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2nd November 2013

Proud Friend of the "Super Star" of the journey
I am proud to see Lorenza in Longyi (especially the purple colour one)....we took many great snapshots of yours....simply feel that I am travelling with a "Super Star" who is warmly welcomed and has attracted the crowd wherever we go. Thus, I am also surprised that Rob greeted "Minglabar" ("How are you") to most local Burmese respectfully whenever he met new friends. I think I need to improve my Burmese Language as part of OKAY team member....are you OK?
2nd November 2013

Great Fun from "OKAY" team
Thanks Rob for the recollection of incidents with Mal from this journey. Also thanks Mal for his "generosity" to share the fun, being the funniest man of this amazing journey. The team has great laugh over the boat incident, as well as the local Burmese at Inle Lake. Mal, without you, we could have missed so much thing in this journey..........thanks "OK" team!
From Blog: Mal’s Tally
20th June 2013

Great photos
We've been reading some of your blogs today. We miss hearing about your adventures. Hopefully you will blog again soon.
10th July 2013

thanks for your kind words .... hopefully we will have some travel related things to blog about soon .... Burma in October!
2nd May 2012

Good karma !
"Somebodies" have all the fun ... talking of good karma !! bb :)
25th April 2012

bargerk i mean sabatiee
great stuff
25th April 2012

Laos ...again !!
Hey Bob and Lorenza, You guys are back at Laos !! Looks like some people have all the fun in the world ... cheerios and Lord Buddha bless !! bb :)
24th April 2012

Job well done
Congratulations on successfully giving a girl and her family hope and a little security. Even though the outcome was not what the trip intended I'm sure the experience has touched everyone involved . Good job guys thanks for the update.
24th April 2012

A wonderfull job guys. Making a couple of people happy and realize there a people in the world that really care about others is making the difference we need in this (sometimes) crazy society. Great you are part of this. Love Guido
11th February 2012
The Van Erp Family

Would be interested to know if we are related. My father was Francis Alexander van Erp, from Hoensbrock in the South of Holland
Would be nice to hear from you Karen
9th February 2012

Love Vietnamese food.....
I went to Hanoi around 6 months back and since then i was looking for some place in my own town Delhi which offers great Vietnamese food.... After much trying i found a place in Delhi which offers traditional Vietnamese food. i went there and i could not believe i was in Delhi having amazing Vietnamese food....... The place is called Blue Ginger & its at Taj Palace Hotel. Must try for all Vietnamese food lovers...
11th November 2011

Wow Bali !!
Hey Friends !! Your beautiful pictures bring back so much lovely memories of magical Bali ... an island so enchanted by the entrancing web it had spun itself. I am sure you would have blessed and immersed the island and all that live on it with the Four Immeaurables as taught by Lord Buddha. So "Sadhu !!" and till we meet again somewhere, sometime, in the airport lounge or other such ... much blessings from the Dalai Lama !! bb & frens @ CAS ( Singapore )
11th November 2011

can you tell me how much you paid for the tour with the driver? I am planning my trip to Indonesia and this information is useful. Thank you. Graciela from Argentina.
12th November 2011

Tour cost
The day tour was IDR400,000 about US$45. He is a very safe & friendly driver
9th November 2011

I really like the pictures. It\'s too good .
9th November 2011

Life is beautiful having people like you!
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
8th November 2011

You guys are amazing, sitting at my desk eating my lunch crying, you are an inspiration. Thanks for encouraging me to write more letters and encourge my sponser child more.
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
7th November 2011

Great !
I could not stop reading your blog on Yensi ! This is just a gift of heart what you did and I am impressed by your obstination to get there although you had difficult times with the Flight company. Thank you to share this marvellous adventure with us :-)
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
7th November 2011

Beautiful story
A beautiful story guys! I'm one of those people who whenever I walk past the sponsorship 'recruiters' or see the ads on TV think, "yeah, one day". Thank you for the story and the nudge :-)
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
7th November 2011

Brilliant experience guys! such a wonderful and fulfilling experience to top of all those you have had travelling around. Also a emotional roller coaster in a good way! Rob think of the middle road!
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
7th November 2011

Beautiful Blog
Thanks for showing what child sponsorship can do :) Btw - the fires your house was threatened by - were they the Roleystone fires?
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
7th November 2011

The fires referred to were in NSW Blue Mountains area
From Blog: Visiting Yensi
3rd August 2011

Excellent blog
Beautifully written blog. An excellent contribution to the preservation of history within the Manning.
8th July 2011

Re: Masterchef Laos ..coming soon!!
Hi Rob and Lorenza, how are u both? Having a real holiday..again! Good on you! Looks like the food is perfect for weight watchers! Believe it or not..I've finally got the chance to escape here and 2 weeks ago have booked a flight to Saigon for 27/6. Staying for 3 weeks..flying out of Hanoi, then Singapore for 5 days..see Brother and Fam. Thanks for the link here and I'll keep an eye on you both.. Mike Whelan
4th July 2011

making me hungary........ginseng sends me funny.

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