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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme June 25th 2012

HE SAID... We jumped into a minibus at 1pm for the three hour trip from Konya to Cappadocia. We lunched at Sultanhani Caravanserai (a medieval resting place for Silk Road travellers) at 2pm. The landscape was now flat and arid. Mountains were still ever-present on the horizon, but they no longer dominated it. We were travelling on a plateau. We dropped into Pigeon Valley at 4.30pm for a fantastic view of this spectacular landscape before continuing our journey to Goreme. We arrived at our hotel (Elysee Pension) in a rainstorm at 5pm and stayed in the minibus until the rain passed. We jumped out, checked into our rooms and then headed out on an orientation walk of the village. After walking for about half an hour, we arrived at a house carved out of rock where ... read more
cappadocian valleys
ayran soup
home cooked dinner

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Konya June 24th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 5.30am and organised our packs for the nine hour bus trip from Kas to Konya. We headed up to the hotel’s breakfast terrace at 7am to enjoy the panoramic view of Kas while we ate. We picked up our laundry (literally – I had to crawl out on a high shingled roof to recover my socks and undies that had blown off a balcony railing during the night) and then jumped into a minibus for the first stage of our travel day – a three and a half hour trip to Antalya. As we drove along the southern Turkish coastline, I couldn’t help but compare the stark, mountainous landscape to the rugged west coast of Tasmania. We alternated between ascending high coastal cliffs and descending to sea level as we made ... read more
okra soup
local pide

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 22nd 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 6am, organised our packs and headed over for breakfast. We mirrored our choice from the previous morning (fruit, yoghurt and honey and a mushroom omelette) and it was fantastic. We checked out of the hotel at 8am, took a minibus from Kayakoy to Fethiye and then transferred to a larger public bus to Kas. It was a very scenic trip along the Mediterranean coastline. We arrived in Kas at 11.30am. We walked down to the seafront, dropped our packs at the boat and headed into the small coastal village for lunch. We shared a mixed meze plate with fresh bread, which was incredibly good. We then browsed the local craft shops. Ren picked up a beautiful necklace and pendant (to replace the one that had broken earlier in the trip) and ... read more
mixed meze plate
our boat

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kayaköy June 20th 2012

HE SAID... After breakfast we grabbed our packs and jumped on a public bus for the six hour trip from Pamukkale to Kayakoy. This was to be a long trip. We had a driver and an attendant (who made sure the passengers were all OK). They struggled with the air-conditioning for most of the trip. When we went uphill, they opened the front door of the bus to let fresh air in (but closed it again as soon as we levelled out or started going downhill). They opened the skylight every now and again, and they also tried to get the air-conditioner working, but it was just too hot outside for anything to be effective. We were travelling through fairly rugged Turkish terrain. Huge mountain ranges filled the horizon, and every now and again we would ... read more
makri pansion butcher
mixed grill

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale June 19th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 5.30am and organised ourselves for our travel from Selcuk to Pamukkale. We had a pretty basic breakfast at 8am and then headed to the train station. The train arrived at 9.25am, and it was fairly packed. There were no seats, so we stood for the first hour of the trip. The aisles filled quickly with locals travelling on market day. When we arrived at their destination, the train cleared and we grabbed a seat. We were wearing the evil eye charms our guide had given us. It was meant to ward off jealous stares and thoughts from other people, and the symbol prevails in every Turkish tourist shop. Many Turks wear an evil eye, and they even place them in new cars to prevent jealous glares from their neighbours. We travelled ... read more
stuffed vine leaves
travertine terrace
travertine terrace

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk June 17th 2012

HE SAID... We jumped on a local bus for a 25 minute trip to the bus station in Bursa. We then transferred to a bigger and more comfortable bus for our six hour Selcuk trip. Looking out the window of the bus, we could have been travelling through rural Spain, although there was a little more green foliage. Olive trees spread to the horizon, and tiny farmhouses dotted the landscape. We stopped a few times for toilet breaks, and a guy brought around drinks and snacks during the journey. It was a comfortable bus, and the views of the Turkish countryside were fabulous. We eventually arrived in Selcuk at 5pm. We couldn’t believe the heat when we jumped off – it was around 37 degrees, and the sun was intense. We walked to Dream’s Guesthouse, dropped ... read more
mixed meze
evil eye charm

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa June 16th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 5.15am to catch up on our trip notes and pack our bags for the trip from Istanbul to Bursa. We headed to breakfast at 7.30am, checked out at 8.15am and jumped on a mini-bus to the ferry terminal. We cautiously navigated the ferry’s shifting gang plank (it had already upended an elderly Kurdish lady) and tried to find our allocated seats. Having no luck whatsoever, we just grabbed a few spare seats and hoped the ticket holders didn’t turn up. We were on our way to Bursa. We arrived on the southern side of the Sea of Marmara at 11am. We jumped onto a local bus and wound our way up the coastal hills to a metro station, caught a crowded train to the heart of Bursa and then walked through ... read more
bursa bazaar life
bursa bazaar
iskender kebap

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 13th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 7am, organised our packs and headed down to breakfast. I grazed on yoghurt and raisins; fresh bread and yoghurt with dill; cay (Turkish tea) and dry biscuits with drizzled honey. What a great start to the day! We showered and walked down to the Bosphorus to purchase tickets for the public ferry. We were heading to the Black Sea. We lined up at 9.30am and then charged onto the ferry with about 400 other passengers at 10am. Queues bring out the best and worst in human nature. People fell on steps and pushed each other in every direction – some almost ended up in the water. It was interesting to watch and even more interesting to participate in. We ended up with a great seat at the front of the ferry ... read more
breakfast pastries
galata Tower

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 12th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 7am, organised our packs and headed up to the top floor of the hotel for breakfast. The view of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn from the breakfast area was incredible, as was the bread and feta cheese that we washed down with cay (Turkish tea). After breakfast we showered, checked out at 9am and headed back to the Constantine Boutique Hotel. It was too early to check in, so we dropped our bags and headed to the Intrepid office. We met our guide at 9.15am and walked to the Aya Sofya. There was something strangely enticing about this place. While no longer used as a mosque or cathedral, it retained a spirituality that had not been diminished by the thousands of tourists pouring through its doors every day. A group of ... read more
breakfast pastries
view from breakfast

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 10th 2012

HE SAID... We were on our way to Turkey, and we can’t wait to start our eastern European journey. I just hope my soccer injury (ankle) holds up on our all day walking tour of Istanbul tomorrow. We boarded our flight in London, slept for 15 minutes and woke to the drinks trolley. I replaced the red wine I had surrendered earlier and equilibrium prevailed. This time I made sure I enjoyed it before we landed. There was no dinner choice – it was chicken tikka masala or nothing. While the dish may not have rivalled Annapurna’s (in North Hobart, Tasmania), it was a great meal nonetheless. I therefore retract any comments that portray British Airways in a poor light. For this flight, the service was great, the food was great and the plane’s interior was ... read more
turkish breakfast
gulhane tram stop
old cemetery

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