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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura March 17th 2006

On or way back to Picton we stayed a night in Kaikoura. This is the whale-watching capital of New Zealand. Altough the sparkeling sea mocked us for some time with fluke-like images far of in the distance, we didn't see a whale. So made some other stupid tourist stare out to the water by telling them where we had just seen the whale and left for the penguin- and seal-colony. Those animals are more reliable and usually can be expected to be there. Some tourists around the seals acted pretty annoying. They tried to pull at a sleeping seal's tail until he was awake, angry and nearly bit them. The seal should have chased them right into the water...... read more
Lazy Seal
Wet Seal
School of Dolphins

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 16th 2006

Christchurch is one of the oldest cities in New Zealand. Old means from the mid 19th century. Some buildings, the cathedral and the university mainly, have been build in an old-englisch style. But if you imagine Christchurch like one of those beautiful small towns in England, like Oxford, Stratford, Exeter, Cambridge, Canterbury, etc. then you are wrong. The university buildings are quite nice but otherwise it's a pretty modern city with little old charm. An interesting fact for physicists is that Ernest Rutherford studied here for some time. Since he had a couple of disagreements with the local university folks of his time he got his laboratory assigned in a small room under a stairway. This room can still be visited today, it's knows as "Rutherfords Den". But in later years when he made his famous ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Moeraki March 15th 2006

It was my special wish to go and see Mouraki Boulders. It was about the only place in New Zealand I knew about before I came here. I had seen a picture in a calendar showing "Dream Horizons". And I wanted to take pictures myself. Unfortunately the Weather was not to good, but we still enjoyed this accumulation of huge stone marbles.... read more
Shell and Boulder
Further to the Sea
Breaking the Eggs

We did not have time to go down the South Island west coast to see the famous glaciers and Fjordland or even Queentown were also too far away. Instead we spent more time on the east side of the Southern Alps, around Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki, and Mt. Cook. The weather was as good as it can be. We had great views across the turquise green water of Lake Pukaki, a beautiful sunset, and a clear and sunny visit to New Zealands highest mountains, Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman. We had a really good times those days. Always in the nature under open sky, coming before the first tourists come, staying longer than anybody else, enjoying sunsets made only for us. And not to forget all the nice camping dinners with red wine and lots of ... read more
Sir Edmund Hillary
Church of the Good Shepherd
Lake Pukaki

Waking up in the nice hostel in Greymouth we had a good breakfast and started making a plan for the day. Not a usual day, it was Ira's birthday. In the morning we biked to the harbour mole to watch the dolphins in the surf. Later we left Greymouth for the scenic drive across Arthurs Pass. Here we got our first impression of the Souther Alps and did a quite special cave trip. A few kilometers after Arthurs Pass a car park and a sign-board were the only hint that some activity could be done here. The road had been winding along a small stream for some time and here this stream went underground. On the sign-board it said that one can take a flashlight (or better two for savety reasons) and hike up from the ... read more
The Entrace...
Cave Inhabitant
The Cave Stream

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Greymouth March 12th 2006

With all the wild camping and hiking once in a while we were looking for indoor accomodation with showers. In Greymouth we got a lot more than this! Run as a Backpackers by a local couple Global Village is a place of great atmosphere. When we arrived and steped into the lobby we felt like being in someones living room. A nice fire was crackling in the fireplace, gentle music was playing in the background, and people sat on comfortable sofas reading or chating. We we got to see our room we could hardly belive it. It was completely in african style decor with pictures, wood carvings, and other affectionately chosen interior and accessories. It was easily the nicest room I had during my whole journey! And everything else was just perfect, too. Let alone the ... read more
Suspension Bridge
Waterfall Into the Gorge

Abel Tasman National Park is a stretch of beautiful coastline near the north-west end of South Island. To really appreciate it you can do a four or five day hiking tour along all its bays. But with time limited we stayed a night near Totaranui Bay, did a days hike toward a view point, and stayed another night. During the hike we saw several wonderful coves, many animals, including strange birds (I felt a bit like in the world of "Riven: Sequel to Myst", for those who enjoyed this computer game) and seals. We also found out how the locals enjoy a trip to this paradise. We met a whole lot of them on the beach. Most of them were pretty drunk since they had arrived by motor boat instead of walking and brought lots of ... read more
Totaranui Bay
No Penguin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson March 9th 2006

On the way to Abel Tasman National Park we came across some nice places in Nelson Bay. One night we camped next to a beach. In the morning we discovered all kinds of wounderful subjects in the sunrise.... read more
Nelson Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton March 8th 2006

Three weeks on New Zealand is not much. So we gave back or little car in Wellington, got the ferry to the South Island, to Picton and picked up a new car over there. This deal with the rental company allowed us to save the fee for the car on the ferry. The crossing was good, a long trip through the sounds at the north coast of South Island. Picton is a pretty small fishing harbour, which just gets tourists because of the ferry connection.... read more
Ufos above Picton

The two hobbits had a rather fruitless attempt on reaching Mount Doom this time. Sauron sent all the bad weather he could provoke, the clouds, the rain, and the wind had us turn back at the famous Tongariro Crossing. We felt a little bit 'doomed' and we were happy to get back to dry area afterwards...... read more

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