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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 27th 2005

I returned once more to Istanbul to collect my Iranian visa. And I got it! Exactly one week after I applied, I walked out of the Iranian consulate, smiling at the door guard who knew me already... It is not bad to return to Istanbul. It is a very charming city, especially in Sultanahmed. I went to the same hostel again, this time asking for a place on the roof terrace (half price). You have fresh air there, a bunch of travelers around you, and only the stars above you. If it doesn't rain! Two hours after I arrived it started raining very heavily. The roof terrace was flooded 10 cm with water and my raincover for the backpack proved to be usefull for the first time. But in the night the water was gone again ... read more
Bosphorus Bridge

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk August 25th 2005

While waiting for the Iranian visa, I visited the small town of Selcuk in west Turkey. It is better known for its nearest archeological sight, Ephesus. I visited Ephesus for one day, but I also experienced Selcuk itself to be a nice place. In Selcuk I also had the possibility to upload some pictures from all the recent places I have been. I will also try to extend the correspondıng blogs a bit. But first about Selcuk. It is about a 10h busride away from Istanbul. It's not situated directly at the coast but some kilometers from the sea between many hills. The hills are partly covered by pine forest, especially at the coast and around Selcuk the lowlands have many peach and tomato plantations. Ephesus is about 2.5 km away from Selcuk, and you can ... read more
Theater and Road to Ancient Harbour

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 20th 2005

I've been in Istanbul for some days now. Today I have somewhat more time to write about what I'm doing, and what's going on. There have been complaints already that I only write short entries to this diary ;-) It's sometimes not so easy to have enough time, to find a good place, and to know what to write. If some strange ı instead of the usual i appears, sorry, it's because of the turkish keyboard. So after a real good time in Budapest, with good weather, some nice sight seeing, Sziget with friends, I at first felt a bit lonely in Istanbul. It's quite different here compared to Europe already. Also some major problems occured concerning the visa for Iran and Pakistan. I could now finally apply for a visa to Iran, but I have ... read more
European Istanbul

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 17th 2005

Four hours later than expected I arrived in Istanbul. It's very nice here, a real change also compare to Budapest. No more churches but only mosques with minaretts. And the imam is singing very early and many times a day to call for the prayer. Organisatıon oi an Iranian visa seems quite difficult, but I will try. ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria August 16th 2005

When I look out of the window of the train I can only see fields and gras land. Once I saw a couple of charburners, looked really like from the middle ages.... read more

Europe » Romania August 15th 2005

Today I'm on the train to Istanbul, passing through Rumania and Bulgaria. I have lots of food, a nice bed, and will hopefully arrive relaxed and well fed in Istanbul on Wednesday morning.... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 13th 2005

I'm now in Budapest, living at the home of Peter's (friend of mine, living in Marburg) father. Today, I want to visit Sziget festival with some friends.... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Taizé August 3rd 2005

Before heading east I went to Taizé in France. Here I lived at the local monastry with many other young people. If you like to know more, have a look at, their website. I chose to vivist Taizé for a week to calm down a bit after the busy time at the end of my studies. To get to Taizé I hitchhiked from Heidelberg. The most difficult part was the walk from Heidelbergs nearest bus stop "Heidelberg Bruchhäuser Hof" to the roadhouse. Afterwards all went really well. I had loots of fun, especially in France the people were very helpful. I got a ride from four oboe musicans in their glaring red bus... In Taizé I was welcomed warmly, and introduced to the daily live at the monastry. At the time I was visiting about ... read more
Church Service
Lunch Time
The Cross

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg August 1st 2005

Today I left Marburg. After a short stop in Limburg to leave some stuff I didn't want to take I went to visit Denis in Heidelberg. I did so spontaneously and it was realnice with Denis and and his friends. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Marburg July 29th 2005

But ready to leave. My recently completed diploma thesis I just handed in. My room looks empty, the furniture has been moved to my parents house. My bag is packed. The decision waht to take for the journey wasn't always easy. And the first overland destination is set as Istanbul. Today is my good-bye party. What a sad reason to celebrate... but nice to see everybody once more!... read more

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