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29th August 2014

Hi, Sorry to hear about Glyn. Try Coke. It's good for settling stomachs. I can't tell you off about hitching lifts as I've done it - once all the way to Paris and back, but at the time I was a lot younger than you are now. I see what you mean about the 'mushrooms'. Puts me in mind of Egypt's Western Desert, where rocks are sculpted by wind-borne sand. The locals were jumping up and down excitedly saying 'you must recognised this one'. Well, it was just a big lumpy lump of rock to me and they found it incomprehensible that I did not recognise the spitting image of the football world cup... What's football I hear you say - well you were brought up properly, so good response.
24th August 2014

So did you buy any of those desirable harem pants?
31st March 2014

Fantastic blog Claire makes me want to back to York again.
4th December 2013

We've always wanted to go to Portugal but haven't made it yet. Enjoyed the blog.
4th December 2013

Thanks!!! I knew nothing of the place before I went and would definitely want to go again. The current photos are just ones I took on my Iphone and uploaded on the days. I've taken loads on my proper camera and hopefully will add them to the blog soon as they are lots better!
14th September 2013

good stuff
a good read thanks ...
13th September 2013

Wonderfull Athens
Wonderfull Athens! How long you are going to stay there ? How I wish to be in Athens right now ;) I like this blog, I must visit it oftener. Regards
13th September 2013

Wonderfull Athens! How long you are going to stay there ? How I wish to be in Athens right now ;) I like this blog, I must visit it oftener. Regards!
9th September 2013

Good reading my little chum. If you do decide to organise the terrapin liberation front, I'm in x
26th August 2013

Smashing blog!
As ever, most enjoyable! I could sense the excitement and adrenalin pumping. Despite the sweat, you sound like you had a fantastic time. I suspect you are only now recovering. Well done you x
25th August 2013

If you can write this much on a short trip our next two trips will take up some tying time! Great stuff :-)
23rd August 2012

Sounds fab! X
21st August 2012

Blog entries
Come on Claire. Get a grip. No entries since the 15th and it's now the 21st! Keeping Facebook up to date is no excuse.
From Blog: Tacoma
22nd August 2012

No comment!!!
The problem was that I couldn't publish from my ipod as it wouldn't sidescroll to the menu of where I was - even though I had text in there, it wouldn't let it go public. I'm using a computer in Sacramento right now - but be assured, I'm still keeping up with it even if it doesn't get published for a few days.
From Blog: Tacoma
19th August 2012

First part of journey
So glad we got to be a part of your journey. We had a blast!
13th August 2012

Sheer envy - not!
What a wonderful start to your hols, looking forward to hearing more. I merely had a great day's sailing on Saturday with up to 30 knots of breeze and then went to see a youth production of Joseph and the amazing...etc. Sunday involved a trip up to London to see the men's marathon and lap up the atmosphere on last day of the Olympics. It was warm and sunny and London was at its best.
From Blog: Tacoma
7th June 2012

So excited
We can not wait to see you guys! Should be loads of fun :-)
6th June 2012

I am your husband
6th June 2012

People we plan to hook up with:
Tim and Stacey + all their friends and cats! Susan, Tracy-Ann, Howard, Jess Ashandra JW? Plus more!!!

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