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Africa » Namibia » Fish River Canyon December 1st 2009

Day 19 - Rundu Up at 5am this morning for the long drive to Namibia. Uneventful drive and border crossing at Mohembo (country #43). We continued on to Rundu, our base for the night. It’s always a surprise when crossing borders how much the scenery and environment changes, particularly African borders which largely derive from random imperial edicts. Namibia is hot, hot, hot though (well into the 30s) and really dry, a welcome change after the past week. After stopping for money and supplies in Rundu, we went to the Sarasungu campsite just outside town, located on the Okavanga River, which is the border with Angola. Exhausted from the long, hot journey I had a few beers to cool down, a shower and an unusually disappointing meal (small piece of overcooked chicken, and boiled potato - ... read more
Namatoni campsite
Giraffe drinking in Etosha

Africa » Botswana November 21st 2009

Day 14 - Kasane Awoke today to a glorious sunrise over the campsite which reflected beautifully on the Chobe River. I decided to do the optional early morning game drive in Chobe National Park today, more for want of something to do than any great desire for another game drive. Surprisingly we saw very few elephants and unsurprisingly saw no lions. However the trip was definitely made worth it when we came across two leopards, a mother in the tree and her cub walking on the ground. Got some great pics of them and it was definitely my best leopard sighting in Africa. Not much to do for the rest of the morning or early afternoon except hang out at the campsite, update my diary and have a few beers. We popped into town to get ... read more
Mother leopard
Baby leopard 1
Baby leopard 2

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 15th 2009

Day 5 - Great Zimbabwe A mammoth day today. We got up in the pitch dark to pack the tents and truck and head north to the border at Beit Bridge on the Limpopo River. This is a very busy border crossing on the main N1 road all the way to Cairo and the main transit to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. We exited South Africa easily enough but the queue on the Zimbabwe side stretched all the way back to the bridge. The visa process didn’t take long all things considered and within 2 hours we were on the road again. The rumoured $80 fee for Irish passports didn’t materialise as I was charged $55, same as the British. Entering Zimbabwe, our first destination was the Great Zimbabwe ruins near Masinga. The road there was fairly ... read more
Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Great enclosure
Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Great enclosure 2
Elephants at Antelope Park

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo November 8th 2009

"My friends, we are a nomadic people so we cannot stay here - we must travel onwards" - Manda For the Africa trip, the blog is a journal I kept on the road on my EeePC. Day 0 - Johannesburg Have arrived in Johannesburg the day before departure. The flight on Emirates was fine but fairly uneventful, not a bad airline but nothing particularly special. Watched 500 Days of Summer (very good) and Knowing (not so much) as well as all the available Outnumbered and Big Bang Theory episodes. Dubai airport was predictably big and shiny but with all the shops and stuff to buy all I wanted was a cold beer. Eventually I tracked one down, along with Tandoori chicken, for a ridiculous airport price but well worth it. I’m booked into the Backpackers Ritz ... read more
A "Little 5" - leopard turtle
More elephants in Kruger
A rhino at sunset

Africa » Ethiopia October 24th 2009

I've made a book on with photos and commentary of my trip to Ethiopia in April. Blurb are currently having a photobook competition so I've decided to enter the book in the Travel section. The short list is determined by public vote so I need people to log on and vote for this book before November 9th. Click here to vote for Undiscovered Ethiopia. If you're not already registered with, you'll need to do so but this will only take a few seconds - you only need to input your email address, a username and password. The link above will also allow you to preview the whole book and also purchase a copy if you're interested. Book description Mention Ethiopia and inevitably the images conjured up are of drought, dese... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 1st 2009

Yikes, a quick flight 750km north to Prague and I've gone straight from summer to autumn. It was unusual to be in Prague without constant sunshine and hot weather, but the three days here have been cold and dull. Beer in the square just isn't the same when it's chilly. On top of this, most of the bridge is undergoing renovation, ruining any photographic opportunities. Nevertheless, it was great to be back in Prague and nice to be in a familiar place that you don't need to explore completely in a few days. The off-season has also kept the crowds down a little, have never seen the castle so empty. Spent the days wandering around the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Mala Strana and the riverbank, seeing familiar places and some new spots like Slav Island and ... read more
Tyn Church
The Old Town Hall
Dancing building

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 28th 2009

A 3 hour bus journey from Mostar on Friday (through more great mountain scenery) brought me to Sarajevo. Now this was a total change of pace from Mostar, a sprawling city that speads west from the old town to the communist monstrosities of the new town and beyond. The city's heart lies in Bascarsija (the Turkish quarter, still have no idea how to pronounce this) and the adjacent Ferhadija (the Austrian quarter) which lie north of the river. These are surrounded on all sides by hills covered with red-roofed houses and countless minarets from the neighbourhood mosques. It was from the summit of these hills that the Serbs wrought so much carnage during the three year siege. Bascarsija is characterised by a maze of cobbled alleyways and courtyards, filled with jewellery and antique shops, cafes and ... read more
View from Haris Hostel
Red Bull ice-cream

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar September 24th 2009

Oh, wow...... Caught the early morning bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar. The scenery along the journey was great, first up along the Dalmation coast (going in and out of the Bosnian coastal enclave in Nuem) before turning inland over the border again to the mountains of Bosnia. We arrived in the valley of Mostar, checked into the hostel near the bus station before heading into town. There's just one main attraction in Mostar - the Old Bridge (or Stari Most) from which the town derives its name. With features like this, there's always the possibility that they've been over-hyped so much that they end up being underwhelming. Not this time. Walking my way down the main commercial street and into the cobbled streets of the old town, suddenly the bridge presents itself. Stunning. Words can't describe ... read more
Stari Most (2)
Stari Most (3)
Stari Most (4)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 22nd 2009

Byron's Pearl of the Adriatic has a hefty reputation to live up to but does so instantly as soon as you step through Pile Gate and gaze down the Stadun at the Clock Tower at the far end. Perfect marble covered steets, uniform buildings on either side, side-streets and alleyways at every turn and endless bars and restaurants spilling out onto the pedestrianised town. If the perfect old European city had to be designed from scratch, it would probably look a lot like Dubrovnik. I had originally intended to start my last trip here but instead opted for Venice and there are a lot of similarities between the two old city states at either end of the Adriatic (just swap water for marble). Both impossibly attractive, great to wander around but inevitably hugely popular. Arrived fairly ... read more
Dubrovnik rooftops
Stradun side streets
City Walls

North America » Mexico February 11th 2009

Crossing the US-Mexico border at Tijuana is a truly bizarre experience. San Diego to the north and Tijuana to the south effectively form one huge urban area but the border is centreplace to several major political issues facing both countries. The crossing into the US is one of the most stringent in the world, in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and halt the trafficking of narcotics. In contrast, when I arrived at the border on the trolley from San Diego city centre, I simply walked through and before I knew it I had entered Mexico without encountering a single customs official or border guard, US or Mexican. The ease of passage allows Americans to use Tijuana as a party town for college students (escaping the strict American drinking laws) and to purchase ... read more
El Chepe heads into the mountains
Urique Canyon, Divisadero
El Chepe's route through Sierra Madre mountains

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