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20th July 2019

Black tie dinners...
I didn't want to pack clothes that I would only use once. So on that evening I stayed in our cabin and the waiter brought me two lobster dinners!
20th July 2019

Good call!
Exactly! We are doing the buffet now to avoid dressing up!
18th July 2019

King Kurt Dickies
I think it would make great sense that the dress attire of dickies be an acceptable form of attire at all gigs .
18th July 2019

We could start the trend!
18th July 2019

I wouldn’t be knocking pastels and slacks there’s time yet for Glyn to say hey these are really comfy 😂
18th July 2019

Not if he wants to stay married!
14th May 2019

I agree that you can measure a country by its loos. This is a city that has always held interest for me. Thanks for taking us along.
15th May 2019

Thank you
Thank you for reading it !
24th September 2018

Taifa kubwa
Too much to see in that big beautiful country, four times I've been and not yet reached Lake Tanganyika. Love the blog and the F.C. St Pauli shirt!
24th September 2018

So much to see
So true, I've only seen a little bit and there's so much to cover. It's wonderful!
23rd September 2018

Nice blog
Thank you for sharing a great blog
24th September 2018

thank you
Thank you for reading it!
23rd September 2018

Chaos in Zanzibar
Chaos is expected when traveling but the heat makes it worse. You really had a great adventure.
24th September 2018

It has been so amazing!!! I'm home now going through the 3,310 photos...
21st September 2018
ploughshare tortoise, almost extinct :-(

We are divers
We love turtles... land based and sea turtles.
21st September 2018

A Cheetah chewed my hair
Well- enough said. Very few people can say that. You continue to have a marvelous trip.
20th September 2018

"Incredible! Loved reading how fun your travel experience was ❥"
18th September 2018

Timeless in the Serengeti
You've seen a lot of animals. Great.
17th September 2018

Living with the Lions!
Marvelous experience. Thrilling to see these animals so close.
14th September 2018

Congratulations on jungle showers and chimps
I think it was a good idea to pay extra for the scouting guides. As you say it is best to enhance your chances. This group you are traveling with sounds unorganized and not informed on what you paid for. Stay safe and keep an eye on your things.
14th September 2018

Camping companions
I'm not sure I'd like people walking around brushing their teeth and certanly wouldn't want to hear their music without them asking.... even though I like that song. They should use ear plugs.
14th September 2018

300 children
Sounds like a local story got out of hand. A wife for every cow... maybe they should limit the number of cows each man can purchase. Love to see some of the other photos when you get home.

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