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Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy April 4th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling west from Mahiyangana to Kandy. We woke early, organised our packs and wandered down to breakfast at 6:30am. We’d ordered Sri Lankan omelettes the night before, as we needed to leave at 7am sharp, but there was a delay getting them out, so we waited in the dining area with a cup of tea and chunky fruit juice. Our omelettes were placed in front of us at 7am, so we gobbled them quickly, jumped into the minibus and left Mapakada Village at 7:10am. We were heading to Kandy, Sri Lanka’s cultural capital, which we had visited twice already over the past month. We crossed the Mahaweli Ganga (Sri Lanka’s longest river) as we made our way out of the small and slightly nondescript township of Mahiyangana, which sits 80 metres ... read more
dalada maligawa - floral offerings
dalada maligawa
dalada maligawa - ambarawa tunnel entry

Asia » Sri Lanka » Uva Province » Mahiyangana April 3rd 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling south-west from Batticaloa to Mahiyangana. We woke at 6am, organised our packs and then wandered around the outer perimeter of our hotel, which jutted out into the Batticaloa lagoon. We watched fishermen in wooden outriggers cast their nets and slowly draw in their catch, while other fishermen walked through the lagoon with smaller nets. We then headed to breakfast and enjoyed thosai (thin lacy crepes made of lightly-fermented black lentils and rice / called dosa in India), fish curry, sambar (a lentil based vegetable stew), pol sambol (shredded coconut with onions, chilli and lime), coconut chutney (a thick mixture of ground coconut, tamarind and chilli), toast, jam, juice and tea. The fish curry was excellent (especially with the thosai), and the sambar was fiery. The breakfast was impres... read more
hotel east lagoon idli and string hopper breakfast
uruvarige gunabandila aththo
veddah village

Asia » Sri Lanka » Eastern Province » Batticaloa April 2nd 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling south from Tricomalee to Batticaloa. We woke early at 6am, organised our packs and headed down to breakfast. I ordered poached eggs on toast, which I enjoyed with mixed fruit juice and tea. I ‘stole’ a few bakery items for the bus trip to Batticaloa, and then headed back to our room to finalise our packs. We were sad (in a way) to be leaving Trincomalee, because we’d really enjoyed the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the place, especially our hotel (Anantamaa), and we were also sad to be leaving our friendly peacock – who we had affectionately named ‘Captain Peacock’. We checked out of the hotel, jumped into our minibus and headed south towards Batticaloa. After about 30 minutes we crossed the Mahaweli Ganga, Sri Lanka’s longest river, ... read more
batticaloa fort

Asia » Sri Lanka » Eastern Province » Trincomalee March 31st 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling south-east from Jaffna to Tricomalee. We woke early at 5:30am, organised our packs and headed down to JetWing Jaffna’s amazing breakfast area. I had cornflakes, toast, jam, an egg hopper (thin crispy rice flour and coconut crepe cooked in a mini-wok, with an egg in the centre), wild orange juice, guava juice and tea. It was another fantastic breakfast, and I wished we could eat like this every morning. We checked out of JetWing Jaffna, jumped into our minibus and drove a short distance to Jaffna’s bus station, where we clambered into a very packed public bus and sped off towards Trincomalee. As we drove through Jaffna’s streets, I was unsettled by the war-torn houses that still bore the marks of ammunition. The further we travelled from Jaffna’s suburbs, the ... read more
egg hopper
public bus
public bus

Asia » Sri Lanka » Northern Province » Jaffna March 29th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north from Anuradhapura to Jaffna. We woke at 6am, organised our packs and headed down to breakfast. I served myself super sweet sultana bran, toast, jam, pol roti (coconut roti), pol sambol (shredded coconut with onions, chilli and lime), tea and fruit juice. I wasn’t feeling 100%% – a chest cold had swept through our previous group, and it seemed to be catching up with me after a few days incubation. We checked out of our comfortable hotel (The Lakeside at Nuwarawewa), drove a short distance (via minibus) to Anuradhapura’s quiet and uncrowded railway station, walked to our platform and boarded the train to Jaffna at 9:30am. We snacked on incredibly tasty vegetable pan rolls (filled and rolled up crepes, that are crumbed and fried) that we’d picked from the ... read more
lakeside at nuwarawewa string hopper breakfast
green grass hotel rice and curry lunch
kantarodai ruins

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Anuradhapura March 27th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling east from Wilpattu National Park to Anuradhapura. We bumped and lurched our way out of Wilpattu National Park in the late afternoon, jumped into a minibus and set off on the final leg of our day-long journey to Anuradhapura, having left Negombo in the early morning. We arrived at our hotel, The Lakeside at Nuwarawewa, around 7pm. We checked in, showered and headed out to Jayasiri Hotel for dinner. We stood outside the small restaurant and watched as our egg hoppers (thin crispy rice flour and coconut crepes cooked in a mini-wok, with an egg in the centre) and kottu roti / chop chop (roti chopped up and stir fried with eggs and vegetables) were prepared on open grills in the open air, then settled inside at a very basic ... read more
ruvanvelisaya dagoba
ruvanvelisaya dagoba
ruvanvelisaya dagoba

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north from Negombo to Wilpattu National Park, then east to Anuradhapura. We left Negombo around 8:30am after an early morning visit to the beach town’s fish markets and lagoon foreshore. We initially travelled north, hugging the western coastline for just under an hour until we arrived in the small township of Madampe to visit a local home-based industry cooperative. We’d stopped here for a factory tour and meal a few weeks earlier, but today we were only passing through. The cooperative manufactures a number of different coconut products, including rope from coconut fibre and treacle from coconut sap. We sampled fresh coconut juice and frothy warm toddy (fermented coconut sap), and our guide picked up a bottle of the cooperative’s trademark treacle. We left the cooperative mid-morning and continued our ... read more
toddy tapper at coconut plantation
coconut plantation
peacock and peahen

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 26th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north from Colombo to Negombo. We woke at 6:30am, which was remarkably early given the music from Colombo’s Street Food Festival played well into the early hours on the street outside our hotel. We used the remaining hours in our hotel room to catch up on our writing, as we were checking out at midday, grabbing some lunch close by and then travelling by Uber to Negombo, the start of our next Sri Lankan journey. We headed out for a late breakfast and found ourselves at Heladiv Tea Club in the Old Dutch Hospital courtyard for the second morning in a row. I opted for toast, jam, fresh pineapple juice and tea, while Ren went for the French toast, fresh mango juice and tea. The food was great, although Ren’s ... read more
old dutch hospital
ikoi-tei bento box lunch
fish market

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo March 24th 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north-west from Mirissa to Colombo. We woke early at 5:30am and caught up on our travel writing before heading down to breakfast. The food was good – the hotel staff must have noted our absence at meals. I had an egg roti, freshly cooked omelette, freshly squeezed juice and tea. After breakfast we organised our packs, checked out of Hotel Silan Mo, jumped into the minibus and hit the express highway for Colombo. We entered the outer suburbs (or “outer skirts” as our guide suggested) of Colombo about 11:30pm, and after spending 30 minutes in heavily congested traffic we arrived at the Independence Memorial Hall. We loved the calm atmosphere of this open air monument to Sri Lanka’s independence the first time we visited Colombo two weeks ago, and the ... read more
thosai and egg roti with coconut chutneys
independence memorial hall
dutch burgher union

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Matara » Mirissa March 22nd 2017

HE SAID... Today we were travelling south-west from Yala National Park to Mirissa. We woke late at 6:30am, quickly organised our packs and headed to breakfast in the hotel’s open air restaurant at 7:30am. With little time to spare I gobbled a couple of egg hoppers (thin crispy rice flour and coconut crepes cooked in a mini-wok, with an egg in the centre) with seeni sambol (caramelised onion relish), and they were fantastic. I also managed to grab a mixed fruit juice, tea, fresh pineapple and some crepes that had been rolled into a thin tube with a jaggery (Sri Lankan palm sugar) and coconut filling. We left our hotel (Oak Ray Lake Lodge) at 8am and started our journey towards Mirissa. After only 15 minutes on the road we stopped at the dwelling of a ... read more
oak ray lake lodge egg hopper breakfast
curd and treacle
southern coast road

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