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Roberto Campoli

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Black Sun

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@eez my friend! Thankyou for lookseeing my page & for being here to read this. So.... a bit about me.... Well.... I'm a musician and i'm currently studying a music degree. I'm currently in a band christened 'Black Sun'. I like playing about with people's minds, making them wonder why and make them wonder what's coming next! I find it exciting and different. I have my views on life and the world itself, what it's becoming and my opinions on the reasons why and things. Don't get me started on that though just yet. I've swam with lots of different types of music in my past. I don't really wanna explain my whole life to you bcoz that wud take too long and it wud be too much starin on your eyes. @ the minute i play and record my own music. My music has a variety of influences which could go on forever if i list every song i've ever listened to, so i'll let you be the decider when you get the chance to listen to it on myspace. Pointless me telling you bcoz then if you don't like the influences, you won't listen will you? cHeEkY mOnKeYs! I'm gonna leev you now so you can get back to your world where ever, whoever, however, whenever and whatever that may be.

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais July 15th 2009

we got to calais on time this time and had to ask passport control where to park our rent car it tok us about 3days to empty the car of all our gear then we went to check the europecar desk was closed but there was a notice that read, if the desk was closed to leave the car keys in the letterbox, which was below we checked in just after a man who was in a similar situation to us apart from he had been without his motorbike for a day. i remembered i had my knife in the back pocket of the jeans i was wearing so just before luggage control i opened my suitcase and put it in the middle in between my clothes. security found it straight away.ha. i explained to them ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 14th 2009

today we drove from 10am til 10pm, well i did whilst everyone had their kip! we paid about €1,000,000,000,000 for tolls, seen some 38lane roads, looked at a sign that read 'le hot dog', laughed at a baby then finally arrived in paris ross likes to fart in front of strangers we got to paris but their was nowhere to park outside of the hotel so we parked at some traffic lights and checked in.ha the hotel didn't look that good when we first went in. they had the smallest toilet near the reception area that i've ever seen the spiral staircase looked canny good like. when we got in our room it was class. the only way i can describe it is proper french we were told to park the car on the white lines ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 12th 2009

today we got up in the hotel in benidorm and we were dying to stay another night, especially as the hotel was booked til tomoro, but we had to leave if we were gonna catch this ferry we set off for barcelona. we didn't know much about the hotel apart from it was high and t had a pool when we got their babs could only seem to find the street but not the number. we looked for ages but the hotel ibis wasn't on the street. we ended up asking some police who told us to follow them and they would take us to the hotel. in the end they took us back to the street where we were before but the hotel was just off that street next to some basket ball courts and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Benidorm July 10th 2009

just in the wildwildwest service station having a poo. ross is next door having a wank and someone is outside enjoying the smell of our poo.ha my arse is drying up now so ta ta! that night we eventually found the hotel in altea which was called capnegret taylor had booked a flight home for the next day because he ran out of money. i propper wanted him to stay and i offered to lend him the money but he wouldn't stay. we stayed up a bit that night seeing as though it was his last night --------------------------------------------------------------------- the next day we got up in the afternoon and went down to the pool. it was canny nice and the beach was literally 5steps down from the pool. it was all stones i know ross but it ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga July 9th 2009

today we finally drove to malaga. the place we've all been waiting for seeing as tho its party town....well we think it is we got their and parked the car underground then went for a €5 pizza then we went to the beach and played on the swings, talked to a man with a weird hand and watched a man who could play the violin absolutely class! so class he wanted money! then we went to look for hotel carlos v we eventually found it after looking at loads of hotels and hostels with cockroaches in them it was alright, well our view was anyway, the other room had a very white view!ha unfortunately we'd made a mistake and thought we were in malia which is a party town whereas malaga, where we were, had only ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Roque July 8th 2009

today was quite a hectic day. we stayed at the campsite last night and i think we're planning on staying here another night until things are sorted with my insurance they decided to pick me up from the campsite with a taxi and take me to a europecar in la linea, just outside of gibraltar, to rent a car, which they told me was going to be a big car to replace the camper van....however they gave me a peugeot 307! wtf me and taylor went through hell and back finding every single rent a car place in the area on fuckin foot....but we had no look. In the end my insurance told us to take the peugeot for the meantime until they find us a bigger car. at least it had aircon, also had cruise ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz July 5th 2009

today we woke up in seville. it was canny hot like. then we got ready and went into the centre to find a burger king with aircon we found a bullring and decided not to pay €6 for a tour i had a headache all day we had some food and i fell asleep in burger king.ha we finally went god....what the fuck!!!!????$$€€....we couldn't breath! we looked about for as long as we could stand then we just had to leave before we died or summit! we set off for the secret place called cadiz or cathith.ha we got to cadiz and parked right on the beach. even got a parking fine to prove it, hope we don't get towed away as we're sleeping here as well. we've been out for some baileys, strongbow, pool ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville July 4th 2009

we got to estoi and it was canny hot like standing next to the palace we had a poo in the palace.ha....then set off for seville (apparently the hottest place in spain) we've already been warned not to go to seville by a couple of people because you can't breath....hopefully it won't be too bad when we wake up in seville well we're here and its a bit of a sketchy place at first glance....loads of tramps, prostitutes and even pimps! we've parked up now on a street full of people drinking outside their cars. canny bit of noise but i don't know what's happening behind these curtains. all i know is NINE police cars just drove past with their sirens off but their lights on in a row. hopefully we'll make it til the mornin ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Quarteira July 3rd 2009

today we drove to faro with the intention of going out on rua da oura. we stopped to talk to some police and they said that street was in fuckin lisbon! wtf! they warned us to leave faro as we would get mugged. they said tonight is friday night and tomoro is saturday night and they have to kick ass every weekend.ha he told us to go to vilamoura where we would find irish bars. we decided to do that but ended up on some beach called quarteira. we stayed there and got up and went straight on the beach....danilo and taylor got buried....philippa found the biggest shells ever! stayed there the next day then drove to estoi on the afternoon... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Sintra July 2nd 2009

today we went to sintra. parked illegally as usual outside the town hall. we walked everywhere to find a cash machine and eventually found the biggest one ever! card was blocked so had to ring up and kick off! had some steak and a good egg. everyone got the same! we had a few games of pool with ronaldo, tried one of his chocolate cigarettes, checked our facebook then headed for almada we crossed the 2nd famous bridge in portugal and saw jesus on the other side. we drove up to him but we were about 45mins too late as it had closed at 6pm we then decided to drive to lisboa! what a lovely place lisbon turned out to be....tramps everywhere and dodgy mofo's.... tuna sarny is €8.50 toasty €3 €3 a can ....thats not ... read more

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