Angra Dos Reis and Ilha Grande

Published: May 12th 2013
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Friday 10th may we arrived in Angra dos Reis. Little town famous for its many islands, Ilha grande is the biggest. It took us 4 hours to get there by bus and taxi (150km).

Nature is amazing over here but the people are not really our cup of tea, having a tattoo is almost standard and the smiling, friendly brazilians are rare.... Also the prices are out of proportion, especially when they notice you are a 'gringo' (= foreinger). They try to rip you of every time again. When we bought fruit (3 pieces) on a local market, the guy asked us 30 reales (= 13 euro) haha, no thank you.

We slept 2 nights in a 'pousada' (= relaxed hostel) at the seaside, Guillermo (on old little brazilian diver) was there to guide us, he kept on talking and talking and almost insisted us to do a guided boat trip. He he dropped us of with his old fashioned flinstone's car together with 2 brazilians. A big boat, loaded with fat brazilians, guided us through the islands, the view was wonderful (not the fat brazilians) and sun was shining, weather was sweet.

In the evening we went to a restaurant with the other 2 guests of the Pousada. Always order 1 portion for two, as it is enough for three. As they spoke only portugese it was not so easy to understand each other but after some Itaipavas (= local beer), communication surprisingly improves...

Today we had the first day doing nothing at all, relaxing at the seaside in a 'maca' (= hammock) and no brazilians making sounds. Waaw finally!

Tonight we take the bus to Paraty, an old colonial town (the Bruges of Brazil according to Guillermo). Let's see ; )

Enjoy the foto's with a fiesta llianera song...

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