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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi February 28th 2007

We chilled out for most of the day, knowing that things were going to get a bit busier over the next two weeks. Our 15 day tour with Intrepid Travel was to start tomorrow, so we took some time out to enjoy each others company. We were a bit apprehensive about joining in on an organised tour as we had always travelled independently in the past. We hoped and prayed that we did not get stuck with a bunch of “wankers” for the next 2 weeks. That evening we met with our tour leader and fellow travellers. One reason for deciding ... need to find rest of text! ... read more
Blue Dragon 2
Blue Dragon 3
Ho Chi Minh Complex

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi February 27th 2007

I had the worst night sleep I have ever had in my life! The traffic noise and the beeping horns did not stop all night. Our room was on the second floor, facing the street and had the added bonus of having the hotels neon sign just outside our window. When you live in the peace and quiet of the mountains it is hard to adjust to such a non-stop level of human activity outside. Things did not settle down until well after 1am. So, I woke up feeling like a wreck. Lorenza had the sense to put some ear plugs in not long after going to bed so she wondered what I was complaining about. Cyclos & Turtles We took a cyclo tour around town, stopping at various sites of interest like the Cathedral, the ... read more
Turtle Pagoda 2
Turtle Pagoda 3
Turtle Pagoda 4

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi February 26th 2007

A hot rod taxi driver took us back to Bangkok airport, his car was fitted with a sports exhaust and “duff duff” stereo. He drove fast, but safe and laughed a lot when I called him “Schumacker”. He definitely knew the fastest way to the airport. I think his car was running on Av-Gas and the Thai rap music on the stereo would make anyone drive like an F1 racer. Thai Air Asia is cheap and efficient. Their motto “now everyone can fly” was reflected in the passengers on board heading for Hanoi, everyone from western tourists to what seemed... read more
View from roof of hotel
Want fries with your BUGER

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 23rd 2007

23/2/07 - After 9 hours in economy you get a good idea of how live cattle feel getting shipped from Australia to the Middle East. The new Bangkok airport is huge and word is that it has a lot of problems, like runways cracking up - glad we only found that out after landing. Made it to our hotel about 11pm after an interesting cab ride, the driver asking us if we wanted to “go highway or not”, my response was “just take us the quickest way please”, he replied with “go highway or not Mister”. The thought crossed my mind that our cab drivers knowledge of Bangkok may have been as good as mine, so I figured “go highway” was the best bet. Our cabby seemed a happy go lucky kind of guy, he chatted ... read more
Yet another scary guy
Dragon Claws
Lots of tiles

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno June 11th 2006

Thirteen years ago, Lorenza and I booked a trip to Tasmania, a few weeks later we put a deposit on a block of land in the mountains northwest of Sydney. We toured Tasmania on our motorcycles and spent some time visiting our long time friend Mandy. At that time (1993), Mandy and Steve had just started going out together. Soon after our return from that trip we built our house. So, thirteen years later, Lorenza and I decided we had better get and see these people again. It had been too long and we had promised so many times to come and visit again. So, in thirteen years what’s changed? More wrinkles? Yes! Some grey hair? Yes! Were the four of us able to make each other laugh? Yes! Had we changed much? Not really! Well, ... read more
View from Chez Mandy & Steve
Wine Glass Bay
Mandy & Lorenza at Freycinet

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 9th 2006

Satarvo Bianco is a very rare variety of wine only produced by a single winemaker in the foothills of the mountains west of the Hawkesbury. Our 2006 vintage is now in production, read on for the rivetting details ... Cleaning & Bargaining Saturday morning, Rob was up at 6am to prepare the equipment for our white wine making. With everything washed and steralised, he then set off to meet the truck coming from South Australia with our grapes. It was scheduled to arrive at 8am, but grape picking, the weather and long distance road transport logistics delayed the grapes arrival until midday. The truck driver looked happy to finally make it after 13 hours on the road. So, Rob and his father, Peter, met the truck and the entire Farillo family who are involved in the ... read more
Fay destemming
A tough life
More destemming

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains February 5th 2006

A month or so ago, I put out the feelers to track down more contacts to get supplies of wine grapes for the coming harvest season. I have found it is not hard to get lots of advice and some good contacts from any number of wine making enthusiasts (who are mostly of Italian or Macedonian decent). So, based on the information I was given, I started making some calls and now I have a feeling my plans to “make a few bottles” is possibly growing a little beyond my expectations. "Joe the Italian", was the contact I was given to try and get some white grapes, I made one call to his mobile asking if he could get me a “few boxes” and he called back three days later asking “Ok mate the grapes are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 22nd 2006

Lorenza and I recently bottled our first vintage of Riesling. I am surprised, it tastes ok!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Rockley January 15th 2006

Lorenza and I decided to take a car trip west of the mountains, heading along the Bells Line of Road to Bathurst, via Lithgow. From Bathurst we did a quick tour of the country north of Bathurst, toward Sofala and the tiny village of Peel. We then went south to the village of Rockley. Our route took us through rolling hills and undulating grazing country, typical of the western plains district. The country is looking in great shape after some good falls of rain in the last few months. The village of Rockley is about 240km west of Sydney. Not much has changed in Rockley since the early 1900’s, it really is a snapshot of what rural life was like back in those days. Rockley is now listed as a historic village by the National Trust. ... read more
Tea Rooms in Rockley
At the back of the Museum
Weir on Peppers Creek

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Grose Vale January 8th 2006

Over the last month or so we have had a few overseas visitors drop into our place. One of the places we have taken them to in the local area is the Vale of Avoca Lookout at Grose Vale. There is a short fire trail to the lookout, which has been suffering some damage from off road vehicles, so it has now been fenced off near the lookout, where a rough parking area has now been built. Until a few years ago this spot was almost a local secret, but now there are 4WD tour buses taking folks there. The features of the area around the Vale of Avoca are dry ridge-tops, steep cliff faces and rocky outcrops, with views down into the valley of Burralow Creek, and the large boulder-ridden gorge of the Lower Grose ... read more
Grose River
More views from Vale of Avoca
Mike, Rob, Lorenza & Ha

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