Rob N Ellie

Rob N Ellie

Rob N Ellie

Dr Rob and Misses Eeeeeves embark on the first of many world wide adventures of destiny!
Will they be able to maintain a combined body mass index lower than a small country; will Ellie kill Rob for singing along to Power Ballads during the 2,400 miles of driving; will Ellie be able to drive an automatic; will Rob find an American beer worthy of his palate?
Hopefully you'll find out here, on our amazing Travel Blog Of Destiny, or possibly, Doom.

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 10th 2012

Holbrook is on the doorstep of the famous Petrified forest national park. Essentially a large expanse of desert which millions of years ago was once a floodplain/jungle littered with trees. Dead and torn up trees were washed downstream and slowely covered by sediment and volcanic ash leading to fossilisaiton. Now they are re-emerging from the desert floor and providing spectacular sights (and a horde of souvenier shops!). A little further beyond the forest park is the famous Meteor crater, the site of a long passed meteor impact. Arizonas second largest hole. We made our way into the mountain town of Flagstaff to stay for the night before tomorrows drive up to the Grand Canyon, Arizonas largest hole. Also happened to find a nice microbrewery for dinner :-)... read more
Petrified wood.
Ellie in the "forest"
Rob in the desert.

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook July 9th 2012

An earlyish start in Santa Fe included enjoying a continental breakfast (bagels and coffee) at the Silver Saddle Motel. We then took a sidetrip up to a jewelry designers studio in the hills surriunding the city. She specialised in turning tiny model people and animals into various pieces. Ellie is now the proud owner of some earings bearing swimmers being chased by a shark! In a garage on the outskirts of Santa Fe we found a "gas" station (petrol station) which amongst it's selection of groceries had hard cider (normal cider really, but americans seem to think cider is apple juice, if you want alcoholic cider you have to look for the hard stuff) as well as locally brewed Santa Fe pale ale. Then followed several hours of driving through hills, mountains and desert, through Albequerque, ... read more
Truck stop!

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 8th 2012

West of Amarillo the landscape changes dramatically. Up until now we've been driving through plains and corn fields. Suddenly out of the flatness, cliffs burst forth as you hit the continental divide. Mountains appear on the horizon and we ascend thousands of feet to the state capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe. En route we stopped at the famous Cadillac ranch, to practice our graffiti skills (legitimately), followed an original alignment (although our car couldn't do the whole stretch) and went to an auto museum, where Ellie found a restored Camero she wants to buy. Also of importance was our stop at the half way point! Fortunately this ismarked by a cafe serving awesome pies :-) Santa Fe itself is amazing. The architecture here is like something out of star wars, with all the buildings designed ... read more
We woz 'ere 2012
Please don't tell the GMC!
Half way!

North America » United States » Oklahoma July 7th 2012

So, after a night in what started as a very hot motel (the air con was initially broken, resulting in a sauna for a room, but luckily fixed!) we had a big drive ahead! We were booked into a motel in Amarillo, home of the big Texan steakhouse. Only a short couple of stops were possible today, one for the totem pole park (several giant concrete totem poles in a field) and another for the blue whale in Catoosa (a giant fibreglass whale who sits in a pond next to Route 66). We made it to Amarillo, with time to spare for a few beers (or in Ellie's case, cocktails) and a massive steak.... read more
Ellie on the whale!
Totem pole
Dinner preview!

North America » United States » Missouri July 6th 2012

Today we planned to head towards Oklahoma city. The closer we got the better as we needed to be in Amarillo the following day. However, this didn't go completely according to plan. After a morning swim in the munger moss pool (in the middle of the car park, surrounding by a chain link fence as all good motel pools are) we hit the road. With no particular hotel booked we hoped to get as much distance under our belts as possible Driving along old route 66 we came across a very random safari park. The walk around section was like something out of the olden days, animals in verly small cages, it was a bit odd. We then took the posh hire car through the safari. It was gnawed on by deer, donkeys and the odd ... read more
Chicken fried steak!
Ellie's new friend

North America » United States » Missouri » Lebanon July 5th 2012

Headed toward the river this morning to see the arch and riverboats. Unfortunately we were to late to take a boat trip, but did get time to look around the museum/visitor centre under the "Gateway to the West". Of course, it was mandatory to stop by the home of the largest brewing operation in America, the Anheuser Busch brewery, home of Bud. Then it was a mamouth drive on to our next motel, the Munger Moss, an iconic Route 66 stop. Leaving St. Louis we stopped by Ted Drews, a most amazing "frozen custard" joint. Then en route, were the famous Meramec caverns, Americas answer to Wookey hole (complete with cheeseastic light show, courtesy of a somewhat over zealous tour guide), as well as a half scale concrete Stonehenge (conveniently opposite an all you can eat ... read more
Gateway to the West
Bud brewery
Free beer!

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 4th 2012

Much to our disappointment, independence day has nothing to dwithin Will Smith or aliens! Most disappointing. We had a chance to stop for a bit of sightseeing on our way up the Mississippi to st louis today. We saw 'chain of rocks' bridge, a huge original bridge across the Mississippi now only open the walkers and cyclists it'san couple of miles in length. Needless to say we didn't walk the lot. With temperatures up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit we couldn't face it! Onwards towasaint loud Louis and our sesight sight of the day..... A giant catsup bottle. This may not sound as fantastic as it actually was but trust me when I tell you, it was very cool. Final stop was Cahokia. This is the remains of a huge city, spanning many acres. It's dominated by ... read more
Us on chain of rocks bridge.
Busch stadium
Final scoreboard

North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield July 3rd 2012

Theis town has a slight obsession with Abraham Lincoln, the bearded president with a hat. Statues abound and there is also the Lincoln presidential library museum to view, inclusive of incredibly patriotic, some may say cheesy films. Reading between the lines, he sounds like a politician, all be it a very charismatic one! Anyway, his (apparently somewhat dubious) role inabolishing slavery and uniting the nation afforded him a rather grand memorial. He now rests below several feet of concrete and according to the tour guide his embalmed body looks rather same as the day he died and will do so for at least 300 more years? Having dutifully taken in some history and culture we pressed on to Grafton, a small town on the banks of the Mississippi. Forgot to mention it was a day of ... read more
Licoln's family
Rob loves corndogs!

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 2nd 2012

Slightly better sleep! Today we awoke to a slightly hazy view of lake Michigan. However, it was a good relaxed morning enjoying the luxury of the Parlour suite. We headed out to find the start of Route 66 sign.! Fortunately it's located very near a good bar we found yesterday. So loaded with wings and beer, headed up to the John Hancock Observatory for a panoramic view. We headed onto the (free) Chicago zoo, before heading off for the beginning of what is to be, the Route 66 adventure! Finally made it to Springfield at 0100. America is big.... read more
Route 66
Route 66

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 1st 2012

Jet lag has not been kind! After waking up around 6am we decided a swim in the pool, overlooking downtown Chicago was in order, followed by a true American breakfast of coffee and doughnuts. Still completely wide awake, we set out to explore the city. We wondered in the increasing heat for a while, discovering millenium park and the huge 'silver bean' until it was time to explore on a guided tour. Segway time!!!!!! A segway is an awesome way to see the city.... Except for the stiff legs and sore feet (and sudden Twister stylee thunderstorm!). The evening was spent having a true American meal, Chicago pizza pie. My advice, eat with a knife and fork and only order a small!... read more
Storm front!

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