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20th October 2019

Welcome home!
As usual, we enjoyed your travel blog and photos very much!
16th October 2019

We missed you by a week!
So glad you sent this! Glenn and I left Lisboa on October 9th for home. We spent time in Lisbon, Porto, Evora, Coimbra--went to the library! How funny we should miss each other by such a short time. We really enjoyed our time there. Send more blogs! Hugs to the two of you. Lori
10th October 2019

Thank you
Hi Diane, Sounds like you saw some neat sights. Great pictures. Have fun!
29th October 2018

Presumably you've been to Musee Marmotten Monet? My favourite.
1st November 2018

a few times
There are so many good ones and hidden gems.
26th October 2018
sketch while eating a palmier

Sketch while eating a palmier
Awesome sketch. I captured it in my photo file - I just love it.
26th October 2018

Your comment about the security around the Eiffel Tower was correct.The first time we went the area there was no obvious security, no long line ups, just a quick elevator ride as high as you can go. Glorious view and great pictures. The next time there was construction everywhere, armed soldiers in groups and long lines. So glad we had such a great experience the first time.
From Blog: Sad Security
21st October 2018

Right shoes
It all sounds divine - and rainfree. The rain in Spain ... falls mainly on the coast this week.
From Blog: wrong shoes
23rd November 2016

Hoping to connect with Jodi et famille soon. They have not wasted a second in making their new home an active involved one. We had a lovely week @ Villa del Palmar, all inclusive resort about 45 minutes South of Loreto....home on Saturday...this is Wednesday. That Sea of Cortez is hard to beat....found myself on pink adirondack most mornings after I had poured myself a coffee in restaurant to take with me. Some times I would go for a beach walk as well as soaking up view from pink chair and some times I would happily wait there for Rusty to check in to say his run on trails of hillside nearby was over and after showering, we'd meet for resort's fabulous brfst. I love those warm breezes and at 7 in the morning, the whole world seems perfect from that pink beachside chair. Stay well. Orlis
From Blog: Blew It
24th November 2016

The Pink Chair
That sounds like the start of a great novel.
From Blog: Blew It
22nd November 2016

Been there, done that
It was so much fun reading about some of the things you've seen. We even had the world famous fish and chips and were in the toilet town when the guy's funeral was held. Still raining here!
From Blog: Blew It
17th November 2016

We're feeling for you!!! Leaving Father & Mavis tomorrow on our way to Cuenca. Enjoy NZ when u get there!!! Big hugs:-):-):-) A
16th November 2016

What an awful start and a good warning to us all. I know the rest of your holiday will be pure bliss!
16th November 2016

Bon Voyage
You certainly deserve a great vacation. Keep your powder (passport) dry.
16th November 2016

Bon Voyage
May this second attempt at getting off the ground work! And I presume these works of art passports will be inside a waterproof container......You will have a wonderful trip and a story that lasts even longer than the trip!
16th November 2016

Small sized zip lock works well far.
30th June 2016

At last!
I'm so glad that you've finally discovered how best to enjoy hiking, Diane! I think you'll deserve a lazy spa holiday when you get home.
From Blog: What did I miss
29th June 2016

Nasty feet! Maybe you need to find another sport rather than country walking. Maybe mountain climbing, bungy, parasailing, or motorcycle racing. Hope you are back on your feet soon. Travel safe.
28th June 2016

Hike following
Hi there, soo enjoying your adventures and beautiful pictures!! However, me insides hurt for your feet Diane!!! I wish quick healing, and hugs to u all 4!! :-):-)
27th June 2016

My feet hurt
Hi Diane, I am loving your daily missives but just listening to you made my feet hurt too. Thank heavens for blister bandages!
26th June 2016

What fun!
I knew there was a good reason that I don't go hiking! Hope you recover OK
2nd June 2016

Bon Voyage
Love your training regime! Have a lovely trip and will look forward to more tales.
From Blog: Ready, set, go
5th November 2015

Keep on trying skirts & pants!! One of these days something perfect will turn up! :-) Soooo enjoy following your blog! A :-)
5th November 2015

Keep on trying skirts & pants!! One of these days something perfect will turn up! :-) Soooo enjoy following your blog! A :-)
30th October 2015

Sounds wonderful
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to your future blogs.

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