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Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi March 8th 2008

We have now been back almost a week and we have heard that Bob is making progress and now has limited mobility of his right arm and has been walking a little with some assistance. He has a male nurse in attendance at all times so we hope he is getting good care.... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey February 28th 2008

Tuesday 26th February At last a rest day. This morning we had a very interesting visit to a spice garden, followed by a ride on a huge elephant. Just six of us volunteered for a ride, (it was too good an opportunity to miss!) three to an elephant, it was quite an experience. The rest of the day was spent resting and dozing- a very steady day. Wednesday 27th February Rode 45 miles today in countryside that resembled the alps-very hilly. We are now in Kottayam, near the coast, just south of Cochin.We rode through the town in the van, certainly a lot safer than out on the roads of these bustling towns and it gave us the chance for a well earned rest. It has been very hot today but lovely and cool on the ... read more
Children posing

Asia » India » Kerala February 25th 2008

Monday 25th February 2008 Yesterday, Sunday 24th Feb, cycled 90km. It was a hard day as we climbed 3 big, long hills, it felt as though we were climbing forever. We climbed over 2000m then dropped down 1500m. I felt good and rode well after my recent incapacity. The scenery around this area is incredible. We have passed several tea plantations en route. At the hotel on Saturday and Sunday evenings a group of local dancers came to entertain us. Monday. We are now staying at an incredibly beautiful hotel in Thekkady. The ride today has probably been the best yet, as far as scenery goes. We have passed lakes and mountains and many tea plantations, whose bushes are immaculately pruned every 2 weeks. The whole area has to be seen to be believed. This area ... read more
Fire eaters
Rest time for Richard

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 23rd 2008

Friday 22nd February 2008 NOT a good day physically. Rode 102 miles, 60 of which, with a very grumbling, complaining stomach, in very high temperatures. Climbing 2127metres definitely didn't help either. On arriving at the hotel I felt very ill. ( Thank goodness someone invented imodium! ) I did not eat and went to bed feeling very cold despite the 30 degree temperature. As we cycled along we passes lots of road works, mainly reconstruction after the monsoons and some road widening. Nearly all the work was being done by teams of women who carried everything on their heads- stone, sand, soil etc- all manual labour. Again the photo opportunity was marred by the fact that the women just wanted to pose for the camera. These women are something else, very strong and hard workers who ... read more
Backup crew

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 21st 2008

Thursday 21st February 2008. 6.30pm This morning we visited a Hindu temple in Madurai. It was absolutely massive. Inside the temple was a huge, live elephant. If you paid a certain amount of rupees the elephant would 'bless you' by laying its trunk on your head and shoulders. I resisted the temptation and just filmed instead. After the temple visit we returned to the hotel, had lunch and proceeded on our journey. We only cycled about 40 miles to our next destination where a large, basic hotel awaited us. On the ride we passed a 30-40 foot ditch being dug out by over a 100 women. They each dug with an adze, filled a large bowl with the loose soil, hoisted the bowl onto their heads and carried it to the dump site. I wanted to ... read more
Bike carriage

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 20th 2008

Having the holiday of a lifetime here in India. Arrived in Trivandrum on Saturday for the start of a fortnight's cycle touring holiday in a group of 19, including John and Pat our group leaders. The arrival on the street outside the airport at 10pm was like nothing on earth with the heat hitting you in the face and the old Ambassador cars and Tuk Tuks lined up. Sunday assembled the bikes and had just a 20 mile ride to limber us up from our long journey. Went to the local beach at Kovolam and actually went into the water, which my family will tell you is a very rare occurance, it was just like stepping into a warm bath . The ride through the suburbs to Kovolam was quite exciting, mixing it for the ... read more
Abassador taxis

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Blackburn January 4th 2008

I am now making preaparations for cycling in India in mid February. Visa obtained and health jabs taken. I need to keep baggage weight down to comply with Emirates 20 k allowance. I am sure it is not attainable since bike and bag are in excess before rest of gear. I am looking forward to the experience since it will be the first time in a non western culture.... read more
Clitheroe Station

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Fatehpur Sikri November 30th 1940

Away in the bus again calling at Fatehpur Sikri on the way to see the old Mogul Palace. Very interesting tour but spoilt by aggressive salesmen selling trinkets. ... read more

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