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12th November 2015
Buddha, National Musum, Phnom Penh

So funny--great blog!
Love your euphemisms--the "exhilarating" boat ride and the Buddha's lack of a willie (I learned this fine word from Scots I once traveled with). I guess that's why the Buddha didn't have children. Loved that Cambodia is more mellow that Vietnam, but pretty sad about that hotel sign. Hope the National Museum has more than artistic squiggly line to inform you.
13th November 2015
Buddha, National Musum, Phnom Penh

thanks! it is more mellow here,, but had a very sombre morning at the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum. Aprt from that, is a lovely place.
8th November 2015

better late than never
Sorry you got off to a bad start guys. I can cross Doha off my bucket list then.... Onwards and Upwards x
13th May 2015

Piss army forever :-)
I love that you met up with Saul and his family! Have a great time. I always enjoy reading about your adventures.
24th November 2014

Pretty and scary
Wow, sounds like a lot of thieves to be on guard. Be safe! Pictures are very pretty
24th November 2014
La Pedrera

Sangria Familia--a happy family!
Great adventures in fab Barcelona! I've visited several times, and each time I visit a few new Gaudi spots--great that you ended up at Parc Güell! The tourist office used to have a map of Gaudi buildings, but the sites are scattered all over the city, so it's a bit of a pilgrimage to visit them. Amazing that you need reservations for these places now, but so organized that you did this ahead of time--I'm impressed! Love your photos!
8th September 2014

A tip for next time
Hi Claire, I like your blogs (and Glyns too), very funny. Just a tip for next time you are going to Athens and want something different. Take a taxi to the Kaisariani monastery. You can easily do that from the city center (metro station Evangelismos would be a good starting point). Would take about 15 minutes, could be more depending on traffic. It is an ancient monastery on the Hymettos mountain. It is now a museum with a small entrance fee (probably closed on Mondays), surrounded by ancient cypress trees. A lovely spot, very peaceful. There are paths where you can walk further up to some other old churches, with great views or just enjoy the forest. To get back it is not very far to walk down to the Kaisariani suburb, where you can get a taxi or bus down to the centre. There are cafes and tavernas for a meal or coffee and Kaisariani is quite a nice residential area.
8th September 2014

Thanks, when I'm in Athens again, I will certainly look that up!
5th September 2014
Church cat in Kos

Wow- amazed at how many cats there are in Turkey. Had no real idea. Did you guys know before going? They are all so pretty, Love your pictures and stories.
7th September 2014
Church cat in Kos

I guessed that it would be full of cats, because it,s not so far from Greece which also had lots of cats last year. Turkey cats seem more friendly though and let me fuss them more!
31st August 2014

Turkey ills
I can completely understand your problem of severe GI problems while in Turkey. The same thing happened to me in a small town in central Turkey called Avanos. I obviously had food poisoning and probably salmonella. I was bed bound for 3 days except to the bathroom (where I slept on the floor at times too). The Hotel owner arranged for the kitchen to boil me a potato and I supplemented it with lots of salt and Sprite. It took me 4 more days to feel almost normal again. And that included getting on a bus and driving down to the south coast and around the tip and north to Fethiye. By the time I got to Fethiye I was ready to go to the hospital to be hydrated. I knew I was not in good condition and was settled on making that hospital trip upon arrival. However, when we got to Fethiye I was at least keeping things down and my diet of potato chips and sprite had served to help hydrate my dehydrated body. As a nurse I knew that was not the best way to do that but when that is all you have you do it. We spent 3 days in Fethiye and I stayed in my room (with a beautiful marina view) for those days. I knew that if I tried to over do it I would be right back where I started. I hope Glyn does not try to catch up on sightseeing over the next few days. It takes a few days to get your body chemistry balanced again and trying to hurry that along will not have the results you/he wants. Good luck and Keep hydrated!
31st August 2014

Poor Glyn!
Hi Thank you for sharing your experience, it certainly does help, knowing that Glyn is not unique with this. There is also the temptation to go sightseeing, but at the moment he is too weak and is struggling to eat. We are going to try to take the bus to Pamukkale tonight but not sure what to do after we check out this morning, we need to find somewhere to relax with a loo. Glyn does seem a little better today, but still has a long way to go :-(
29th August 2014

Turkish delights
I love the caves- so very cool. Feel better Glyn
29th August 2014

Hi, Sorry to hear about Glyn. Try Coke. It's good for settling stomachs. I can't tell you off about hitching lifts as I've done it - once all the way to Paris and back, but at the time I was a lot younger than you are now. I see what you mean about the 'mushrooms'. Puts me in mind of Egypt's Western Desert, where rocks are sculpted by wind-borne sand. The locals were jumping up and down excitedly saying 'you must recognised this one'. Well, it was just a big lumpy lump of rock to me and they found it incomprehensible that I did not recognise the spitting image of the football world cup... What's football I hear you say - well you were brought up properly, so good response.
29th August 2014

Poor Glyn!
Glyn is really I'll now and I've been to the pharmacy. He's not eaten for over 24 hours and is retching and the rest.... We may not get out today :-(
24th August 2014

So did you buy any of those desirable harem pants?
31st March 2014

Fantastic blog Claire makes me want to back to York again.
4th December 2013

We've always wanted to go to Portugal but haven't made it yet. Enjoyed the blog.
4th December 2013

Thanks!!! I knew nothing of the place before I went and would definitely want to go again. The current photos are just ones I took on my Iphone and uploaded on the days. I've taken loads on my proper camera and hopefully will add them to the blog soon as they are lots better!
14th September 2013

good stuff
a good read thanks ...
13th September 2013

Wonderfull Athens
Wonderfull Athens! How long you are going to stay there ? How I wish to be in Athens right now ;) I like this blog, I must visit it oftener. Regards
13th September 2013

Wonderfull Athens! How long you are going to stay there ? How I wish to be in Athens right now ;) I like this blog, I must visit it oftener. Regards!
9th September 2013

Good reading my little chum. If you do decide to organise the terrapin liberation front, I'm in x
26th August 2013

Smashing blog!
As ever, most enjoyable! I could sense the excitement and adrenalin pumping. Despite the sweat, you sound like you had a fantastic time. I suspect you are only now recovering. Well done you x

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