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Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy March 10th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north-east from Colombo to Kandy– Ren’s birth place. We woke early at 4:30am, as our train to Kandy was leaving from the Colombo Fort Railway Station at 7am. We’d slept well and felt refreshed – our jet lag was gradually disappearing, thanks in part to our incredibly relaxing hotel (Taru Villas Lake Lodge) in Kollupitiya. We checked out around 6am, and Saman (the affable and ever reliable three-wheeler driver we’d used in Colombo) was waiting for us. Armed with fresh breakfast parcels (egg sandwiches and bananas) from the hotel kitchen, we headed to the railway station. It was disappointing to see a betting shop open at such an early hour, but I imagine if you have nothing, the prospect of winning something must be very alluring. We arrived at the ... read more
kandy clock tower
streets of kandy
colombo to kandy train

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo March 7th 2017

HE SAID... After a comfortable flight from Singapore (just under four hours), we touched down at Bandaranaike International Airport at midnight. The airport is in Katunayake, which is 40 kilometres from Colombo. We had a reasonably quick transition through customs, although standing in a slow moving queue to get our passports checked and stamped was a little tedious in the humid midnight air. We made our way out of customs, found our pre-arranged transfer vehicle and sped off towards Colombo, arriving at our hotel (Taru Villas Lake Lodge) around 1:15am. A very tired hotel manager was waiting up for us, and after some preliminary paper work, he showed us to our room. The place was amazing, with heaps of room. We dropped our packs, showered and crashed at 2:30am. After just four hours’ sleep, we woke ... read more
taru villas lake lodge
taru villas lake lodge breakfast
south beira lake

Asia » Sri Lanka March 7th 2017

HE SAID... Sri Lanka has been on my travel horizon for the last ten years, but it has rarely been on Ren’s. We made a mutual decision to always travel to new and different places, and while Sri Lanka is new to me, it isn’t entirely new to Ren. She was born in Kandy and spent the first seven years of her life in the country (before moving to Nigeria and eventually to Australia). So while Sri Lanka holds exciting new experiences for me, it holds slightly familiar and recognisable experiences for Ren. However, Ren has seen the hospital where I was born, the house where I spent the first five years of my life, the school I attended as a child and the town where I developed my sense of self belief. Yet I haven’t ... read more
hobart airport
hobart airport
hobart to melbourne

Asia » Sri Lanka March 6th 2017

We build the road and the road builds us... ~ Sri Lankan Proverb Ayubowan and Vanakkam people! It’s a well-known fact that the best way to combat the winter blues in Tasmania is to plan a trip. We had just got back from hot and sunny Mexico in June 2016, and we were really struggling with the blast of winter that Tasmania was spewing forth. On one of those cement-grey, soul-suckingly cold and sodden days, we decided that the next country we travelled to would have to be so hot that we’d only need one layer of cotton clothing at any one time! After marking its time on our travel list for the last 10 years, Sri Lanka had finally burst to the top of the shortlist. We wrestled with our shortlist more than normal this ... read more
travel reading and viewing
sri lankan pan rolls
sri lankan watalappan

North America » Mexico June 2nd 2016

HE SAID... When reflecting on our travels through Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, I found myself compiling a list of the high and low points of our journey through these intriguing Central American lands. I scrawled notes wherever and whenever I could, and the following is a quick summary of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. 17 Highpoints Mezcal – the smoky and alluring nature of this spirit, distilled from Mexico’s ubiquitous agave plants, really captured my senses. Regardless of the time of day, mezcal was perfect before and after meals, and it was a brilliant drink to savour on rooftop cafes at nightfall. After the first sip you feel the spirit coursing through your veins, after the second sip you feel its warmth spread through your body, and after the third sip your mind becomes clear and ... read more
rio dulce - garifuna fish soup
flores - streets of flores
tikal - gran plaza

HE SAID... Today we were leaving Mexico City and returning to Australia. We left our incredible apartment at the Red Tree House in Condesa around 11:45am, jumped into a taxi and sped towards the Benito Juarez Mexico City International Airport, arriving at 12:15pm. After trying and failing a self-check-in, we checked in at the counter and made our way through to the gate lounge. Ren picked up a pair of Frida Kahlo Converse sneakers, and we used our last remaining pesos on a blue and white ceramic plate decorated with the ubiquitous Day of the Dead skull. We boarded our flight to Los Angeles at 3:30pm. I was one of six passengers from the entire flight to be randomly selected for a security check. It wasn’t too bad, although having to virtually take my top off ... read more
mexico city airport
mexico city airport
los angeles airport

HE SAID... Today we were leaving Mazunte and travelling northwest to Mexico City. We woke early, as we had to carry our packs up the steep zig-zagging path to our hotel’s restaurant (La Fragata). We arrived exhausted, as the humidity (even at 8am) was debilitating, especially when you were required to exert energy. We dropped our packs, settled at a table overlooking the Pacific Coast and ordered breakfast. I opted for yoghurt and granola, while Ren had a sandwich de jamon y queso (ham and cheese sandwich). We refreshed with banana and melon liquados (smoothies). We checked out around 9:30am, bid farewell to our marvellous beachside retreat (Altamira Mazunte Bungalows) and spent the next 60 minutes bumping along Oaxaca’s narrow coastal roads on our way to Huatulco International Airport. We arrived around 10:30am, re-organised our packs ... read more
red tree house
red tree house
tacos al pastor

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Mazunte May 27th 2016

HE SAID... Tonight we were leaving Oaxaca City and heading south to Mazunte on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca. We collected our packs from the lobby of Oaxaca Real Hotel, jumped into a taxi at 8:30pm and sped through the streets of Oaxaca City for the last time on our way to the bus station. We were catching a nine hour overnight bus to Mazunte, a small beachside town on the Pacific Coast. We arrived at the bus station around 9pm. After picking up some snacks and motion sickness pills (on the advice of our guide) from a small shop inside the station, we boarded our bus at 9:30pm. We then set off on an epic journey through the night, winding our way through the mountainous terrain of Oaxaca before finally arriving in San Pedro Pochutla ... read more
pacific coast
mazunte beach
huevos rancheros

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca May 26th 2016

HE SAID... Tonight we were leaving Oaxaca City and heading south to Mazunte on the Pacific Coast. However, before leaving on our late-night bus, we were embarking on a day-long road trip to explore the outskirts of Oaxaca City. We woke early, as we needed to check out of Oaxaca Real Hotel at 8:30am, even though we weren’t leaving Oaxaca City until 9pm. We organised our packs, stored them in a small room at the hotel and jumped into a minibus – we were travelling to Tlacolula, a small town 30km southeast of Oaxaca City. Our breakfast destination was the Mercado de Tlacolula, one of the oldest markets in Mesoamerica. After cramming ourselves into a long thin table at a small market stall called Adolfa, we started with an amazing hot chocolate served in a large ... read more
streets of oaxaca
mercado tlacolula
mercado tlacolula

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca May 24th 2016

HE SAID... Today we were leaving Puebla and travelling southeast to Oaxaca City. After spending the morning in Puebla’s historic centre, we made our way back to Hotel Puebla Plaza, grabbed our packs, checked out and jumped into a taxi at midday. We were heading to Puebla’s bus station, as we had a four and a half hour trip to Oaxaca ahead, and our luxury ADO bus was leaving at 1pm. After speeding through the maze of outer suburban streets, we arrived at the bus station at 12:30pm, picked up our tickets and made our way to the waiting lounge. We had about 20 minutes before we left, which was a lucky break for me, as my stomach bug had returned, and I didn’t want to spend too much time in the tiny bus toilet. We ... read more
streets of oaxaca
tlayuda with tasajo and chorizo
hot chocolates and tamales

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