there’s something a little strange about it - it feels a little out of place in Africa. After unloading our stuff into dorms at Swakop Lodge we had an activity briefing for things to do for the weekend. Swakopmund has tried to become the Victoria Falls of the desert with loads of adrenaline activities available. The main ones are quad biking through the dunes, sandboarding (standing on a snowboard and lying on a sheet) and tandem skydiving over the desert. I had been ... read more
Boarding the plane
In flight
At the door

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