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6th April 2014
The Van Erp Family

nice family pic
Just checking out other van Erps...We are in father was from Rotterdam..still have lots of family hello
22nd January 2014

For some reason I missed this blog
I didn't see this one when published. Not sure how that happened. You are rich in friends and family to have helped you through this time of loss. I'm glad it was a peaceful exit. Your father left you with an open heart and compassion for your fellow man. Supporting this nunnery is an act of kindness. Your friends are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this story.
11th December 2013
On the road to Mawlamyine

Blessings on your journey
I'm so sorry about the loss of your father; he sounded like a wonderful man. You were so blessed to have him as an example and a father. How blessed too, to have the love and support of everyone of your tour, and then to be able to give dana to those adorable children at the nunnery. How blessed they are to grow up in an atmosphere of loving-kindness. Best wishes in bidding farewell to your dad!
5th December 2013

You asked for it--down here in Arequipa, Peru, they boil frogs and make a very popular juice that is supposed to cure everything. I've passed on it as I would the Chewy Junior – Uncle Fat Fried Chicken, but that Ethnic Museum sounded great! Cheers!
30th November 2013
Don't push too hard

Golden rock, meditating with others, room with a view!
Great adventures as usual--glad you didn't have to walk up there and sleep on the ground! How wonderful that you got to share with the Burmese meditator that yes, westerners meditate too. And that view from your window was fantastic. Glad your dream came true!
30th November 2013

nice blog
its a very nice blog... as well as great pics collection... pleasure to read... thanks....
29th November 2013

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is beautiful indeed!
28th November 2013

Seeking the Golden Rock Pagoda
If you dream it, it can be done. So happy you've finally made it to a place you dreamed of going. Sounds fantastic. Very cool photos. Thanks for sharing this adventure.
29th November 2013

Thanks so much for reading our blog and commenting - we really appreciate it. Golden Rock pagoda was amazing and it was a dream come true for me - it is good that simple things in life can lift us up so much. Travel is so amazing lets hope we all never stop realising our dreams. With metta Rob & Lorenza
22nd November 2013

Wow you guys never stop amazing me, what an inspiration you both our. Love reading your blog. Should more people in the world like you guys. Take care Love Libby
21st November 2013
4 Tooth Relic Pagodas

Loving Kindness Everywhere
I always feel so happy and inspired after reading your blog. I love that you practice your Buddhism with challenges as well as being grateful for all the miracles. What an amazing experience you two are having--thanks for sharing!
16th November 2013

Are you ok?
Love the story about funding for the OK bench. How wonderful. You've had some wonderful experiences and touched lives. Here's to allowing them to build a good future for the children.
14th November 2013

Can't wait to see Burma
We really wanted to see Burma on our last trip and ran out of time and money. It looks amazing, and I love Sayadaw's comment about the five precepts, just take four of them, honesty is most important and don't try to do too much. That really encapsulates what I love about Buddhism. Thank you so much for sharing! Can't wait to see if you guys make it to Bagan. Please enjoy some fermented tea leaf salad for me!
13th November 2013
around Mandalay

Sweet and touching encounters
How great to have people to translate for you, so you could talk to many people. The young nun's and the final business owner's conversations were so touching. So glad things have changed and the latter won't be going to jail for having that conversation with you. We have so much to be grateful for.
11th November 2013
sunset on the lake

Watery meanderings
The Buddha barge and the village visits around the lake sound like perfect ways to explore! Again, how lovely to be with your friends who can take you to places tourists often miss, and "Going to sleep to the Dhamma"--it couldn't get better than that! Peace.
From Blog: Around Inle Lake
11th November 2013
sunset on the lake

Lovely, lovely photo
From Blog: Around Inle Lake
9th November 2013

Aung San Suu Kyi
Great you saw the great lady at Yangon...and will see her in Sydney. We couldn't get tickets to see her speaking at the Sydney Opera House as the website kept on crashing due to the massive interest and by the time we got back on was sold out.
7th November 2013

Me and my friend visited this wonderful country on a tour on a package which made things easier because we did not have enough time. I do hope freedom and true democracy arrives to every single corner of those lands. I know what dictatorships mean, because I live in Argentina. I hope the best for 2015 for the lovely hard working lady in Myanmar.
6th November 2013

Happy Buddha!
Since everyone loves the Buddha, I'm sure that was a great compliment! What a magical place--a newspaper named Freedom, kind people, great guides and seeing (and going to see again) one of my heroes, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Looks as if your holiday will last after your return.
6th November 2013

cultural insights
Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience. Really enjoyed reading this post, and looking forward to following the rest of your Burmese trip.
4th November 2013

The best of travel!
How wonderful to immerse yourselves in the culture by offering dana, experiencing and sharing a most meaningful part of Buddhism! Theraveda is my fave form of Buddhism--did you meet your emigrant friends in a sangha in Oz? May you and all beings be well.
5th November 2013

Hi Tara, thanks for the kind message. Yes we met our friends through a meditation centre in Sydney and also we are workmates too
3rd November 2013

Blessings to you....
What a wonderful way to share one's blessings. God bless you more!
2nd November 2013
Shwedagon evening time

We loved our time at Shwedagon
We were fortunate to get a little rain and a rainbow! This is an amazing temple and wonderful people.
2nd November 2013

Dealing with currency, a way to improve Our Mathematics?
"LobSter", I think we have improved our maths dealing with Kyat, not easy to be the millionaire in this Burma trip, we need to do a lot of conversion that was confusing during the start. Being the Banker, Lorenza had great book keeping and all I can recall was the "number of pieces" of Kyat 5000 currency she passed to our treasurer daily. Thanks everyone, my maths seems to improve after this trip, thansk for all yoru help too :)

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