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Europe » Latvia June 29th 2015

Today we biked 48 miles for a total of 348 miles. The weather was essentially sunny all day with a high of 72 F. Our best day by far. We left Parnu 9:30 am. We headed down the coast for Latvia. Went through some beautiful forests again as well as some excellent beach areas. Some interpretative signage to help explain the area. One beach meadow had orchids in it. Had lunch at a tavern ( trachtar) in Haademiester. Pleasant woman who interpreted the menu at this restaurant/bar. Made our way to the Latvian border, nothing exciting happened here with the advent of the European Union. The highway we were traveling on was under construction. With some negociation of the the roadway, we were ok. Our new home, just outside of Salacgriva, is a very nice modern ... read more
Talking. At Uulu bus stop
Kabli Beach in Estonia
Another angle of Kabli Beach

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 28th 2015

We biked 36 miles today for a total of 336 miles. Today was partly sunny all day. I wore a T shirt, while others wore light biking jackets. No threat of rain. Our best day so far. Near perfect. Good biking weather. We left our hostel in Kastna at 9:30 am, earlier than usual. We had an excellent breakfast prepare by our hard working hostess. As we biked away, the owner's friendly dog followed us down the road for 3 km. We eventually called her and met her half with her dog in tow. Stopped a few churches, mainly Orthodox. Stopped Lindi bog - interesting natural area with sandy bogs with low nutrient need plants, due to the sandy soil draining so quickly. Had lunch at a local bar just we entered Parnu. I will probably ... read more
Flowers are very plentiful in Estonia - they are everywhere
Inside of old Orthodox Church  - this section is called the Iconoclast
Stone Orthodox Church

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 27th 2015

Today we biked 40 miles for a total of 300 miles it was partly sunny with brisk, but not overwhelming wind. Spritzed a little rain on us sporadically. Never truely rained on us. Left the winery, but discovered Bobbie had a deflated rear tire. Attempted to refill the tire with air, only to find a hole in the valve stem. We quickly changed the tube in the tire. Reinflated the tire and we were on our way. The winery is at the end of a bumpy packed dirt road, leaving we enjoyed the same bumpiness going away. We hustled down the road, but missed our ferry. Fortunately, they leave every 30-35 minutes. Went from Kuivastu to Virstu uneventfully on the ferry. We cycled down south along the coast and later inland to get to our new ... read more
Stork nest on Utility pole
Eurovelo 10 sign - we followed this for most of route
Panoramic of road near Kastna

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Muhu June 26th 2015

Biked 57 miles today for a total of 260 miles. Woke up to partly sunny skies with a brisk wind out of the Southwest, which provided a nice tailwind all day. Did not have to deal with rain until we were safely secured at our next stop on Muhu Island. We made our way out of Kuressaare along the east coast of Saaremaa Island. We stopped at Piret's boulder along the way. Had lunch in Orissaare . Crossed the earthen bridge that links Saaremaa and Muhu islands. We flew across this as the wind blew with gusto. Briefly visited a windmill on the far side of the bridge called Eemu. Pam bought a wooden carved spatula here. Later we stopped at the Hellamaa Orthodox, built in 1864, and graveyard. Very shortly after we arrived at our ... read more
Saaremaa Island map and Pam
Land bridge between Saaremaa and Muhu islands
Smoldering embers from Midsummer party

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare June 25th 2015

Today we biked 33 miles for a total of 203 miles. Woke up to cool overcast skies, but no rain all day. Became blustery later in early afternoon. Last night over dinner we all talked about Gary's ankle getting a bit of a rest. So he and Bobbie decided to head to Muhu Island instead of going to the South end of Saaramaa Island and then to Muhu Island. Pam and I will still go to Kuresssare and spend the night. The next day we will meet them on Muhu Island. We had breakfast together in the town of Oitme and then went our separate ways. It was very cool day and on into the night. We had a strong head wind the whole way. We did pass through rural areas of Saaremaa Island with lots ... read more
Pam, Bobbie and Terry obligatory selfie (crooked)
One of my views for some of the day

MISSING June 24th 2015

Biked 41 miles today for a total of 170 miles.Woke up to overcast skies. The afternoon we had some intermittent heavy rain and wind until about 4:00 pm.We headed south out of Kardla on Hiiumaa Island. We went to the Kassare area that is actually an island attached by a bridge. We ventured out to the Saare tirp ( which is a spit of land that juts out into the Baltic Sea). Here we saw wild horses and a beautiful waterfowl migratory area, observing several species of birds. A lot of singing by these birds. The story is Saare Tirp was the failed attempt by giant brothers to build a land bridge between southern Huimaa and northerin Saaremaa islands. They got in a quarrel and never finished it. Estonian Paul Bunyan. There is a large statue ... read more
Leiger the giant
Selfie on Hiiumaa Island
One of many bus stops along that provided respite from the rain

MISSING June 23rd 2015

Biked 23 miles today for a total of 129 miles.The weather this AM was sunny but cool until 2:30 PM, when it started to drizzle and proceeded to rain.Woke up at 6:30 AM due the need to catch a ferry. Would have like to spend more time in Haapsula but headed out of town to Ruhukula where we boarded the ferry for Hiiumaa island. The Eurovelo route #10 led us through to Kardla on the island. We follow Eurovelo route 10 often on this trip. We saw a few old ruins, an Orthodox Church and and old dutchlike windmill on our way to Kardla.Today is midsummer or the longest day of the year. This is a big celebration in Estonia, as they really are pagans at heart. 15% of the population are Lutheran and 10% are ... read more
Old Windmill, common site here
Old cemetery along the way
Common style house

MISSING June 22nd 2015

Biked 35 Miles today for a total of 106 Miles.Light spritz of rain intermittently in the AM, but turned cloudy later. The evening was partly sunny. Starting to set a pattern.Had an excellent breakfast at the Padise Manor. This was one of better places we have stayed in Europe. Very well managed and great restaurant. Quickly toured the monastery before we left.Bought some provisions for lunch as there are sparse places to eat for lunch down the road again.Headed down the road, pretty much stayed on HWY 17 the whole way to Haapsula.Went through a lot forested land with occasional creeks. Looked a lot like northern Minnesota or northern Michigan at times. Saw a lot of interesting wild flowers. Birds serenaded as we biked along.Gary has been having problems with his foot slipping off his right ... read more
My view of the world when I am biking to Haapsula
Gary at creek crossing
Bobbie and Pam biking to Haapsula

MISSING June 21st 2015

Biked about 46 miles for total of 71 miles.Weather slightly overcast initially, then became sunny, up to upper 60's.We had breakfast at our AirBNB apartment. We had bought food the day before for lunch. There is not always places to stop for lunch since much of Estonia is very rural.After packing, attaching, and manipulating our gear and bikes, we finally got on the road. We headed west of Tallinn. Bobbie and Gary had new panniers and were getting used to them. The panniers fell of the bikes several times. Somewhat inopportune times since we were in Tallin on busy streets. We finally got them adjusted well.It's fun to go through the neighborhoods of Tallinn. Wooden row homes for the most part. Also boring stoic Soviet era homes built of blocks of brick and cement. The Estonian ... read more
Break during ride to Padise
Eurovelo route 10 - at least part of it
Turisalu cliff, Pam and Bobbie in back ground

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 20th 2015

No biking today, total mileage 25 miles. Day started with rain, but cleared off in the evening for a beautiful night. Walked over to the Tallink cruise ship dock and met Bobbie and Gary. They had just completed a cruise from Helsinki to St Petersburg Russia to Helsinki. They then to the ferry to Tallinn, hence meeting them today. They had a great trip, onjoying the many tours of St Petersburg. They also have a blog of their trip at : We showed them around Tallinn. We are now staying at a middle class apartment in a 13th century building - large bathroom, ample space, loads of teas from around the world. Very nice place. Went out to eat at a predominately Russian restaurant. I had Wild Boar ( pretty good). Others had fish and ... read more
Bobbie,Gary and Pam on platform overlooking Old Towne in Tallinn
Heavenly glow above St Nicholas Church in Tallinn
Bobbie enjoying her evening meal at Oleviti Restaurant in Tallinn

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