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29th June 2018

Education while traveling
Some times it is good to know a little about a country and let it tell you the story while you are there.
From Blog: Bye Bye Bulgaria
28th June 2018

Peaked our interest
We have a friend who wants us to visit her in Bulgaria and your blog certainly makes us want to go. Thanks for the details.
28th June 2018

Yes, go!!
It’s beautiful and interesting!
19th June 2018

We had three Bulgarians on our Tajikistan Pamir Roadtrip last August encouraging we visit Bulgaria. Your blog encourages...fascinating!
20th June 2018

Come to Bulgaria!
The main reason for coming was because it’s cheap but now I’m here, I’m loving it and want to come again.
23rd February 2018

3 Memorable Nights
Wow!! Fabulous! I can hear Norway calling my name. I'm so happy for you....
22nd February 2018
hubby on a snowmobile, Svensby

Looks like a great trip
Thanks for taking us along.
22nd February 2018

Northern Lights
One of those things most people want to see!
22nd February 2018

Norther lights
Yes! And I was so lucky to get such a great show too :-)
20th February 2018

Cultural immersion
Chuckled at your description of the Northerns being rough around the edges. Those are the things you learn about when you travel to a country rather than sitting at home reading a book. Love the travel tip on the batteries. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
22nd February 2018

Thank you for reading! The batteries thing is worth knowing in the cold, one lady on my trip didn't know and got through three sets that night! I also brought a portable charger and battery pack, just in case.
18th February 2018

They go on for a bit don’t they?!
There is nothing quite like the first time you see the aurora! Good for you for being so persistent. I’m lucky to see them every year from northern BC but they still blow my mind.
22nd February 2018

Norther lights
This was my third trip to try and see them, but I really was third time lucky, it's amazing!
26th November 2017

Our hotel was in Cannaregio and we really loved that area... your blog has brought back such lovely memories of that beautiful city. The walking tour sounds like it was good value - I love information like why there's a footprint on the bridge :)
22nd February 2018

Walking tours
I've done a few of these 'free' walking tours in places such as Reykjavík and Barcelona, where you choose what to tip st the end. They've always been good and full of stuff you just don't read about. Eg in my Iceland, because the population is quite small there's a phone app for when adults go out clubbing they can 'bump phones before bumping each other' just to check they're not related.... I love these gems!
26th November 2017

I'm very impressed that you found your way back to your hotel in Venice, in the dark, in your first few hours there! I had completely forgotten that wafting smell of slightly stale water in the air...but like you, I must have stopped smelling it after a while. How lovely that you can hop over to Venice so easily :)
27th September 2017

Walking tour
Wow, I'm impressed with how much walking you did in that Colombo heat! Your description of Pettah is spot on, I think it was the most overwhelming place we experienced on the whole trip. I've really enjoyed your Sri Lankan blogs, thanks for sharing your adventures with us :)
27th September 2017

Sri lanka
Thank you for your lovely feedback and thanks for reading my blogs!

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