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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores July 14th 2013

New update about our travel experiences ; )We will call this blog: 'Diario de Motocicleta' . Recently we saw that film about Che Guevara travalling throug South America. The funny thing is that they did almost the same route. They did it on a motorbike, we are doing it mainly by bus and plane. We don't like buses any more, after 8200 km we decided to continue the other 4000 km by plane and boat.... From Mendoza we had a nice trip through the Andes to Santiago. Entering Chili is quite complicated, it takes time as they check all luggage on fruits, vegetables and other organic food... In Santiago we visited some friends. It's a nice metropolis poised under snowtipped Andean peaks, cold in the winter, expensive and modern... you might think you are in a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza June 19th 2013

It has been a while ... : ) From Iguazu we took a bus to Buenas Aires (BA). By bus you cross the 'Tierra de los grandes rios'. Amazone forest full of wood companies, roads are not that good. 20h busride. BA is a great metropolis, european architecture, atmospheric neighbourhoods, bustling nighlife and proud, welcoming habitants - and they speak spanish : ) ! (with a funny accent...). In BA we hired an appartment for 6 days via airbnb - perfect elegant neighbourhood (Palermo), close to the Jumbo (= best supermarket ever seen, so many fresh food). One day after we arrived, Jeremy flew over from Nigeria to visit us. 10 days argentina. We went to San Telmo on sunday (biggest antiques/handcraft/vintage fair ever seen in cozy old artistic neighbourhood), visited the cementery Recoleta (necropolis where ... read more

Foz do Iguaçu, little town in Brazil on the border with Argentina and Paraguay. Perfect to stay 2 days to visit the amazing waterfalls, the birds park and that's about it. Well, we stayed 10 days. In the centre there is nothing to see, but i know the city quite well now. After 3 days, the day before we had a ticket to Buenos Aires, Nathalie had to go to the hospital, within 4 hours she had a surgery of the appendix .... Conclusion, we stayed 10 days, Nathalie had to recover, and I got time to know some locals, and explore the city (if you can call it a city). If you need tips, I'm an expert .... Yesterday we arrived in Buenas Aires! Friendly people, spanish speaking people, cool city and very cheap... happy ... read more

From Angra we took a bus to Paraty. After one hour the tire exploded, so in the middle of nowhere, we waited for another bus. After four hours we arrived in Paraty (normally 3hours), a pittoresque charming colonial location at the seaside, having around 50 little islands. It is one of the most cinematic destinations in Brazil. Cobblestones are so oneven that it makes it painful to walk on the streets. We enjoyed a horse trip through waterfalls and rainforest with two americans from NY. After a few days relaxing in the sun on small islands and little boats we took a 24 hours bus ride to Iguazu. It is advised to take place in front of the bus, as in the back of the bus a toilet might annoy your trip. Iguazu is located at ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande May 12th 2013

Friday 10th may we arrived in Angra dos Reis. Little town famous for its many islands, Ilha grande is the biggest. It took us 4 hours to get there by bus and taxi (150km). Nature is amazing over here but the people are not really our cup of tea, having a tattoo is almost standard and the smiling, friendly brazilians are rare.... Also the prices are out of proportion, especially when they notice you are a 'gringo' (= foreinger). They try to rip you of every time again. When we bought fruit (3 pieces) on a local market, the guy asked us 30 reales (= 13 euro) haha, no thank you. We slept 2 nights in a 'pousada' (= relaxed hostel) at the seaside, Guillermo (on old little brazilian diver) was there to guide us, he ... read more

Luggage suprisingly arrived!In the mean time we bought some basic stuff. Hardest thing was to find a 'normal' bikini as they all wear strings over here (also the people above 90 years old). We bought an Ipanema Bum Bum (and bum bum stands for ass). Hereby some first impressions of Rio. Culture They say that to know a country you should experience the culture. So we decided to taste beers, Itaipava - Skoll - Antartica - Brahma - Caiperinha (ow yes that's not a beer of course).... you can also find Stella everywhere, Leuven is not far away.... Brazilians are drinking all day long, and they drink lot's... Beside drinking we also checked out the local food. Rice, beans and great 'Picanha' meat. We had dinner together with friends of Lidia (the mother of Roger - ... read more

Second day in Rio. Nice weather, crowded and not like in the books : ) We do not advise to travel via Atlanta to Rio, 25 hours travelling. Arriving in Atlanta, we had to wait 2 hours to pass the customs - IT problems and the airport was stuck totally. Hmmm IT, Many people missed their connection.... Then we arrived in Rio without luggage. Still waiting on it ; ) It should arrive today, but that's what they told us yesterday too. Welcome to Brazil! Relaxing day at Ipanema and Copacobana - nice views and so many people chilling around.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp April 29th 2013

South America April 8th 2013

Starting in Rio - Ending in New York Brazil - Argentina - Uruguay - Chili - Bolivia - Peru - Colombia - Venezuela - Aruba - New York - Amsterdam - Antwerp... read more

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province April 4th 2013

testing camera - buying travel stuff - booking the ticket - packing the bag - eating some cake... read more

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