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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 8th 2009

Oh our aching heads! Our night drinking with the Irish newly weds in Bled certainly helped us kill a lot of brain cells! When will I ever learn not to mix my drinks - an aching head, eyes that did not want to open and a mouth that tasted like the bottom of a budgie cage. If we had not already booked an apartment in Ljubljana then we would have extended our stay in Bled. We packed up and did our best to drive to the Slovenian capital - it was not fun! We found our way to the apartment building and got completely lost in the under ground car park. Slovenian signs can be a bit hard to fathom when your brain is not working! We were so thankful to finally get ourselves in the ... read more
Such great dragons!
Ljubljana markets
Ljubljana castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 7th 2009

I made a note in my pocket book "Slovenians = very friendly people!!!" ... I made that note because we had come across so many open, friendly, happy and helpful people in our short time in Slovenia ... we really got the impression that they lived up to the countries tourism slogan "I feel sLOVEnia" ... the countries best advertisement is their people ... sure the scenery is breathtaking ... the people really made it so much better ... in a shop, a bar, in the street, they were just very friendly and helpful to us - thank you so much!!! Bled is just incredible "Gasp, ohh ahh, wow, that is just so lovely, amazing and beautiful" - some of the many reactions we had to scenery around Bled. Vintgar Gorje was also well worth a ... read more
more food & wine

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor June 3rd 2009

We arrived in Slovenia via train from Graz. While there is no border crossing as both Austria and Slovenia are members of the EU, there was one thing we noticed immediately - the change of language! Suddenly we noticed that we had no idea of what people were saying or what the simplest of signs meant. When we arrived at Maribor railway station I had to give in to a call of nature and found myself standing at two doors, one labeled "Zenski" and the other "Moski" - luckily I could understand the pictures below the names! From that moment on Lorenza and I suddenly invented a whole new language between us, with every word ending in "ski" - for example "do you want a drinkski?" or "do you want to take a walkski" and to ... read more
Church in the mountains
view from aprtment at Limbus
Oldest living vine - Maribor

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz June 1st 2009

Until now I do not think we had found our holiday spirit - our minds were still whizzing and whirring to the beat of the working week I think. In Graz we started to unwind and change our thinking a bit. We stayed at the Hotel Daniel, near the railway and tram interchange. The hotel was a funky looking place, modern and cheerful. The surrounding area was interesting, almost next door was the 24 hour, non stop sex show and numerous bars on the way to the tram/rail station. Aside from a few drunks, and some street people, it was ok. Graz has a long history and is the capital of Styria. Also, it is the home of a building that looks very much like a bodily organ (perhaps a set of lungs), it is also ... read more
we like doors
old bakery - old town Graz
Old town Graz

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna May 29th 2009

Air Berlin (Niki Air) took us to Vienna, it was a bargain fare on an airline who has a housefly as it's mascot. At one stage we thought the pilot was going to drive us to Vienna instead of flying, we seemed to spend ages travelling to the runway for take off. we laughed at the vision of being driven via the autobahns to Vienna. Our Viennese taxi driver was as informative as the one in Singapore. I want to have positive experiences with taxi drivers, seeing I was once a taxi driver myself. Plus, on a trip to Bangkok we had a shocker of a taxi experience so we think we deserve a lot of happy experiences from that time on. This guy was originally from Turkey and proudly pointed out to us when we ... read more
Saigon Beer & Pho in Vienna
Vienna apartment
view from apartment

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt May 28th 2009

We arrived in Frankfurt at about 6am, it was overcast and cool. Everyone told us that the weather had been so warm, up until today! We managed to find our way to the airport railway station, onto a city bound train and to our hotel near the main station without much hassle. We did wonder who designed Frankfurt airport, because there seemed to be endless escalators and different levels to traverse, a bit of a challenge after a 12 hour flight. Our hotel had surprisingly large rooms for a European hotel in the city centre. The hotel was also very quiet considering it was so close to the main rail station. Another big plus was the fact that you can help yourself to an endless supply of coffee, fruit and pastries in the hotel foyer. Keep ... read more
Main River

Asia » Singapore May 26th 2009

Long distance air travel is a necessary evil for Australians wanting to travel anywhere (including parts of our own country). The highlights of our flight to Singapore included ... crying babies (note the plural), a young German girl who fainted before our eyes, and expert treatment for the feinted girl from the cabin crew. Our taxi driver from Changi Airport to the hotel told us, among many other things, that he was a victim of the global financial crisis and had recently lost his job in the finance industry. He did not seem bitter at all, in fact he surprised me how positive he was and seemed to accept the twists and turns of life in a very matter of fact way (perhaps a yogi?). He also knew his stuff about Singapore and gave us a ... read more
Sentosa Island Flowers
Fumigating mosquitos?
Sentosa Island Flowers

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains May 17th 2009

Most of you know that Lorenza and I grabbed an air ticket bargain - two for the price of one to Frankfurt. There were two catches to this discount ticket ... 1. We originally planned to travel in September, but had to change this to depart at the end of May, 2. We had wanted to be away for about 4 weeks, but had to extend this to almost 7 weeks as we could not get an earlier return flight on the discount ticket. So, we had to make the big sacrifice and settle for almost 7 weeks travel in the European summer rather than 4 weeks in autumn, life can be tough! Our rough plan is .... A stop over in Singapore in both directions, Germany - Frankfurt Austria - Vienna - Graz Slovenia - ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 11th 2009

“We are fortunate to be born as humans, fortunate again to have come in contact with the teachings of the Buddha and again fortunate to be able to attend this retreat” was part of my recollection of Sayadaw’s Dhamma talk on Friday night. I certainly felt fortunate that I could attend the meditation retreat from Thursday afternoon through to Saturday afternoon. I would have liked to have stayed for the full 5 days, but other things in life also demanded some attention. On Saturday there were more than 50 people in attendance. Meditating with a group of people is so different to practicing solo at home - perhaps the concentration of others helps to magnify your own? The centre has improved so much in the 12 months since it relocated to Smithfield. The female Yogis were ... read more
meditation hall
meditation hall 2
Banana Walk

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 20th 2009

Harmony Day is officially tomorrow, but we celebrated it at our work place today. The basic idea being to promote diversity, build cultural and racial harmony and have some fun! The small group I work with decided that we would grab a map of the world and put a dot on it to show where we were born, plus where our ancestors originated from before Australia. We also all prepared a dish based on the same theme to share at lunch and pinned a few photos on the wall of the places that are dear to us. Before sampling the food, we all made a short speech about our heritage, the dish that we prepared and anything else we wanted to share with each other. The little speeches and stories were like a quick trip around ... read more
Noel & me in the kitchen
Pat & Noel
Some of the food

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