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Asia » Singapore June 5th 2012

HE SAID... An unfamiliar silence had descended upon the schoolhouse the night before we embarked on our trip. We’d dropped Jasper and Oscar (the kelpie and corgi respectively) at the kennels in the early afternoon, and Nungi (the cat) had been put down three weeks earlier (finally succumbing to arthritis, cancer and blindness). As we relaxed in the schoolroom and checked our packs, there were no little souls sleeping around us on the floor and sheltering from the bitter cold outside. It’s not that they are loud. Apart from Jasper’s incessant barking at council workers who turn up to check the water tank over the back fence and Oscar’s unexplained barking at nothing in particular, they make very little noise during the days and nights at Yarlington. Yet without their presence, the silence was noticeable. We ... read more
sydney airport

Middle East » Turkey June 4th 2012

No road is long with good company...” ~ Turkish Proverb Merhaba selam people! We are very very excited that tomorrow we are off travelling again. First a fleeting stop in Singapore, then we head to London to spend a few days with Ren’s sister and her family, after which we travel to the land of Turkish delight for a few weeks. Turkey has finally made it to the top of the travel list! In Turkey we’ll be travelling around the western and central regions, and only going as far east as Cappadocia (keeping well away from the Syrian and Iranian borders). If you received notification of this blog post via email, it’s because you are already on our subscribed list from our previous trips or have expressed an interest in our travels. However we completely understand ... read more
winter in tasmania

Asia » Thailand March 27th 2011

HE SAID... Thailand is a land of extremes - the rugged beauty and cultural richness of the north and the idyllic beauty and tourist-induced madness of the south. I loved trekking in the hills of Chiang Rai; I loved the Yunnan style beef curry with steamed dumplings that we shared at Doi Mae Salong; I loved the juxtaposition of a monk blessing a woman while taking a call on his mobile in Ayuthaya; I loved the peaceful seclusion of Koh Yao Noi; I loved the bohemian and creative lifestyle of old Phuket Town; I loved (eventually) the bustle and excitement of Bangkok - it took me a while to warm to the city, but when I did, it become a second home. I loved the open and embracing values and mindset of Buddhism; I loved the ... read more
rice barge dinner, kanchanaburi
wat yai chai mongkhon, ayuthaya
chiang dao elephant centre, chiang mai

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 25th 2011

HE SAID... It took us 2.5 hours to get through Bangkok’s peak hour traffic on our return from Ban Phe on Friday afternoon. We experienced another side of this enormous city altogether. It was pure traffic chaos. An ambulance was stuck beside us again with its emergency lights flashing. We inched along the freeway beside it - sometimes it would get in front of us, sometimes it would fall behind us. I really wouldn’t want to get sick in Bangkok. The trip was slow and painstaking, and I was tempted to buy something to eat from the food hawkers at the traffic lights - at one stage I almost opened the window to buy what looked like fried banana, but we sped off before I could summon the courage. We eventually arrived at Royal River Hotel ... read more
bangkok street food
bangkok street food
royal river hotel

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 22nd 2011

HE SAID... We checked out of our Bangkok hotel and jumped into an air conditioned minibus at 7.45am for the four hour trip to the Ban Phe ferry terminal. We picked up an elderly French couple from another Bangkok hotel who were also travelling to Koh Samet. The traffic was very heavy in the morning rush hour. It was strange seeing an ambulance stranded in traffic, its emergency lights were flashing but it was unable to move. I couldn’t help but wonder where it was going and how long it’s intended patients would have to wait before it arrived. We eventually emerged from the bustling Bangkok traffic at 9am. It was a great way to see this huge city come to life. We had driven through the CBD and watched people as they made their way ... read more
ban phe
ao prao resort transfer
ao prao resort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 21st 2011

HE SAID... We woke at 6am to prepare for our 7.30am taxi trip to Phuket Airport. We arrived at the airport to find queues of people on the sidewalk - it’s the first time I’ve had to line up outside an airport terminal to get in. We checked in our packs, found our gate and headed straight for the aptly named Airport Pub for breakfast - I had an iced coffee and Ren had an omelette with toast. It was surprisingly good, although spoiled a little by our table’s close proximity to the smoking room. We boarded the plane and the flight was great, but I did have to ask a few over excited travellers to stop pushing into Ren’s headrest while she slept. We arrived in Bangkok at 11.30am expecting a pre-booked airport transfer to ... read more
bangkok streets
bangkok streets
chao phraya river and th krung thonburi bridge

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket March 19th 2011

HE SAID... We arrived at one of Phuket’s eastern ferry terminals at 10.30am, jumped into a songthaew (small pickup truck/ute with seats in the tray) and headed to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre (where gibbons are rescued from captivity and carefully reintroduced into a nearby forest after they find a mate). We arrived at 11am and found ourselves mesmerised by the 15 or so gibbons that were on show for the public because they could not - for various reasons - be rehabilitated into the wild. I was particularly taken with Bo (or Rambo). He had been a pet since he was a baby and his teeth had been filed down by his owner to stop him biting. The owner surrendered him to the Centre when he matured and became too much to handle. He eventually found ... read more
gibbon rehabilitation centre
karon beach
karon temple market

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Yao March 17th 2011

HE SAID... We left Ao Nang at 11.30am in an air conditioned minibus to travel to the Tha Lane pier to catch a ferry to Koh Yao Noi. We arrived at 12.15pm, but the ferry we were meant to catch had been cancelled, so we caught a local speedboat instead. We left at 1pm and arrived at the island at 1.30pm. We caught a songthaew (small pickup truck/ute with seats in the tray) to our bungalow retreat which was located just across the road from the beach. We lunched at 2pm. I had yum pla hmik (Thai style squid salad) and Ren had goong pad kao pod(stir fried prawns with baby corn). The food was great. We finished the meal with coffee and watermelon shakes. We considered hiring bikes to ride around the island and we ... read more
koh yao beach resort
koh yao beach resort
pasai beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi March 15th 2011

HE SAID... I woke at 6am to watch the morning unfold through my lower bunk bed train window. The southern Thai landscape seems very different from the north. Large vertical hills rising out of nowhere, then flat fields full of palm, coconut, rubber and fig trees. This train was a little less steady on its tracks than the northern trains, so my sleep had been broken during the night. However, it didn’t make any difference as I felt completely refreshed, and the prospect of lazing on the beach this afternoon was very welcoming. Arriving at Surat Thani had its problems - Ren and I misjudged Pun Pin Station and jumped off the train a little too early when it stopped temporarily at traffic lights. We found ourselves alone on an empty platform in the middle of ... read more
ao nang beach
ao nang beach
ao nang streets

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 12th 2011

HE SAID... I woke at 6am and caught up on my writing as I sat in my sleeping berth. We arrived in Bangkok at 8am and caught a taxi to our hotel. Bangkok is an enormous bustling city, and a taxi trip in peak hour morning traffic certainly confirms this. Our hotel room wasn’t quite ready, so we headed out for a fruit shake while we waited. We checked in around 9am and settled into our room. This was the last day of our northern trip, so we needed time to re-organise our packs. We headed out at 1pm to look for a place for lunch. We were interested in a place along Th Tanao, so we started walking in that general direction. Within a few minutes we found ourselves right in the middle of a ... read more
bangkok streets
bangkok streets
bangkok streets

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