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8th September 2017
Seetha getting washed in the river

Bath time
We did that in Nepal and we were as wet as the elephant
8th September 2017
Wild elephant getting on the road!!

Beautiful beast
Amazing and big
7th September 2017

Sri Lankan Safari
The wee hours of the morning is not the time you want to be arguing with these guys. I understand them wanting to make a living but they need to give it a rest at some point. Glad you got to see some wildlife and finally had a bit of sleep.
6th September 2017

'Tear-arsing' :)
That's a very accurate description of what happens. We weren't very lucky with either leopards or elephants on our safari in Wilpattu National Park, but it was a nice drive nonetheless. So jealous that you saw a sloth bear! Your Sri Lanka blogs are making me really want to get back into posting the rest of our blogs from there... but bloody work has got in the way :(
4th September 2017
View of Maldives from the plane

This is a location I dream of going.
6th September 2017
View of Maldives from the plane

I hope you can get here
It's wonderful!
4th September 2017

That walk of shame...
...even though I was laughing, I really did feel your pain :) It's interesting reading about that first glimpse and impression of a country - high levels of travel excitement no doubt. Looking forward to the rest of your adventure in Sri Lanka
6th September 2017

We did find it funny but it was embarrassing! Sri Lanka is so different to anywhere I've been before so it's all so new!
9th June 2017
Cat outside Parliament in Valletta

A political cat
Wonder what he is contemplating
7th June 2017

Curiosity to Travelling Malta..???
I never Visited this place but i will soon visit this place because after this article my curiosity to visit this place is now high. I am Scott Adlhoch and i love to explore new places. The Article is very good and i am now the Fan of this Blog. Thanks for sharing the Information.
7th June 2017

Thank you
I'm glad my blog made you want to visit - it is a great place!
18th March 2017

You are my hero
I'd love to visit these ice hotels! There is something really invigorating about being cozy and frozen at the same time. I'm sorry you didn't see the Northern Lights but it shouldn't take away from your overall experience. Come to Canada next time and you'll see them for sure! Skol!
19th March 2017

Thank you
Yes, I need to see more of Canada - so far I've seen Toronto, Niagara Falls and Brantford and it loft me wanting to see more!
12th February 2017

Thanks for the details...
I've wondered how one gets ready for bed and then sleeps when the room is below zero. And sorry about your missing the northern lights. Maybe next year in Norway.
15th February 2017

Glad to advise!
I hope my story of the lady making yellow snow in the hotel wasn't too off-putting, I'm presuming that this is highly unusual! Other guests were telling me the next day that a tour had visited the icebar that night and were rather drunk, but were not actual guests. Anyway, getting a good night's sleep wasn't hard although one night is enough!
29th September 2016

Nice picture
Très belle image, la qualité est vraiment très bonne (tout comme le reste du site). Félicitation à tous ceux qui y ont participer ! Le vietnam est vraiment un très pays très beau qu'il faut aller visiter ! Treck au vietnam
29th September 2016

Thank you - you must get to Vietnam!
21st September 2016

Rained on...
There's a spring rain storm raging outside here in Southern Australia, so reading your rainy blog was quite apt :) Despite the rain, everything sounds so fabulous...except maybe the gagaku thing. I'm always nervous about going to see traditional music events when we travel for exactly the reason you so neatly articulated - 'it's an affront to the ears' :D
20th September 2016

Great blog Clare. Great to read & see your pics!
20th September 2016

Thank you
It's always wonderful to get comments and nice feedback. I'm just having a beer and thinking about what happened today :-)

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