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30th March 2011
Giant elephant carries a boat on his back!

elephant carrying people
Huge giant elephant
27th August 2010

ice climbing
ice climbing is not an easy job.... one has to be perfect in techniques...... thanks for such a great blog...... great images... great temprament......
25th January 2010

Great photos
Just returned from a cruise and saw some of the same wonderful views but with more clouds. Loved the penguins. Thanks for the mountain pictures.
22nd January 2010

Hi Cathy, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to South Africa, it's a great country (aside from a bit of bother i had in Joburg). It was quite bizarre to run into Mike and Des at the end of the world, and the fact that I had been travelling with Des's brother without realising it! It sure is a small world. Roddy
20th January 2010

We stayed on Long Street when we were there Roddy. Just loved the place. How fantastic was it that you ran into Mike and Des in South America? That is wild.
30th December 2009

This time last year
It's exactly this time last year that I was in South Africa (with Kruger for New Years) with Mike and Des. What an amazing experience. I've doing a mental revisit the last few days so I'm delighted to be able to journey with you in this manner! Before and after Kruger we stayed in Cape Town, which was wonderful.
15th November 2009

I wanted to vote but today is Nov 16., sorry.
9th October 2009

Hi Roddy!
So you went to the Balkans after all - am surprised you didn't try to jump off the bridge at Mostar Apart from being surpised at how green and lush Bosnia was, what I remember most about the coach trip from Mostar to Sarajevo is passing by lots of little villages with just a few inhabited houses or buildings, but every one of them had huge cemeteries. Poignant. We went to a little Bosnian restaurant in Sarajevo which served fantastic food and apple strudel, then overdosed on sweets - bakhlava, turkish delight etc. Didn't Sarajevo feel like a Morrocan souk?
8th October 2009

The New World!
Great stuff Roddy. But me and Jacki are off to do Manhattan this weekend.
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8th October 2009

I agree, Sarajevo is a must see sight in Europe. In fact, it's in the top 5 places I've visited. Interestingly, the yellow bastion you mention sounds a lot like the white garrison that we climbed to. Whatever, it does give a fantastiv panoramic view across the city.
5th October 2009

Hey Roddy - when did you disappear off again? What's the itinery this time... Chris.
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20th February 2008

Done that!
Roddy, a gang of us went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras about 11 years ago. It was amazing. Sodom and Gomorrath for sure! I kept waiting for the sky to open and the smiting to begin - maybe it's just the Irish catholic in me! Can't beat a steaming hot bowl of jambalaya though.
17th August 2007

What an incredible experience! You'll cherish those days for the rest of your life.
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17th August 2007

So jealous!
Hi Roddy! Auds here (1st cousin). Can't even tell you how fantastic your trip looks, let alone actually doing it. Humongously jealous with equal parts admiration. Have a fantastic time and can't wait to see more photos and hear what's going on. Auds
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15th August 2007

Sounds Amazing!
Hey Roddy, Rita gave Dad the details for TravelBlog and I am thrilled to be able to do a bit of armchair traveling with you. What an experience. I'm so glad that you made the choice to embark on this adventure. You only live once, right! I'm already looking forward to your next entry. Best wishes, Cathy
From Blog: Zoo Taiping
20th July 2007

amazing experience
that's a amazing experience , so close to the panda, how cute they're ~
From Blog: Pandas!!!!
17th June 2007

Ah yes, spot on about Praha, doesn't disappoint... you should get yourself some language skills and a sense of direction and consider a career as a tourist guide there... or, better still, paparazzo...
From Blog: Zlata Praha

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